Andrea is Save Our Scruff’s Alumni Manager where she helps adopters navigate the dog world! Andrea coordinates training events, helps adopters find the best dog-savvy people to work with, and enjoys seeing pictures of all of your scruffs in their forever homes.

She has been a part of the SOS Team since 2015. Andrea is passionate about dog advocacy and education. She enjoys the thrill of learning more and more about dogs each and every day. Andrea aims to be an open-minded, and evolving individual. She loves spending time reading and watching videos about dog behaviour. However, also gains her experience working in Veterinary Clinics, being a former Foster Counsellor, dog-walking, and working with her own scruff, Pac.

Helping people navigate through understanding their dogs and seeing their success stories is what keeps Andrea going.

Outside of dog rescue, Andrea appreciates long hikes with her dog, anything coconut, and the ocean. And when she’s not talking about dogs; you better believe she’s talking about Wildlife Conservation, Mental Health, and Intersectional Feminism.


Christine, Alumni Coordinator

Started with SOS: 2018

Fave SOS things: Fostering the best dogs, being a part of this amazing community, seeing/reading updates on alumni scruff (especially past fosters), and meeting so many new people! 

Fave non-SOS things: Anything and everything involving my rescue pup Chevy, summers at the beach, good books, iced coffee, outdoor adventures, Netflix marathons, David’s Tea, and live music.