Please read our Adoption FAQs to learn about the process of adopting a dog from SOS!

Please note that profiles are created from time in our care. When moving to a new home, dogs need to rebuild comfort, adjust to new arrangments and handler training style. All bios depict time in fosters homes monitored by SOS dedicated team and although foster styles vary, we find importance in Human Leadership, Boundaries and Advocacy with the goal of Happy, Comfortable dogs. The bios remain most accurate in current scenarios. Following our suggestions of care will help the continuation of a positive outcome and positive relationship between human and dog.

Example: A dog can be found to have good experiences with dogs in our care, but if the Leadership in the new home changes significantly, and not in a way that benefits the natural needs of a dog, then you could experience different behaviours. Other examples include comfortability alone, housetraining, friendliness with others, and energy level. We also generally see personality changes within 1-3 months as they adjust to their furever family and become truly themselves. Please be prepared to take on any changes that could come up, which may include formal training.

Our Adoption Team is volunteer run. Please give up to 72hrs to hear back from apps and inquiries before reaching out elsewhere.

*If a dog is no longer on the website, they currently have applications that we are processing. Please check back regularly to see if they have been re-added, as well as to see new adoptables.