So You Want a Doggo?

When thinking about getting a dog, think about the following things: - Am I able to commit to this animal through the bad times and the good?
- If I travel long-term, will my dog come with me?
- If I change jobs, can I continue to support a lifestyle with a dog?
- If I have a child, will I be willing to work with both child and dog to build a balanced relationship?
- If my dog starts to show new signs of behaviour that I “didn’t sign up for” will I take responsibility that it may be due to my relationship with them and work productively to improve it?

Animals, let alone dogs, are a big commitment. As a dog rescue, we hope you are their furever and will work with them in new circumstances that arise. Please consider these scenarios before choosing to add to your family. Every circumstance is different and we do our best not to judge, we just ask that you set yourself up to be aware of what may come to be. 
As a side note to that: To all of our adopters, consider yourself a community member. Reach out to us if you have questions, notice unfavourable changes, are seeing changes in your life or need support in some way. Although we may not have to say what you want to hear.. we are here for you and we are dedicated to providing aid to you and your Scruff in some way or another. We do our best to be open and do learn and grow from every new adventure that arises! Never hesitate to reach-out to