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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with SAVE OUR SCRUFF, Rehome & Rescue.
In order to protect our organization, all animals under our care, as well as our staff and volunteers, we ask that you complete this application.
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Please let us know if you have any particular area of expertise, or interest!
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Although every attempt will be made to ensure your safety, animals are by their nature unpredictable in behaviour. Accordingly you, as a volunteer agree to the following conditions:
I hereby agree to hold SAVE OUR SCRUFF, Rehome & Rescue its officers, directors, employees and volunteers forever harmless for any damage to personal property or any injury whatsoever that I may suffer as a result of my volunteer activities with SAVE OUR SCRUFF, REHOME & RESCUE. This includes but is not limited to dog bites, scratches, communicable illnesses or pests contracted from any animal.
I am aware that as a volunteer of SAVE OUR SCRUFF, Rehome & Rescue I am acting as a representative of the organization and agree to act responsibly at all times by maintaining a professional demeanor and protecting the rescued animals from any harm while they are in my possession or care.
Volunteers under 16 years of age require a parental or legal guardian to be in attendance and the guardian must also fill out a volunteer waiver. Volunteers over the age of 16 may volunteer without a parental guardian accompanying them, however parental or legal guardian consent is required (signing consent on this waiver below). Therefore, you must be 18 years or older to volunteer with the dogs, some exceptions can be made depending on the situation/volunteer opportunity.
This waiver applies to any and all events that I attend as a volunteer for SAVE OUR SCRUFF, Rehome & Rescue.
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Below fields are required if volunteer is under 18 years of age
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Parent or Legal Guardian Phone