What is your address? 

SOS has no intake centre and runs solely on foster homes! To meet a dog, please fill out an adoption application and we will set up a meet and greet if the dog is currently available. 

What is your phone #? 

We run mostly on emails! Please email info@saveourscruff.org to get help with anything you didn't get answered from our website. Our website is broken into sections to help navigate you with the help that you need!!

I emailed you and have not heard back. What's up?

Our rescue is run solely by volunteers! Please allow 48 hours for someone to get back to you and if you still don't hear back please feel free to send a little nudge our way just in case we didn't receive it! We try to reply as quickly as we can!


Are the bios accurate? 

Our bios are based off of the experiences these dogs have had in our care, and with our fosters. Please take into consideration that this is during an adjustment period and possibly stressful time for the dogs. They may not be able to settle completely before going to their furever home. As well, a dog may act completely different depending on their experiences in your home as well as how they adjust into it. Please visit our "I Adopted a Dog.. Now What?" section under "Resources" in order to find positive ways to help your dog fit into its new home. As well, please visit "Our Partners' section under "About Us" to see a list of recommended trainers. 

How accurate are Age/Breed?

A lot of times we have to guess! We aren't there from the beginning but have a great team of knowledgeable people to help make an educated guess on age and breed. For breed, the only way to know for certain is to get a DNA test which as a rescue we do not do! We have a thing for 'mutts' anyways!


Will my Scruff be spayed or neutered before I foster or adopt?

To prevent further homeless Scruffs we spay and neuter the dogs that come into our care. Scruffs who are 6 months or younger are not old enough to be altered, therefore if they are adopted before they are of age it will be the financial responsibility of the adopter to spay and neuter their Scruff.


What does the money from the adoption fee go? 

We are a not-for-profit organization and the funds we collect from the adoption fee covers the intake cost of bringing Scruffs into our care and their vetting costs. Some of our Scruff's have more vetting needs then others, for example teeth extractions, spay and neuter surgery, knee surgery and medication for particular skin conditions. 


Is my Scruff really from Mexico?

Yes! We are an international rescue! 50% of our in need dogs come from places outside of Canada! Most commonly, Mexico, Dominican, Texas & Egypt. We also have partners in India, Florida, California, Miami, NY and we are expanding. Our local rescues are commonly from Quebec or are surrendered from the Toronto area. 

If I've submitted an application for a Scruff that is no longer available for adoption, do I have to complete another one if I see another Scruff I'm interested in?

Absolutely not. We keep all applications on file. We may just double check that everything on your application is still applicable (in case you've moved, have a new roommate, job hours change, etc).


I can't adopt right now but want to get involved. Is there a place for me?

UMMM YES. We are always looking for help! One very important aspect of our rescue is Fostering! We cannot bring in dogs without available temporary homes. If Fostering is not for you, there are many other ways you can get involved including but not limited to transporter, doggy sitter or casual volunteer for events. Fill out a Foster and/or Volunteer Application on our website


When will I receive medical records for the dog I adopt?

Once the adoption is finalized and you've signed the adoption contract and paid the adoption fee, our vetting manager will send you a summary sheet of the dogs medical history as well as recommended vetting once the dog is in your care. 

We also include past medical records so you can share them with your vet. We pride ourselves in being transparent and honest. If there are any medical issues or history our team has discovered while a dog is in our care, adopters will be notified PRIOR to adoption.