ANY AMOUNT HELPS!  Save Our Scruff does not receive any financial support for this important work from federal, or local government agencies. We rely solely on donations from members of our compassionate, animal-loving community. Please consider making a one-time donation or become a monthly sponsor. Thank you! 

Please email if you have items you'd like to donate. 

If you are donating on someone's behalf, you can request a donation certificate by emailing

Please note: we do not issue tax receipts for donations $20 and under. 


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Photography by Chelsea Brash, from the Puebla 2019 Spay & Neuter Clinic.


Some pups need a bit more help! Donate to specific dogs to help them where they need it.


Whoever said you can't buy happiness never saw the face of a rescue pup. Here's how you can help: 


SCruff start up pack - $25

Your gift could get a rescue pup set up with supplies to start their new life. These packs are specifically catered to them considering their size, background, dietary restrictions, etc. in order to set them up for success. 


no hangry dogs - $50

We often have dogs come to us malnourished and your gift could supply a dog with food for their time in foster care. This could also provide treats to aid in training when dogs are transitioning out of #streetlife
and need to learn commands and manners.

flying high - $75


50% of Save Our Scruff’s dogs come from places outside of Canada where conditions are quite bad for stray dogs. (Most commonly, Mexico, Dominican, Texas & Egypt.) Your gift can cover the cost of a scruff-in-need as they travel to their new life in


board and train - $150

Save Our Scruff prides ourselves on taking dogs in no matter their size, age, or breed. Sometimes these pups need a little bit of help with training due to their unfortunate past. Your gift would be able to cover board
and train for a pup for a week to get them one step closer to
their furever home. 


A+ Health - $200

We make sure all of our pups have a clean bill of health before they move on to their furever home! Your gift of 200$ could ensure that our new arrival pups get any vet services or vaccinations they need to live
their best lives!


sponsor a rescue - $520

Be the reason a pup gets their second chance at life. A gift of $520 could cover the entire journey of a general rescue case. This would be able to provide travel, food, supplies, and a clean bill of health
from the Vet so that they can transition to their furever
home with ease. 


  • Dog food and treats

  • Martingale Collars

  • Leashes (Retractable not accepted)

  • Bowls

  • Toys (new or clean/gently used)

  • Pee Pads

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Clean Blankets and towels

  • Shampoo (pet only)

  • Crates

Running a rescue organization isn’t cheap. We are so grateful for any donation made, whether it be cash, dog food, toys, collars and leashes, or donating your time to our cause.

Please email if you have items you'd like to donate. The following supplies are always needed: