M | 2 Y | Duck Toller/Spaniel mix | 30 lbs | Mexico | High energy | Pumped about life | Loves fetch | A bit dorky | Smart but bossy | Hit and miss with dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids (12+)

This little energizer bunny is looking for a furever home… but can you keep up though?! Meet TOFFEE! This guy is always ready to play and ALWAYS wants you to be involved. Oh, you want to have a nap? LOL NO, IT’S PLAYTIME. He’s very playful, rambunctious and excitable and is still very much a puppy at heart. He will definitely require active adopters who can keep him busy all day every day. He’s very smart and has already mastered basic commands but is still working on his day to day manners. He likes to wear his bossy pants sometimes so will need to be reminded that contrary to what he thinks, YOU are actually in charge. Additionally, he tends to nip and this behaviour should not be encouraged. Because of this we’re recommending a home with older kids only and preferably with dog experience. He’ll need to be eased into certain things like wiping his paws and belly rubs because like what the heck are you doing. He’s a great snuggler on his own terms though! He LOVES to chew and will require a number of chew toys to keep him occupied. The best way to burn off his energy is with a long game of fetch so get your throwing arm ready. Are you a professional baseball player, because that would be ideal.  He’s hit and miss with other dogs – good with his foster sib but others not so much. Ongoing socialization will be key. He hasn’t been tested with cats. TOFFEE is generally just pumped about life and looking for a buddy to enjoy it with. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt



M | 1 Y | Terrier mix | 42 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Shy at first | Very friendly and loving | Those eyes though | Learning the basics | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Fresh off his graduation from Hogwart’s and better than anything you could get at Chipotle… meet BURRITO. His look his definitely very unique. Yes he knows his eyes are crazy beautiful but let’s talk a bit about his glowing personality shall we? Although he can be a bit shy at first (elevators are weeiiirddd) overall he’s a very adaptable, loving and happy pup. He’s pretty relaxed in the home and likes following his people around the house to see what you’re up to. He does get very excited for walks though and loves a good play session with his pals. He’s still very curious about his new surroundings and stops to smell all the roses and check out all the things. He also pulls a bit when he gets too excited – just chasing the dream and hunting down that next adventure! His leash skills will need some work, but he’s already making progress. He’s very human friendly and will let pretty much anyone scratch his head and belly. He’s working on basic commands and seems to be picking them up quickly. He would love a house with a backyard but would also be fine in an apartment if he gets enough exercise. BURRITO has been great with all other dogs that he’s met so far. He hasn’t been tested with cats although has shown some signs of a prey drive. He’s also hasn’t been tested with kids but we think he’d be cool with some little humans. If you’d like to meet BURRITO fill out an application to adopt



F | 1 Y | Canaan mix | 32 lbs | Saudi Arabia | Medium energy | Needs boundaries | Cuddly | Lanky goof | Smart and athletic | Needs more socialization with dogs | No cats or young kids

Meet our Arabian princess JAYDAH! She knows she’s royalty and expects to be treated as such thank you very much...well, as long as its okay with you. She is super affectionate and loving with her people but will need boundaries (like not being allowed on the furniture unless invited) and consistent training. She is protective of her people and still learning that you don’t need her to be your bodyguard. She is very smart and eager to please so she responds well to training. She does well with positive reinforcement and lives for the "good girl" compliments. She will continue to test her limits walk over, slowly pick up a sock and just stare to see what you will do. She needs to know that you’re the boss. Shes got the "sit" and "laydown" basic commands down pat, but if you ask her to stay she’ll slowly start to army crawl toward you like ‘what are you gonna do about it?’ It’s super cute but also shouldn't be reinforced. She’s a little spitfire and loves to play tug-o-war all day long with a couple of snuggly power naps in between. She’s housetrained and knows to use pee pads if her foster is out of the house working that 9-5 life and she can’t hold it. She’s actually good on leash with other dogs as long as they’re doing something other than meeting face to face. She’s cool if they’re mutually walking or sniffing. Her new people should continue to socialize her with new dogs to increase her positive interactions, decrease her nervousness, and build her confidence. When she’s off leash and in an enclosed area she becomes defensive when people or dogs come into her space. This will be a work in progress. She is very nervous around kids and can’t go to a home with kids under the age of 13. She also can’t live with cats because she does have a prey drive ... JAYDAH is a quirky goofball that will win your heart with her weird antics. Like the fact that she lets out one bark right before she’s about to eat just to announce that she’s having her dinner. If you would love to adopt this lanky goof fill out an application for JAYDAH today



F | 3 Y | Hound mix | 58 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Friendly and loving | Needs mental stimulation | Chewer | Very social | Calm and gentle | Good with dogs, kids and (eventually) cats

Meet TIARE! She’s on the bigger side (real dogs have curves yo) but is a completely gentle giant. She’s super chill and generally has a very laidback attitude about life. She’s also a total sweetheart and is very happy to socialize with her dog and human pals as much as possible. She doesn’t get nervous in new situations and happily introduces herself to new friends very politely. She seems to think every human wants to give her a treat which is fine with her because she’s obsessed with food. She’s slowly learning that not everyone carries dog treats around in their pocket just for her but she strongly disagrees with that philosophy. Treats are life and more is always better. She loves being around people but is also respectful of your personal space so doesn’t hang all over all the time – just sometimes. Although she’s super chill she is a hound and likes to have a ‘job’ or mental stimulation. If she doesn’t and she’s left alone too long without being crated she will get bored and start to chew your favourite shoes. Ongoing training will help keep her mind occupied as well as exercise and social time. A tired pup is a happy pup! She’s smart and has already learned sit and how to fetch properly. TIARE is good with kids and would adjust to be fine with cats, she's just excited at first and comes on to them too strong. Can you give her a treat now? K thanks bye. Apply to adopt her today



M | 10 M | Shepherd mix | Mexico | 35 lbs | Medium energy | Super sweet | Little spoon | People pleaser | Nervous of new things | Scared of big dogs | Not kid tested | No cats

Let’s meet COYOTE! This guy has the sweetest puppy dog eyes and is a total sweetheart. He is however a bit guarded and sometimes forgets that he’s still a puppy. When he does let his guard down and acts like a puppy it’s pretty much the sweetest thing you’ll ever see so stockpile those tissues now. He’s still a little nervous in new situations and would do best in a chill home. A quieter area of the city (or the burbs) would be ideal for him but we think he can push past anything with patience. He’s not the kind of dog who always needs to be outside and is happy chilling with you at your crib chewing his toys or cuddling. He’s a little spoon for sure and his spoon game is STRONG. He’s doing well with training so far – learning the basics including house and crate training. He’s starting to open up more and become more playful and with love and support he’ll just continue to come out of his shell. COYOTE is ok with small dogs but is currently scared of big dogs. His new family will need to continue to work on socialization with him and show him that the big dawgs can be cool too. He hasn’t been tested with kids but would probs be ok and he told us that he doesn’t want to live with any cats. He also can't eat chicken. If you’d like to meet COYOTE fill out an application to adopt



M l 6M l 45lbs (and growing) l Canaan Mix l Low-Medium Energy l Clumsy, Silly & Happy l Separation Anxiety l Best as Second Dog l Cuddler l Needs Training l Cat Social l Good w Older kids (9+) l PUPPY

SHIHAB made his way from Saudi Arabia and is searching for your heart! This dude is the BEST if clumsy, silly, and happy goofballs are your thang. He's also chill 95% of the time. SHIHAB is a surprisingly low-energy and is totally chill with you just cuddling him to death. A few short walks and pee breaks per day are A-OKAY but we're sure he wouldn't be opposed to adding some adventure. SHIHAB is a puppy and will need guidance to understand how you want him to dog. We are thinking he will be a big boy so making sure he gets proper guidance before he gets too big to handle is KEY! He is great with other dogs and we think being the second dog for him would be the best scenario cause he has separation anxiety and does not like being left alone. He is not loving the crate when at home alone but seems to be good cuddling with a dog buddy. He is very sweet and an incredibly friendly dude. He loves making new human and furry friends and is just happy just being a part of the party. He'd be great in a full home with lots of people to love him during different parts of the day. He has been around older kids (9+) and been okay. He can likely be good with proper monitoring and guidance. Older kids might be better cause he is learning how big he is. He is cat social and as stated LOVES doggies! He needs help with the basics (including leash and crate training) so obedience classes would be ideal for this pup!! But he does generally have great manors and is willing to please!! Come over and play with SHIHAB after filling out an adoption application



F | 5 Y | Terrier Mix | 40 lbs | Egypt | Needs experienced owner | Strong willed | Barker | VERY affectionate | Not dog social | Good with dog-friendly cats | Ok with kids

Meet BELLA! BELLA was initially rescued from Egypt with the intent of being a second dog but upon arrival the family discovered that BELLA was bullying the other dog in the home and was also very leash aggressive. SOS has sponsored BELLA’s time in training and she’s now in foster care where she’s showing off all the new skills she learned. BELLA is a typical terrier and is strong willed and stubborn. We’re not kidding when we say she’s a princess! She knows all her basic commands but likes to pretend like she doesn’t hear you and she’s less than thrilled when you try to make her get out of her comfy bed in the morning. She’ll need someone who is firm and asserts control in these situations. BELLA is house broken and crate trained.  BELLA’s energy level is moderate – she enjoys a good walk and being outdoors but in the home she’s super chill and is happy to curl up on the couch. BELLA loves the afternoon sunshine and is happy lounging with you on the back deck or at the base of a tree. She’s very vocal and if she hears anything she’ll let you know so she’s not suited to apartment living. BELLAabsolutely LOVES her people and is super affectionate. She loves to give kisses and her tail wags so hard her twerk skills put Miley to shame. BELLA has made substantial progress with other dogs but still has some work to do. It’s possible that she could live with another dog but this should be tested first and she should always have a proper introduction when meeting new canine pals. The best thing to do is take both dogs for a walk together immediately and slowly close the gap between BELLA and the other dog as they start to get more comfortable with each other. Meeting other dogs on leash is still stressful for her and will require patience and ongoing training. BELLA is ok with cats as long as they’re chill and they like her as well. She would be fine with children with dog experience as she’s super friendly with all humans. If you can give BELLA the home she’s been waiting for fill out an application



F | 3 Y | Dachshund mix | 22 lbs | Dominican | Low to medium energy | Very chill and quiet | Apartment dog | Smart girl | Independent | Shy with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Meet NENA! She’s super into this new life she’s got going on and is just taking some time to let it all sink in. Like, OMG am I really here? Ever since she was a puppy she’s dreamed of coming to Canada. Unconfirmed, but we’re pretty sure. She’s a pretty low energy pup overall and would do well in a quieter home. Condos/apartments would be just fine for her! She does enjoy going for a moderately paced walk and might pull a bit out of excitement. She’s super curious about the world around her and finds a million good sniffs on her walks and likes to investigate them forever. What exactly do you think this smell is? Do I smell some French fries or possibly some lingering notes of pepperoni? She’s very quiet in the home and although she prefers to stick close to you she’s pretty independent and just does her own thang. You go girl. That’s not to say she’s about to turn down a belly rub though because if you’re offering she is DOWN. She’s a smart girl and is willing to do pretty much anything for a treat, except fetch because really, what is the point? She tries to keep herself as clean as possible on walks, jumping over all the puddles. She still sits and waits when you get home though so that you can clean her paws off. She can be shy with some dogs and is cool with others so her new fam should continue to work on socialization and proper introductions. She hasn’t been tested with cats but does live with a hedgehog and doesn’t seem too bothered but it’s been a long distance relationship so far. She hasn’t been tested with kids but we think older kids would be fine. If you’d like to meet NENA fill out an application to adopt



M | 2 Y | Lab mix | 30 lbs | Dominican | Tri-pawd | Medium energy | Very people friendly | A little mischievous | Needs training | Playful | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Are you looking for a happy go lucky pup with a little bit of a mischievous streak? Look no further than CHICO! This three-legged cutie is ready for his second chance and has lots of kisses to give his new humans! CHICO has a kind and sweet disposition but is kind of like the troublemaker on the playground at times. He’s still learning what he shouldn’t do but sometimes we think he’s just like “TREAT YO’SELF CHICO” and then goes searching in the garbage because YOLO. He literally tries to eat everything including garbage, the carpet and anything that moves or doesn’t move on walks. He’ll definitely need a bit of guidance and training to brush up on his manners. In foster care he’s been working on basic commands and training in foster care and is getting better. He will still need help with crate training as he’s not a huge fan of being alone, house training as he may have the occasional accident if you wait too long, and leash skills as he can get a little over excited when he see other dogs. Really his favourite thing to do is meet new people and immediately become best friends with them. He acts like a puppy when he gets little bursts of energy and wants to play. He would do well in an apartment or a house and is medium energy. He’s good with other dogs although will need some help greeting them properly sometimes, and hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. CHICO will need an additional surgery to fix his amputation and will also need some teeth pulled. We’re happy to discuss this further with his potential adopters. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt CHICO today! 



F | Puppy | Shepherd mix | High energy | Playful, smart, curious | Mighty mouse | Sassy pants | Needs training and experienced owner | Loves people | Good with dogs and experienced kids | Not cat tested

Small but mighty… meet TAFFY! This little lady is one of Olivia’s pups and is now officially available for adoption. We’re looking for a very specific home for her – an active home who can give her lots of playtime each day, a home that will 100% attend basic obedience training with her and a home that is interested in doing additional training afterward like agility. We are looking for experienced homes ONLY for TAFFY. She’s extremely athletic and agile. Even from a young age when her brothers and sisters were still getting their fluffy puppy butts stuck on obstacles like bosu balls TAFFY was bouncing over all of them with ease like see ya later suckers! She’s very young and can’t go long without a pee break just yet so a home with a flexible schedule and the time to devote to training and socialization is a must. She would also love a backyard to explore. TAFFY is super sweet, loves her people and will snuggle up nice and close to you. Although she’s a very active little girl but crashes HARD and literally won’t move a muscle until she’s ready to wake up for her next play session.  She’s used to being the smallest one in the pack and getting picked on by her brothers and sisters. RUDE. Because of this she’s developed a little bit of an attitude and will definitely try to hold her own in any situation. She needs people who are comfortable dealing with super smart and super sassy dogs. She will require boundaries and structure and not people who will baby her 24/7. She is dog social but should continue to work on socialization. She would be fine in a home with dog experienced kids and hasn’t been tested with cats. Ready to meet this little firecracker? Fill out an application to adopt



F | 3 Y | Collie Mix | 32 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Sweet and goofy | Needs training | Champion squirrel hunter | Ok with dogs | Not kid tested | No cats – prey drive

Meet our sweet girl LULU! This collie mix is beyond adorbs and generally super calm and docile but has been known to put on her sassy pants every now and again. She was a little shy when she first arrived but quickly gained confidence and now LOVES walks and exploring the hood. She’s the new self-appointed squirrel hunter of Toronto and those little critters better watch out because she takes her job very seriously. She refuses to keep walking if she sees a squirrel, stops listening to you because BYE, chases them and even tries to climb trees after them. Like we said she takes her new job very seriously. Because of her high prey drive we’re doubtful she’d do well in a home with cats. Her leash skills will need some work but she is fully housetrained and LOVES the comfort of her crate. She’s been practicing basic commands but isn’t very good at them yet so would benefit from additional training. She loves the company of her people but is more just happy to be near you and doesn’t need constant cuddles. She loves you though and will try to sneak out the door with you when you leave. Although she whines a bit at first she’s quiet and well behaved when you’re gone, the foster typically leaves her crate open as she is not destructive. She’s pretty energetic so will need some time to run around/play each day. She’s ok with other dogs outdoors although has had issues with them in her own home. She gets a little bossy and possessive of her space. This behaviour should not be encouraged. She hasn’t been tested with kids but might be good with older ones. If you’d like to meet LULU fill out an application to adopt



M | 1 Y | Shepherd mix | 62 lbs | High energy | Very people friendly | Only child | Smart but stubborn | Very strong – pulls on leash | Not great with other dogs | Ok with kids | Not cats (prey drive)

Meet YIPPY! This high energy dude is looking for some nice humans who are committed to snuggles, training and long games of fetch. He’s very affectionate and has a great personality to go with those ridiculous good looks… he will require some help to overcome some bad habits. He’s still very much a puppy and thinks that your hands are chew toys. Mmmmm fingers. He’s been working on it but he’s just a big goofy dog and sometimes forgets. He’s very smart and has picked up on most basic commands but he’s also very stubborn and impatient so may not always follow through on them. Although he loves his people he doesn’t really care what you think and isn’t really looking to please you. He’s in a very one sided relationship where you snuggle him all the time and then he ignores everything you say. SO FUN. He needs firm boundaries in order to thrive. He would definitely benefit from some structured training to help exhaust him mentally and physically. He’s a big boy and does tend to pull on leash, he’s been using a halti in foster and does pretty well until a squirrel comes around. He’s the most affectionate dog and wants to be around you always. Say goodbye to personal space because he likes to be beside you at all times, even in the bathroom. Can you just snuggle him forever? YIPPY needs to be the only pet in the home at this time. He’s not great with other dogs, especially higher energy males and will growl/lunge at them. He’s ok with calm dogs but really isn’t all that interested in making any friends. He hasn’t been tested with cats but has a high prey drive. We think he’d be ok with older kids who understand his size and what to do when he nips. If you’d like to meet YIPPY fill out an application to adopt



F | 4 Y | Terrier mix | 27 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Shy at first | Good apartment dog | Best with a calm & confident owner | Well mannered | Good with dogs | Older kids yes | Not cat tested

TIKA paarrttyyy. This scruffy lady is looking for a calm and confident owner who can help her build her own confidence. She’s shy at first and very nervous of her surroundings however she really feeds off the energy of her people and puts a lot of trust in you. Although she may be nervous on walks if you remain calm and assertive she will follow you anywhere – even the busiest parts of the city. On the other hand if city noise and high traffic areas make YOU nervous this probs isn’t the dog for you. She’s chill AF in the home and you can pretty much always find her snoozin’ on her dog bed. She’s always up for a walk though and is happy to do what you ask of her. TIKA will come to you when you call her however she much prefers when you kneel down to her level. Once she trusts you she’ll come to you when you call and immediately hit the deck for some belly rubs. She’s quiet in the home and would be a great apartment dog. She’s housetrained and comfortable in her crate. She’s good on leash and rarely tugs, although is still a little apprehensive of the world around her. She will need a patient and loving home who can help her break out of her shell. She’s a very sweet girl but her personality is still just starting to come out so there might be some fun surprised. She’s good with other dogs but hasn’t been tested with cats. We think she’d be ok with older kids who are a bit more chill. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt



F | 10 M | Hound mix | Dominican | 28 lbs | Low to medium energy | Shy at first | Very friendly | Nervous around men | Gentle disposition | Good with dogs | Good with kids | Not cat tested

NUBY is a total sweetheart just looking for a fam she can call her own. Although she’s shy at first she typically warms up quickly and then she’s the perfect companion. She’s much more nervous with men though so would appreciate at least one gal pal in the home. Her new people should be committed to helping her build her confidence. She would be well suited to apartment living as she’s pretty chill but does appreciate walks and playtime as well. She wouldn’t say no to a home with a backyard either. Whatever ya got, she thinks it’s pretty sweet. She is the BEST welcome party when you get home because she just smothers you with love. You’ll constantly want to pop out of your place for 5 seconds just so you can come back in all over again. She’s very smart and nailed house training in just a couple of days. If you’re going to be away from the home for an extended period of time she may benefit from a pee pad but she hits it every time. She’s pretty good on leash and even knows to sit before you cross the road. She would love to build out her resume with new skills and can’t wait for you to teach her some additional commands. She’s pretty low maintenance and loves curling up for a good nap. NUBY is good with other dogs and would do well as a second pet, although currently lives with just humans. She would be good with kids, especially if they’re a bit older and respect her boundaries at first. She hasn’t been tested with cats. She’s very adaptable and would fit in to pretty much any home. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt



F | 1 Y | Lab mix | Dominican | 38 lbs | Low to medium energy | Healing from hip surgery | Chews when she’s bored | Needs socialization with other dogs | V human friendly | Not cat or kid tested

Meet INA! This beauty came to us in kind of rough shape but we fixed her up and now she’s ready for a forever. She is currently recovering from a broken hip which we repaired in mid-April so she hasn’t quite been able to explore her new digs the way we think she wants to. Her exercise has been limited since her surgery but we expect her to be closer to medium energy once she’s all healed and ready to take on the world. She goes a little stir crazy sometimes because being cooped up in a house is BOORRRINNNG and starts to chew anything she can find. She responds well wo a quick no and quickly counters with her best puppy dog eyed apology. Those golden eyes get ya every time. She does like to watch all the airplanes and birds go by her apartment window and really appreciates a comfy carpet to nap on or a good couch cuddle with her humans. She is VERY human friendly and wants all the belly rubs she can guilt you into giving her. She’s cool living in an apartment and is house trained and crate trained. She’s very smart and already knows some basic commands including sit and high five. Because of her injury she hasn’t been as socialized with other dogs as she should be. This is something her new people will need to continue to work on. She seems to be more comfortable with little dogs and gets along very well with her foster sister – they cuddle and play all day. In the outside world she can be bossy with bigger dogs and may growl at them at first. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. We can’t wait to see how INA opens up once she’s fully healed and able to live her best pup life. Can you help her realize that dream? Fill out an application to adopt



M | Puppy | Hound mix | Dominican | Medium energy l Shy/Cautious at first | Happy go lucky | Loves his pack | Almost housetrained | Good with Dogs & Cats l Nervous around  young Kids

WILSOONNNN! Meet your new best friend. This pup comes from Dominican but has adapted to his new life easily, fitting in with his foster fam like immediately. His motto in life is, "the bigger the family, the more cuddle time". Although he's a puppy WILSON is actually super laid back and just happy to go with the flow. Crate time? No problem, he thinks his crate is pretty cool anyway. Meet new people and become pals with them after making sure they are cool first? Check. Become your dogs BFFL (after an initial intro)? YUP. Be cool with cats? No worries, he loves those furry little felines. WILSON just loves being a part of the pack, no matter what that entails. He's pretty well mannered for a pup but would do well with a basic obedience class just to help him master all his skills. He's nearly housetrained and can hold it through the night but may have the occasional accident during the day if he's not taken out frequently. WILSON really bonded with another SOS pup while in foster care and they became fast friends. He was always looking up to him and trying to copy everything he did. He would do VERY well as a second dog in the home so that he has a leader and role model. He opens up more with a more confident furry friend around! He is nervous around kids but we think he is adaptable. He's shy in new settings so needs the kids to be dog friendly as well. Older kids may be better. He LOVES to play fetch, but don't tell him that he's not very good at it. His other favourite activity is running around the yard looking for treats so bonus if you have a backyard. If you'd like to meet WILSON fill out an application to adopt



F |2 Y | Fox Terrier | 23 lbs | Dominican | Medium energy | Energetic and Playful | Loves being outside | Smart but needs training | Great second dog | Good with kids | Not cat tested

Meet RUBIASITA! She’s definitely a terrier – she’s smart and energetic and kinda sees herself as your bodyguard cause she barks when she hears outside noises or a knock at the door. But don’t worry she’s super friendly and everyone is allowed at the party. She’s medium energy and really enjoys her playtime outside, especially socializing at the park with her dog pals. She’ll need some help with her leash skills because she’s generally just so excited to be outside exploring that she wants to run, not walk, and like why can’t you keep up? There are places to go and people to see, everyday she’s hustlin’. She gets a little hyper on leash and needs to be reminded that you guys should walk together. She’s very smart and listens pretty well to her people. She would love to continue to learn new skills to help keep her mentally engaged otherwise she might get bored. She’s crate trained and house trained. Although she’s a bit of an independent woman she definitely appreciates the company of her people and hasn’t met any humans she hasn’t liked. She would even be ok with kids. She would be a great second dog as she loves having a canine companion but she hasn’t really chilled with any cats yet. RUBIASITA can be a little nervous if you’re holding something in your hand which may be a result of her past. This will just take time as she gets more comfortable with you. Other than that she has a super chill disposition and is just happy to be part of the crew. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt

Curly Q


F | Puppy | Golden Retriever mix | 25 lbs currently | Dominican | Medium energy | Playful | Will need training | Learning the basics | Very friendly | Good with other pets | Not kid tested

Oh, hey CURLY Q! This sweet pup has travelled from Dominican to meet you and give you all the warm puppy cuddles you can handle. Overall she has a calm disposition but still loves a good puppy play session. She’s medium energy and will need a couple of hours of exercise per day with some play time, and a good run just to get her nice and tuckered out wouldn’t hurt either. Like a typical puppy she thinks that everything is edible and should be watched on walks to make sure she doesn’t eat anything she shouldn’t. CURLY Q will need some help to perfect her manners and would love to attend puppy school to learn some new skills. She’s doing pretty well with housetraining, crate training and basic commands so far but may still need some help with her leash skills. Her ideal home will have people around most of the time so she can soak up all the attention she can and a flexible schedule so that she can have a pee break during the day. CURLY Q has a great energy about her and is also great at reading the energy in the room. If you’re lively she’s down for some social time and if you’re more relaxed she’s good to just straight chill. She would be fine in a home with other pets but she hasn’t been tested with kids. We think she would be ok with some little munchkins she can grow with, as long as there’s a proper introduction. She has the cutest little puppy face and your heart will definitely melt when you meet her. Don’t waste any time, fill out an application today



F | Puppy | Hound mix | Dominican | High energy | Dominican jumping bean | Playful | Fast learner but needs training | Very human and dog friendly | Not cat tested | Good with kids 10+

We call this little firecracker DALAI! She is a ball of energy and will definitely require active adopters who can keep up with her. Once she’s done bouncing around like a little jumping bean she loves snuggling up with her people. She’s so cute when she’s cuddled up in your lap that you almost forget she’s a maniac the rest of the time. The she’ll paw your face because you’re not paying enough attention to her and you’re like oh ya… DALAI likes to prance around on two legs and loves dancing. She’s a little creep and likes to surprise you by hopping in to the bath or shower. She likes to sleep right on top of your head and pees one thousand times a day. Doesn’t she sound amazing? She’s a very quick learner and would do well with puppy school. She knows a couple basic commands and while she doesn’t love being in her crate she generally settles down after a couple of minutes. If she’s crate she can’t be left with anything in the crate as she will chew it/rip it apart. Even if something is sitting on top of her crate she will find a way to grab a corner, drag it inside and DESTROY IT. She would benefit from a controlled and maintained home environment with people who have the time to help her grow. She absolutely loves other dogs and would be great as the second scruff in a home. She cuddles up with her foster brother all the time and only annoys him occasionally. She hasn’t been tested with cats and would be fine with kids 10 and up. She has an unmatched zest for life and will make her new fam very happy. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt



F | 11 M | Jack Russell Terrier mix | Mexico | 23 lbs | Medium energy | Active and playful | Smart but needs training | Selective with other dogs | Great with humans | Not cat tested

With legs like that she could be a supermodel… meet CHISPA! There’s definitely some JRT in this girl because she’s active, playful and just a little bit rambunctious at times. She will require a few hours of exercise/playtime each day. She loves running around and is super fast (hence why her name is the Spanish word for 'spark'). Luckily, she does have an off switch and knows when it’s time to chill. She stretches out when she’s tired (dog yoga anyone?) and then folds her weird little body up like a pretzel and passes out cuddled up next to you. It’s adorable. CHISPA is very smart and eager to learn but she will require consistent training. She’s just mastered housetraining so she may need a bit of forgiveness if she slips up once or twice in her new home. She’s crated trained and really enjoys sleeping in there at night. She knows essential commands and is learning new ones each day, so she’s basically a genius. Did we mention she loves getting rewarded with yummy treats for a job well done? She does need help with her leash skills as she can become very overstimulated on walks. There are soooo many things to sniff and check out! Sometimes she growls at other dogs while on her leash but is improving. Taking her away for a moment and reintroducing her often leads to positive results. She has been introduced to a couple of friendly, non-reactive dogs and has done well so her new family should continue to work on her socialization. Training classes would be helpful! She is great with humans of all ages but she hasn’t been tested with cats (she loves to chase birds and squirrels, but is also getting used to being around them). CHISPA does have a permanently luxated patella which causes her to limp sometimes. She would benefit from surgery in the future and we would encourage any potential adopters to read up of this. CHISPA is a bright and charismatic pup who is very loyal and affectionate. If you love her as much as we do fill out an application to adopt