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Rescue all types of dogs from unfortunate situations and provide them with the necessary medical and rehabilitation care that they require, while in loving temporary foster care. During this process, we work to find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes and as well work towards preventing the need for rescue in the future. 


Save Our Scruff is dedicated to preventing overpopulation as well as stopping the cycle of abandonment/neglect while also providing aid/support due to these concerns. We provide care and rehabilitation for stray, abandoned or displaced dogs. We strive to position ourselves as a leader on matters that promote and improve the welfare of dogs through enhancement, protection, care, education and advocacy.


Title: Warehouse Coordinator
Team: Transport/Intakes
Time Commitment: 1-2 Visit to PYA (15 Apex Rd, Toronto)/ week

The Warehouse Coordinator works directly with the Supply Coordinator and PYA warehouse team.

Responsibilities include:
1. Ensuring the storage area at PYA is kept organized and catalogue supplies.
2. Putting out appropriate supply for pickup, and organizing supplies/donations that have been dropped off.  
3. Communicating with the Supply Coordinator regarding stock, storage and supplies. 

NOTE: This role is best suited to volunteers with daytime weekday, (9am-5pm, Monday- Friday) availability as we operate in the warehouse during business hours ONLY. 
Currently we’re looking for volunteers to fill out our team, with availability on Wednesday- Friday being most ideal!

If interested, please email with some details about yourself and why you think this would be a good position for you!



Scruff Start Up Pack – $25


Your gift could get a rescue pup set up with supplies to start their new life. These packs are specifically catered to them considering their size, background, dietary restrictions, etc. in order to set them up for success. 


Board and Train – $150


Save Our Scruff prides ourselves on taking dogs in no matter their size, age, or breed. Sometimes these pups need a little bit of help with training due to their unfortunate past. Your gift would be able to cover board and train for a pup for a week to get them one step closer to their furever home. 


No Hangry Dogs – $50


We often have dogs come to us malnourished and your gift could supply a dog with food for their time in foster care. This could also provide treats to aid in training when dogs are transitioning out of #streetlife and need to learn commands and manners.


A+ Health – $200


We make sure all of our pups have a clean bill of health before they move on to their furever home! Your gift of 200$ could ensure that our new arrival pups get any vet services or vaccinations they need to live their best lives!




50% of Save Our Scruff’s dogs come from places outside of Canada where conditions are quite bad for stray dogs. (Most commonly, Mexico, Dominican, Texas & Egypt.) Your gift can cover the cost of a scruff-in-need as they travel to their new life in Canada.


Sponsor a Rescue – $450


Be the reason a pup gets their second chance at life. A gift of $450 could cover the entire journey of a general rescue case. This would be able to provide travel, food, supplies, and a clean bill of health from the Vet so that they can transition to their furever home with ease.


Some pups need a bit more help! Donate to specific dogs to help them where they need it.




| M | 7 Y | Mastiff | 97 lbs | Medium energy | LOVES Affection | Playful & Adventurous l Nap Pro l Loves ALL people | Water Dog l Needs Proper intro w Dogs | Not cat or kid tested l Good only child/or Second Dog l Fostered in Woodstock

This BIG but regal goof has requested to formally be called Franklin Alexander the Great but once you’re in his good books, FRANK, Frankie or even Frank the Tank is fine! FRANK is cuddly, obedient, playful, respectful, and adventurous boy.  He can be pretty demanding of attention and doesn’t really realize his size — *gives paw and breaks arm*. But everything FRANK does is to give and receive love.  If he’s not pawing at you for attention he’s literally moo-ing like a cow at you to let you know that he wants something, which fine.. is pretty cute. As a result of his size we don’t think he should be placed in a home with young children although he has never been aggressive to humans in our care. If your child has dog experience please apply! Additionally, people will need to understand that he is very strong on leash so will require someone who can handle all 97 lbs of this dude. He’s been doing much better on a gentle leader and making sure to incorporate play throughout the day so that he’s not too hyper at walk time is perfect. He loves going for hikes and being adventurous but also is great at home in cuddle mode. FRANK is very playful and loves running around in his fosters backyard with their two pups. He also absolutely adores water either swimming or just chasing the hose spray around the yard. He is crated when his people are out of the house and is awesome in there! He’s so smart and knows his fosters routine enough that he goes in there on his own on schedule. Basically FRANK’s ideal life consists of playtime outside, snuggles with his favourite people, naps, movie nights with his pals and gourmet meals in his crate.  FRANK is unsure when meeting other dogs initially but can definitely co-exist very comfortably after a proper intro. He would actually like a second dog in the home to keep him company as long as there are still enough people cuddles to go around. Like 90% of the cuddles for FRANK and 10% for the other dog would be perfect… just kidding! He hasn’t been tested with cats. HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO THIS SNAGGLETOOTH SMILE?? Apply to adopt now!

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