Robyn (RVT), Administrative & Vetting Manager

Robyn's role is a bit of a complicated role to explain as it has a lot of moving parts within Save Our Scruff - she helps with a lot of different areas within the rescue like intakes, foster team, vetting, finances and does all of our administration work.

~ Have you ever wondered who helps keep Save Our Scruff in order, organized and running smoothly behind the scenes - that would be her!  As you can see Robyn's role fills many gaps within the rescue making her a very important member to have on the team ~ 

Robyn is a very valuable member of the Vetting Team as she brings a lot of vet knowledge to the table.  She graduated as a RVT in 2004 and has been helping rescues since 2015.  The vetting team consists of Robyn and her lovely sidekick Kristine (who emails all of the vetting records post adoption and hunts down those spay/neuter certificates) ~ Being the Vetting Manager (and also a Registered Veterinary Technician, RVT) means that she is able to work along side with our rescue partners, member clinics and founder to ensure ALL of the SOS dogs are vetted properly (as per the SOS vetting protocol) and are healthy to be adopted.  Robyn also assists with questions pre and post adoption and is available 24/7 to ensure our scruffs are safe and happy.

In Robyn's spare time when she is not working or volunteering for the rescues that she helps; she loves spending quality time with her husband and her dogs Chief and Daisy.  Nothing like chilling on the couch watching some netflix!



Started with SOS: 2013
Fave SOS things: My Scruff Success and Foster Fail, Georgia! As well as, my Scruff nieces, Rachel and Monica!
Fave Non-SOS things: Adventures in Ontario and beyond, camping, anywhere near a lake with a sunset, and coffee!