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SOS is headed to Manitoba. Yes, we are driving 30hrs North to PU potentially 100 dogs. Do you want one? Keep reading!

We are bringing them in as Foster-to-Adopt meaning you will foster them for 2 weeks and decide if you’d like to adopt! This is a great opportunity to test a doggy into your life, and see if they are a good match for your household! Arrival date is July 9th. 

All dogs will be coming off the street days before their arrival to Toronto. That means, they are not trained AT ALL and it is likely that they have never been inside before, let alone be housetrained, leash trained, crate trained, etc. We also cannot confirm temperaments, bios, or basic histories of these dogs because they will be new to rescue care. These dogs although will be used to human interactions, and have had exposure to other dogs, we just aren’t sure what kind. Yes, there are unknowns. They will receive minimal vetting before arriving to Toronto, and will get their full vetting based on your schedule during the first 2 weeks. General vetting up to our protocol will be covered by SOS. 

Based on previous intakes from this area, most dogs are as follows: Medium to large breeds - mixes of german shep, husky, hound, and will sometimes be stunted/short but usually hefty and will weigh min 40lbs full grown. Dogs coming in will range in age from a a few months to a year old. We will be matching applicants to dogs based on who we think will be the best fit for your family based on their breed, age, temperament as well as your experience and lifestyle. All dogs currently live outside, in a remote community, and have access to the general public and other animals for socializing, we just don’t know what kind. Conditions of dogs is currently unknown.

To apply, please put in an adoption application at under MANITOBA INTAKE. If you’ve already put in an Adoption App before, then please email to apply that app to these pooches! We will then have you fill out a survey to get to know you better and if all goes well finish up with an interview, references and home pictures. We will be asking for $100 deposit to secure your spot for these dogs, which will be taken off your Adoption Fee or returned if you no longer adopt. As well, attending a Debrief/Training Session for the intake will be mandatory, options for attendance will be given. If you are not interested in adopting after 2 weeks, you are required to continue to foster until we find a suitable home. All our dogs cannot come into care unless we have an open home for them until they are adopted! We do not accept apps for those going on vacation within the first weeks of intake. 

We adopt all over Southern Ontario and adopt to families that live in all types of homes. *We will be looking for homes with flexible schedules as these pups will need all basic training! Please apply! We do adopt out to families with dog-friendly children.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to get a pooch July 9th!


Please read our Adoption FAQs to learn about the process of adopting a dog from SOS!


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Dog Safety - Flight or Fight Response

"We’ve all heard the term fight or flight. But what does that mean when we’re talking about our pets? Failure to understand this instinct can make pet owners feel helpless when their dog experiences stress. Fight or flight is a survival instinct, humans have it, dogs have it. On a physiological level, the body reacts to stress, hormones are released that cause the heart rate to increase, blood pressure increases, pupils dilate and several other physical changes happen to make the dog ready to run for its life or, fight for it. It’s important to understand how to identify if your dog is experiencing these levels of stress because if we don’t react appropriately, or if we have unfair expectations, we can inadvertently put our dogs in danger. Its important to understand that anything that causes stress to your dog, can trigger this response. All dogs have a threshold for how much stress they can handle and if we don’t effectively manage the situations our dogs are in, we can easily overwhelm them. First and foremost, know your dog, pay attention, advocate for them. This can mean telling strangers they cannot pet your dog, this can mean avoiding on leash interactions with strange dogs, this can mean that we don’t bring our dog to a family dinner so everyone can meet them, sometimes it means we walk a different route because of road work and heavy machinery. Understanding what your dog finds stressful is the 1st step in avoiding potential disaster. We need to understand what’s happening and how to deal with it when it does. When a dog experiences high levels of stress they often try to bolt, they may try to escape their collar or harness, hide in a corner, sometimes they become vocal and shriek, tuck their tail, shake, urinate, defecate. Logic dictates that if we want to improve our dog's association with stressors, we should create a positive association right? Well, unfortunately when a dog has reached that level of stress, they will not accept rewards. Tasty treats, human affection, toys, baby talk. In your dog's mind, their life is at risk, and none of those things can change that. We need to remove the stressor, or we need to remove the dog from the situation. The dog needs to metabolize their hormones and allow their body to go back to normal functioning before we can ask them to accept rewards or listen to our commands. It’s also important to understand that in this state of mind, calling their name often results in an increased flight response. Dogs rarely recognize their family in their panicked state. 

It is recommended that you work with a professional if you wish to work on your dog's stress response because we don’t want to overwhelm the dog or cause a worsened reaction. But there’s still a lot you can do to prevent things from getting worse and to keep your dog safe. If you have an insecure dog, or even if you don’t, a properly fitted martingale collar is one of the most effective ways to prevent a dog from bolting under sudden stress. Face harnesses, body harnesses and flat collars can be slipped off the dog if they pull out backwards. If you don’t know how your dog will do in a particular situation,  take extra precautions or leave your dog at home". 

- @completek9care

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Puebla, Mexico 2019 Spay & NEUter Clinic

Did you know that theoretically the offspring from one female dog can have over 96 000 puppies over 7 years!  In the last 3 years Save Our Scruff has helped potentially reduce the pet population by over 1 billion animals.  1 billion!

On August 16, 17 & 18 we are headed to Puebla, Mexico for our 4th Spay & Neuter Clinic with a goal of 300 sterilizations, 30 dogs to come home to Canada to find their forever home and create an amazing experience for our volunteers and the community.

APPLICATION PROCESS CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who applied!



Rescue all types of dogs from unfortunate situations and provide them with the necessary medical and rehabilitation care that they require, while in loving temporary foster care. During this process, we work to find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes and as well work towards preventing the need for rescue in the future. 


Save Our Scruff is dedicated to preventing overpopulation as well as stopping the cycle of abandonment/neglect while also providing aid/support due to these concerns. We provide care and rehabilitation for stray, abandoned or displaced dogs. We strive to position ourselves as a leader on matters that promote and improve the welfare of dogs through enhancement, protection, care, education and advocacy.



Scruff Start Up Pack – $25


Your gift could get a rescue pup set up with supplies to start their new life. These packs are specifically catered to them considering their size, background, dietary restrictions, etc. in order to set them up for success. 


Board and Train – $150


Save Our Scruff prides ourselves on taking dogs in no matter their size, age, or breed. Sometimes these pups need a little bit of help with training due to their unfortunate past. Your gift would be able to cover board and train for a pup for a week to get them one step closer to their furever home. 


No Hangry Dogs – $50


We often have dogs come to us malnourished and your gift could supply a dog with food for their time in foster care. This could also provide treats to aid in training when dogs are transitioning out of #streetlife


A+ Health – $200


We make sure all of our pups have a clean bill of health before they move on to their furever home! Your gift of 200$ could ensure that our new arrival pups get any vet services or vaccinations they need to live their best lives!




50% of Save Our Scruff’s dogs come from places outside of Canada where conditions are quite bad for stray dogs. (Most commonly, Mexico, Dominican, Texas & Egypt.) Your gift can cover the cost of a scruff-in-need as they travel to their new life in Canada.


Sponsor a Rescue – $450


Be the reason a pup gets their second chance at life. A gift of $450 could cover the entire journey of a general rescue case. This would be able to provide travel, food, supplies, and a clean bill of health from the Vet so that they can transition to their furever home with ease.



F | 1 Y | 60lbs l Golden Doodle | Medium-high energy | Needs Structure/Boundaries l Good exposure to dogs | Good Second Dog l Best w Crating l No Kids | Not Cat Tested l Fostered in Hamilton

Introducing MAGGIE! This girl would do great with a person (or possibly family) who has previous experience with dogs, doodles, cows, elephants, donkeys etc etc. In her previous home before she was surrendered, she was known to guard objects of high value which ended up being the reason for her surrender. This means MAGGIE needs an owner who will work through this learned behaviour, but also needs someone willing to work on building trust and boundaries as a whole. MAGGIE needs to learn who is in charge. MAGGIE has had lots of interaction with dogs and loves to play! Continuing to provide opportunities for her to socialize with other furry friends would make this gal super happy and help tire her out for training purposes. She’d totally be down for a playdate, a furry roommate or a regular trips to doggy daycare. MAGGIE currently hangs out with her foster fam living in a house with a yard. A yard is nice, but so are structured walks if that’s your thing. Ideally, MAGGIE’s day involves lots of consistency as she works on her training. She is very nosey (dog joke) and gets into everything which means she can find things to guard if not watched. She needs constant supervision and will need continued work recognizing boundaries in the home so she doesn’t take control of it! Having a medium-high energy level she also enjoys going to the park with her humans. She’s currently working on crate training, which calming exercises may support her in, and has experience being on her own for up to 8 hours. A crate is a great thing for her since she’s mischievous in the home without monitoring! MAGGIE is housebroken, walks well on her leash, and knows basic commands. She’s still learning and will do well with continued supervision, structure and boundaries. She loves cuddles as a reward for a well-balanced relationship. We can’t wait for MAGGIE to find her match Apply to adopt MAGGIE today!


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Congratulations to @arrowthesoutherngent for winning our May #ScruffLife challenge!

Are you living your best #ScruffLife? What the heck is a #ScruffLife
It could be a foster dog chilling in foster care, an SOS alumni living it up in their furever home. It could also be a volunteer helping us transport dogs from another country or to a vet appointment. Anything done as a scruff or for a scruff is #ScruffLife

We want you to share your #ScruffLife! Post a pic or video on Instagram of you and/or your dog living your best #ScruffLife. Every month we’ll choose one that stands out and share it on our website, newsletter and social media!

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