Springtime Tips for Scruff Parents

We did it! Winter is (finally) over. 

We can now fully enjoy those outdoor bonding sessions with our furry children, but there are a few things to keep in mind as the temperature climbs:

1. Those mean greens

Many of us attempt to channel our green thumbs as the weather warms, but plants are like magnets for dogs, so be sure to consult a plant guide to see which plants are toxic. You can get started here

2. Seasonal allergies?

Yes, even our four-legged friends can develop allergies during the springtime. In dogs, such allergies often manifest themselves in skin problems, so keep an eye out for changes and contact your vet with any concerns.

3. Matters of the Heart

With warmer weather comes mosquitoes, and they can transmit heartworm disease. Spring is a great time to give your scruff their heartworm preventatives and have them checked by your local vet.

4. Earth Day Fun

Okay, so this isn’t so much of a tip as it is a (super) cute idea. For Earth Day, why not go on a hike, donate some old dog toys to a local shelter, or visit a new dog park in Toronto? We’re sure your scruff, and the planet, will totally love it