nicole, Foster MANAGER

Nicole is the Foster Manager for Save Our Scruff.  She works with the Foster Counsellors to help find temporary homes for dogs arriving in our care, helps with any difficult situation that may arise while the dogs are in foster care and also in whatever way is needed to help them be successful in finding their forever home.  

Nicole has a background in training and education, with humans, so it comes as no surprise that she places a huge focus on the importance of education when it comes to working with dogs too.  She has owned three dogs and fostered five and she will still attend every training session she can as there is so much to learn about dog behaviour and your relationship with a dog.  She has never left a session without learning something new.  At SOS, Nicole is passionate about bringing the community together for training sessions as well as chatting with fosters one-on-one when they need some extra help.  She loves when people are equally as passionate about learning and look to soak up as much info as they can on their own from other sources, as SOS sessions are just the starting point.

Being a part of Spay and Neuter Campaigns as well as visiting rescue locations in Dominican and Mexico has really given Nicole an appreciation for understanding a dog’s needs as well as the dedication and kindness of some pretty amazing humans all around the world.

If you are one of those amazing humans and are fostering a dog right now, reach out to your Foster Counsellor directly with any questions or concerns.  If you are not signed up to be a foster yet but have some fostering questions, feel free to email me.



Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: My foster fail Belle , this amazing team (!!!), being able to help new fosters through the foster process, the updates from fosters, watching the dogs come out of their shells, foster fails
Fave Non-SOS things: my foster fail Belle, wine on the back deck, travelling (only two continents left!), being on horseback



Started with SOS: 2018! 
Fave SOS things: all the dogs I mean do you see how cute they are?! 
Fave Non-SOS things: always dogs so... hanging with my dogs, friends, adventures (with dogs)



Started with SOS: 2015 as a Foster 
Fave SOS things: Recognizing SOS alumni out and about in Toronto and seeing them thrive, shamelessly Instagram stalking my 14 previous fosters, the superstar volunteers that have turned SOS into a beautiful community, the on-going education and growth that allows SOS to help so many dogs! 
Fave Non-SOS things: singing, vegan activism, hot yoga, all of the coffee, tropical plants, weird Youtube videos about aliens



Started with SOS: :  2019
Fave SOS things: when the fosters got to their forever homes!
Fave Non-SOS things: wine, food and EVERYTHING horses, cats & dogs



Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: My foster fail Bridgette, all my previous fosters who I regularly stalk on Instagram, the SOS community, the amazing foster team!
Fave Non-SOS things: My other pup Tuna, cottaging, wine, soccer, true crime docs and books, reading, baking, attempting to garden but usually killing all the plants, kale salads, mint chip ice cream, popcorn!


ROBYN, foster coordinator

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: THE DOGS!!!, our amazing team, friendships, community involvement and knowing that we are making a difference in the animal community all over the world
Fave Non-SOS things: Family! especially my husband and two amazing dogs (Chief and Daisy), baking, selling Tupperware, spending time outside enjoying life , chilling and watching TV


Alex, Foster Administor

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: All of the cute Dogs!!! Working with such a amazing, and dedicated team towards one common goal.
Fave Non-SOS things: Spending time with Family and Friends, Sports, Music, Movies, Travelling, Pizza, and Liverpool FC.



Started with SOS: 2018
Fave SOS things: The SOS Community and laughing to myself while writing dog bios. How silly.
Fave Non-SOS things: My dog, Jack! Also known as Jack-Jackson and Jack the lad. Hot yoga. Guacamole and chips. Going to all the art galleries. A really good rom com (duh)! Traveling with my family.



Started with SOS: 2018
Fave SOS Things:
The life-changing magic of welcoming a dog into your life and all the people you will meet, places you will go, and ways you will grow because of that decision.
Fave non-SOS Things: My scruff Falco, dog training, advertising/marketing, writing, sneaking in a fart joke, cherry coke zero, weird ASMR videos, carbs, waking up at 4:48 AM, working out because of the aforementioned carbs, playing Eminem songs on the piano, The Golden Girls, getting out of town (literally and figuratively), true crime, Rupaul's Drag Race, the library (free books?!), my Nespresso machine, and you—reading this right now— because you made it to the end. Let's be friends.



Started with SOS: October 2019
Fave SOS things: My scruff Havoc (formerly known as Oxford) <3. I of course love all the dogs and making a difference in their lives. The awesome team and amazing events (yoga and scruffs) how can you go wrong!?
Fave Non-SOS things: Spending time with friends, family and my scruff. Reading, doing muddy obstacle runs and cuddling with my scruff.