TULUM has been making a lot of progress in her foster-to-adopt home! After arriving to Canada and being very fearful of her surroundings, Marvel took a chance on her and welcomed TULUM (now being called Tilda) into her home. TILDA has found a place she feels welcomed and has become friends with both cat and dog in the home. When it comes to strangers, TILDA gets very nervous and doesn't know how to properly approach the situation. Her fosters have been working on socializing her and she has been learning quickly. As well, TILDA has some food aggression issues that she has been working on. She is learning that she no longer has to fight to survive on the streets and that her fosters are here to help and protect her! To help with her training, TILDA will be seeing Lisa from A Leg Up so her fosters can find ways to correct her before she becomes comfortable with these traits. SOS definitely encourages professional support when there are warning signs for bad behaviours. Rescues can be put through highly-stressful situations before rescue and may also find the adoption process overwhelming. It's important to recognize when this brings out unwanted behaviours in your animals that may need attention. Luckily, TILDA is with a family that sees the great potential in her and is wanting to help her through it. Although TILDA has some areas that need improvement, these behaviours don't define her and it is wonderful that she has found a family that sees that. TILDA enjoys running around with Peter the other family dog (pictured above) and is quickly fattening up as she came in quite thin. Her fosters say they have completely fallen in love with her as she is a little weird just like them. They hope to welcome her to the family. SOS will keep everyone updated on this one!!