How Donors Fuel the SOS Engine

Everyone knows that Save our Scruff is a charity (duh!). But there are so many types of charitable organizations, so where does SOS fall on the spectrum?

One important thing to know is that SOS doesn’t receive any financial support from federal or local government agencies. This means that we rely 100% on contributions from all of you. So when we say that we couldn’t do what we do without you, we mean it. Literally.

We’ve enabled the adoption almost 1000 dogs since we first began, decreased pet overpopulation with the successful spaying and neutering of hundreds of animals internationally, built a strong and compassionate animal-loving community that spans the world, and have implemented a variety of initiatives to improve the welfare of dogs through education and advocacy. We’re not saying this to toot our own horn, but to toot YOURS.

There are so many ways that our community donates to SOS, and we wanted to shed some light on the different ways you continue to make a difference. Of course, financial donations play a huge role, but like Jessie J says, it’s not ALL about the money.

1. Volunteering

Donating Your Time

We have a large network of volunteers currently signed up with SOS, and they are really what make our world go round. These superstars are involved in all that we do:


Save Our Scruff operates exclusively through a foster home system. This means that the number of dogs that we can rescue is directly related to the number of foster volunteers who are willing to offer their time, love and homes to our pups so that they can be adopted out to their furever families. Real life superheroes do exist.


These volunteers use their driving skills for a good cause by helping pups get to where they need to be, delivering supplies and medication, and doing airport pick-ups and drop-offs among other things. Four-legged passengers are the best kind of passengers, just sayin'.


Helping out at events and fundraisers, walking dogs on their lunch hours, taking photos, selling merch — the list goes on and on.  We don’t want to be biased but our volunteers can really do it all!

We are so incredibly lucky to have these members of the community donating their time and scruff-loving hearts to the SOS cause. Is it possible to be in love with hundreds of people simultaneously? If you want to join us, read more about volunteering here.

2. Resources

Donating Supplies

Do you have any supplies lying around that your dog doesn’t use? We know some scruffs who would be very, very interested! Martingale collars, allergy sensitive food, puppy food, toys, dog beds, blankets, crates -- we are always in need of these supplies for our dogs.

Email with any questions.

3. Financial Support

Donating Money

Financial donations enable everything that we do at SOS. But wait, ‘everything’ is a pretty vague term. Here’s a breakdown of some of the main costs for SOS pups:


Routine check-ups, medicine, exams, surgeries -- these funds help us get each dog’s health to where it needs to be.

Since many of our pups are rescued from difficult pasts, they often don’t have the cleanest bill of health when we take them in. It takes time, money and some serious TLC to get them fit as a fiddle.


Due to the nature of our work with international rescues, we have to get the dogs from their respective countries to Toronto. As cute as they are, this still comes with a price tag. Donations enable us to turn these dogs into four-legged jet setters.



Yes, all dogs are angels, but some just need a bit of work to let their true angel side shine. Donations for training enable us to make A+ students out of our scruffs, helping them become even more irresistible to prospective adopters.

The possibilities are endless, and every amount makes a difference. Donate here.