The dreaded F-word… Fleas!

Just when Scruff Alum Canelo thought spring was here, the weather pulled a fast one on him! While we patiently wait for warmer weather, we teamed up with our Scruff Social Partners @healthypetsio to get ahead of the game with some spring wellness tips starting with the dreaded F-word… Fleas. These little buggers are a nuisance to you and your pup but they can also transmit diseases and parasites like tapeworm, heartworm and typhus. The most important thing you can do to ensure your pet will not become a flea circus is to stop them in the first place by using a medicated flea preventative!

But what to do if your pet already has fleas? No need to panic - it’s a relatively easy fix that won’t break the bank. You should speak to your vet, or if you are in a rush to get those pesky guys off, you can connect with a professional online through @healthypetsio to discuss which products work best for you and your pup. In some cases, treating your home will also be necessary. If this happens It’s important to check with a professional before spraying your home with any kind of chemical to ensure they are safe for everyone in the area and the environment :) Here’s to a flea-free spring!