Learn from Shaggy's Progress! Boundaries are Key!

SHAGGY came to us legit trying to eat our fingers for the food in our hands. Now, over time and with proper human leadership, he has built respect for humans as WE decide when he gets to eat and that is understood. When we give dogs the control, they take on the leader position and you will see that come out in ways you may not like. For example, guarding toys or the couch, being leash reactive, barking at the front door or in the back yard. When we tell the dog through training that WE are in control, they will listen and you will see it in your day to day lives. Your dog is not “bad” because it is reactive or protective, it doesn’t know any better and has no been set up for success. Giving your dog free range of the house, letting your dog eat from is bowl throughout the day, letting it bark at the window... these are things that give your dog the perspective it needs to see that they DO NOT NEED YOU and instead must use their instincts to figure out “pet” life. Work on bonding with your animal in ways it views a respectful relationship. Hand feed, have them at your side on walks (NO RETRACTABLE), don’t allow them straight on the furniture but give them permission to go on the furniture when you allow but that also means off when you say too! This is not always easy or simple, especially in comparison to allowing your dog to do what it pleases. But your relationship with your dog will change significantly for the better. Want your dog to be better with strangers, less reactive to dogs, less protective? Enforce boundaries. You will see a difference. We need to stop blaming our dogs for being “bad” and instead look at our RELATIONSHIP with our animal and fix it.g post content.