If you are considering rehoming your dog, is it because of... 

  • behavioural or training issues? A lot of issues may seem daunting to correct, but with professional help, they can be a lot easier to correct and manage than you might think. 

  • a new baby? It's only natural to feel like your dog would be better off in a home where it can get all the attention you wish you had the time to give. Thankfully we partner with a licensed Parent Educator who can help you learn how to include your dog in your new life with children. 

  • lack of exercise or change in job? Dog walking companies offer a wide variety of options to help give your dog the exercise it requires to keep it well-balanced and happy.

Please contact our recommended partners to have them help you before surrendering your dog. 

If, after seeking professional help, you still need to rehome your dog and would like Save Our Scruff to consider taking the dog into our rescue, please contact us by filling out our intake questions and we will help you as best we can. Surrendering a dog should be a last resort after having exhausted all other options, as this is a very stressful and confusing experience for all dogs. Please understand that dogs will almost always regress with their behaviour issues or health conditions when rehomed to a temporary foster due to stress, insecurities and change. We hope that before making this decision, you have considered and tried to rehome to a family member or friend who can better give your dog the life they deserve. We especially hope you have consulted a trainer, behaviourist, vet, etc (sometimes more than one) and have made changes to help your dog succeed in your home. Commitment is scary but a dog is a family member and should not just be considered an after thought. We charge a $375 surrender fee per dog to help cover the costs of their care during their time with us. 

Need some temporary support for an animal while you go Through Ruff Times? Check out this organization to see if they can help.

Please note: completing this form does not guarantee we will take the dog. Dog intake is dependent on space in our foster homes.

*If your dog is not spayed/neutered or has urgent medical/behavioural needs that require attention, additional fees may apply.

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