GeoVets trip to Sosua, Dominican Republic - 200 surgeries, happy faces, and a fantastic new connection!

At this year’s clinic we had the pleasure to work alongside Save Our Scruff, a volunteer group out of Toronto, Canada.  Their mission is to rescue dogs in need and to place them in forever homes.  To date, they have successfully transported over 600 dogs from overseas locations!  SOS fulfilled yet another role,  merging with us for 3 days to handle incoming patients and taking care of recovery.  Tirelessly they worked alongside those on the surgical side to make the event a great success.  Indeed it became a seamless and synergistic relationship, one that both GeoVets and SOS plan to build on in the future.  Already there is collaboration for a spay/neuter clinic to Costa Rica. 

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Pet overpopulation and abandonment is a massive issue worldwide- did you know that a shelter dog is put down every 11 seconds in the USA alone? I’ve written about my feelings on buying pets over adopting before, but this time I have a favor to ask you: in the name of the Christmas spirit, do what you can to help this holiday season. That’s where Save our Scruff (aka SOS) comes in!

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HWLPUP Interviews: "Laura of Save Our Scruff"

Save Our Scruff, a Toronto based organization that rescues dogs and gives them a second chance at a new life. We caught up with Laura Bye, the founder of Save our Scruff to find out a little more about her, her day to day operations, and how she juggles the needs of these pups.

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Animal House Calls

Laura and BRUCE were on @cp24breakingnews. Laura was featured on Animal House Calls, talking all about Save Our Scruff, international rescue and ways people can help! Werk it girl! Aussie made an appearance too. 


Breakfast Television

LIGHTS. CAMERA. CHIQUITA. This Scruff Success was featured on Breakfast Television yesterday to bring awareness to the @uber_tor event as well as shelter/rescue pups! PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE


Uber Brought our Puppies to You

To celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Dog Day, UBER opened a "PUPPIES" transport.. where offices could request a dog visit between 11:00-3:00! UBER drove over adoptable dogs to come play for 15 minutes with you and your co-workers. This costs only 30 dollars and ALL the proceeds went to Save Our Scruff. WICKED. 

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Laura Bye: The Dog Rescuer Behind Save Our Scruff

Laura Bye was 26 when she started her non-profit, Save Our Scruff (SOS). The organization rescues homeless and mistreated dogs from many countries, which are then fostered and found a new home in and around Toronto. Laura started in spa and sport management and was rescuing animals with an organization for a year and half before deciding to be in the drivers seat for a cause she deeply cares about. 

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International Dog Rescue with Save Our Scruff at SPAW Boutique

Save Our Scruff (SOS) is a rescue group lead by Laura Bye who are bringing adoptable dogs into Canada to find furever homes. Her’s is a particularly wide global net – SOS brings dogs from California, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Mexico and most recently Egypt.

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