Friends, supporters, community members. We have like… over 25K followers now. Awesome, right? That’s 25K people who are interested in dog advocacy and gaining the education to be better dog lovers. Okay and some of you like seeing cute dog photos/videos. Got it. 

Well, we thought it was a perfect day to ask for your help. ZAKI has been with SOS for 1 year now and we are saying to ourselves… WHY?!. Yes, Zaki has particular needs, but so does every dog we have. SO. We are asking for you to take #sosaction today by doing your share by helping Zaki find a home. Please like, share, tag, comment, forward, this post. Please also offer to print and hang a poster of Zaki somewhere in your community so that we can get much needed attention out to finding him a home. To do so, please email for the poster. Please also add his picture to your Instagram Story, FB Story, and anywhere else that your community can see. The more eyes on this dog, the better opportunity that he can find a furever home. Please tag, hashtag, and promote SOS on your pages as this will help bring all of these posts together so that we can create a Zaki movement. 

BTW the last time we did this, we found a home for a dog we had for 2 years. The adopters saw his post on a friends IG story. SO yes, you can be responsible for Zaki’s furever home. Now. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to adopt Zaki (noted by his Foster):
1) He LOVES his pull toy but he's so weak that you have to let him win. He freaks out whenever he pulls it away and throws it around the house for ages. 
2) His recall is AMAZING. We Have a big garden and he'll always come right to us when his name is called. 
3) He's the cuddliest guy on earth- he will climb into anyone's lap and sleep there even though he's way too big. He will also plop himself down on someone's face just to be as close to them as possible. 
4) He knows he isn't allowed on the couch but has found some "loopholes" like climbing on someone who's sitting on the couch-he won't touch the actual sofa or make eye contact with you while he does it. He thinks he's very sneaky.
5) He also loves other dogs! Although he barks on leash he’s an angel off!