Please read our Adoption FAQs to learn about the process of adopting a dog from SOS!



Through our advocacy, education and adoption platforms, we help build communities awareness of dogs’ innate needs by equipping their human counterparts with the tools to succeed.


Committed to enhancing the lives of dogs in the human world.


Compassion, Commitment, Knowledge, Open-mindedness, Responsibility.



Scruff Start Up Pack – $25


Your gift could get a rescue pup set up with supplies to start their new life. These packs are specifically catered to them considering their size, background, dietary restrictions, etc. in order to set them up for success. 


Board and Train – $150


Save Our Scruff prides ourselves on taking dogs in no matter their size, age, or breed. Sometimes these pups need a little bit of help with training due to their unfortunate past. Your gift would be able to cover board and train for a pup for a week to get them one step closer to their furever home. 


No Hangry Dogs – $50


We often have dogs come to us malnourished and your gift could supply a dog with food for their time in foster care. This could also provide treats to aid in training when dogs are transitioning out of #streetlife


A+ Health – $200


We make sure all of our pups have a clean bill of health before they move on to their furever home! Your gift of 200$ could ensure that our new arrival pups get any vet services or vaccinations they need to live their best lives!




50% of Save Our Scruff’s dogs come from places outside of Canada where conditions are quite bad for stray dogs. (Most commonly, Mexico, Dominican, Texas & Egypt.) Your gift can cover the cost of a scruff-in-need as they travel to their new life in Canada.


Sponsor a Rescue – $450


Be the reason a pup gets their second chance at life. A gift of $450 could cover the entire journey of a general rescue case. This would be able to provide travel, food, supplies, and a clean bill of health from the Vet so that they can transition to their furever home with ease.



Have you always dreamed of a smart, loyal companion to take on all of life's adventures with? Are you interested in snuggling a cute as heck ball of fur of your very own? We're now accepting applications for our two shepherd puppy litters! They will be ready to go home around the 3rd week of September! Applications must be in by September 3rd!

Applicants should have a flexible schedule - puppies are a lot of work and they'll need frequent bathroom breaks, all puppy training, and some time to build that lasting bond with their people. They will also not be candidates for any dog walking services or doggy daycares at this young age!

Bonus points if you have experience with Shepherds or similar breeds. If not, we encourage you to do some research about the breed so that we can chat more about how you will help your puppy grow and mature. Based on what we know about the shepherd breed, and the amount of mental stimulation and exercise they need, we will first be considering homes with experience with the breed or other high stimulus breeds - please let us know in your application what specific experience you have, and/or what research you have done to make you an ideal home for these puppies! Note, the pups could grow up to 90lbs+ we have no idea!

Note that puppies will be assigned to applicants based on what we know of their personalities. We will do our best to accommodate gender and colour preferences but just like your Bumble dates, it's all about making sure it's the right fit for you and the pup. Trust us, our matchmaking skills are on point!

Puppies will be ready to head to their fur-ever homes around 8 weeks of age, near the end of September. Applicants that are on vacation or going on vacation soon after, will not be considered.

Interested? Please submit an application and we can chat further! 

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