The 5 Biggest Myths about Dog Adoption


Dog adoption is too expensive

Real Talk: You have to pay an adoption fee for rescue dogs, and being the parent to any pup will require consistent funding and financial investment. Myth: Rescues end up costing more money than dogs from a breeder. When you think about the health care that rescues are provided before being adopted out, the fee ain’t so bad at all.

Take SOS for example – scruffs are given general health exams, up-to-date vaccines, heartworm treatment and blood work if required, not to mention they’re spayed and neutered once they reach the 6-month mark. If you buy a four-legged pal from a breeder or pet store, you not only have to pay for the dog, you must then pay these additional medical expenses out of pocket.  When you consider this, along with the priceless reward that comes with saving a life, we think the choice is obvious.


I won’t find the dog I want

First and foremost, SOS doesn’t discriminate against dogs, and we think that’s a hella awesome way to live because ALL puppers deserve a lifetime of cuddles. That being said, since we do rescue dogs regardless of their breed, age or size –  

you’ll see that we have adoptables from all colors of the dog rainbow. (Yes, we know dog rainbows aren’t real, but we can still dream.) We’ve had puppies and purebred dogs, mixed breeds and everything in between.


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Okay, this one is a total myth! (For dogs at least, not so sure about their human counterparts.) But seriously, ALL dogs have the capacity to learn. They simply require regular mental and physical stimulation. This goes for the puppies as well as the senior pets out there!

With consistent obedience training and a few doses of patience, we can coach our four-legged pals into doing all sorts of things while improving their behavioural habits. Before you know it, your dog will be speaking Spanish and playing the piano. 


The process is too difficult

Application forms, interviews, reference calls, oh my! While you can’t walk in and buy a rescue like you can with a breeder or at a pet store, the reasons behind the process make it all worth it. Fit is everything, and each and every step allows us to make successful bonds that will last at lifetime.

Let it be known that adoption is certainly not easy, and requires tons of work on the adopter’s part. But the extra efforts put into the adoption process allow for more happiness in the long run.


Rescues come with too much baggage

When it comes to adoption, people have a tendency to focus on the sad stories and negative histories, often concluding that these dogs aren’t fixable and can’t be “normal” pets. The truth is that all dogs have unique personalities — that’s what we love about them! (That and their fluffiness.)

If you purchase a puppy from a breeder or pet store, you can never be sure how well that pup might fit into your lifestyle. Rescues, on the other hand, have been vetted and tended to before the adoption process, so you can be sure that you choose the yin to your yang. Some rescues certainly do have difficult histories, but it’s a total myth that difficult pasts mean a difficult future. While a rescue’s background may sometimes introduce challenges along the way, the resulting gratitude will be unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Trust us.