F | 3 Y | Jack Russell Terrier Mix | 14 lbs | Medium energy | Super snuggly | Separation anxiety | Loves attention | Working on the basics | Dog social | Likely ok with cats | Not kid tested

Meet OPHELIA… and no she will not grow into those ears. Isn’t she cute though? She totally looks like she’s related to Dobby from Harry Potter. OPHELIA is a straight up cuddle monster and she LOVES attention. She bonds easily with her people and it’s not long before she’s snuggled up next to you or casually licking your toes… which she thinks is a very appropriate form of affection. She’s chill in the home and is comfortable in a smaller living space. If she’s not snoozing the day away she’s likely just chewing her bone somewhere near you, which she’ll then hide cause it’s her most prized possession and she needs to guard it with her life. She doesn’t really understand the concept of toys yet but is starting to learn how to play fetch with her kibbles. She’s medium energy overall but with the JRT in her she does enjoy running around. A home with a backyard would be great but isn’t absolutely necessary as long as she has an opportunity to visit a secure area to run around regularly. OPHELIA does have separation anxiety and doesn’t like being left alone. She is crate trained and is working on being more comfortable in there when her people are gone but is currently vocal. She’s fine in the crate when people are around. She doesn’t really have a lot of street sense and has a strong desire to chase after smaller creatures and cars so off leash is not recommended until she improves her focus and recall. She does have a prey drive but met a cat briefly and was interested but not overly excited or vocal. With a proper introduction and some time we think she would be cool with a feline pal. She can be a little bit skittish around other dogs at first but is genuinely interested in interacting with them. She especially loves dogs her size who love running around with her. She’ll need some humans who can help build her confidence further and continue to expose her to new situations. If you’d like to meet OPHELIA fill out an application to adopt now.



45lbs l M l Egyptian Baladi l Medium Energy l Particular w Dogs l No Cats & No Kids l Foster Home Needed 

King is a pretty low maintenance dude, he doesn't have all that much energy and he likes things pretty calm. King has historically done poorly in busy households but excels in a quiet home. King is looking for someone with experience and confidence. He needs someone to clearly communicate with him, right from wrong, and take control in new situations. King will test his boundaries with new people and will capitalize if he sees signs of weakness. If you can be a good, consistent leader for him though, he will really shine. He's excitable around his people, he's affectionate and loves to snuggle or just be around you. He smiles when he sees you (no, really, he smiles) and gives a little body wiggle. King does best in a house with no other pets, although he can have other dog friends, proper, slow intros are an absolute must. King is looking for a foster or forever home. Apply to foster by filling out our foster application and including his name or apply to adopt below.



M | 12Y l 45lbs l Dalmatian Mix l Low to no Energy/Stamina l Gentle Soul l V well Socialized w Dogs l Being fostered in Oshawa l Looking for Foster-to-Adopt l Partially Blind & Deaf

This old dude is just figuring out plenty of fish and here is what he had to say about himself to find his special place. "I may be 12 years old but don't write me off just yet. I do enjoy doing absolutely nothing most of the time but also get playful bursts where I'd love a good ol' goofy pal to jump around with. I may also like being the boss most of the time but that's only cause I'm scared you'll break my hip if we party your way too much. My friends say I'm a "loveable, gentle soul" but I see myself more as someone who knows what's important in life and that's being nice to the people who feed me and give me the best dog bed ever. I also had some scary moments with vetting which has been all cleared but made me appreciate those around me. Moving along.. 80% of my day involves naps if you want to come chill. I also enjoy the mannequin challenge as most of the time I forget what I'm doing and need some time to regain momentum... to probably find and lay in my dog bed.. I see myself settling down into a bungalow in my near future and really just being a backyard/dog bed kind of guy. I'm just looking for someone to share my space with, maybe pull up a rocker next to me and just enjoy the sunset. I'm not much of a "kid guy" if that's your sort of jam, I prefer the quiet and calm life. Although I'm very sweet and don't mind if they come to visit every so often. Eat, go outside, get a couple pets, and sleep is all I need. I kind of lose my mind and bounce around excitedly until you put my bowl on the floor. I do although like my food to be mine so don't think you can sneak your fork into my bowl anytime soon. Food time is actually my fav.. So yeah, after all that, if you'd like to take me home please apply to adopt by filling in an adoption application at saveourscruff.org" Please note that if you read this and are looking for a jogging partner and still want to apply... YOU MUST BE WACKO. Arthur is looking for a place to rest his head for the last bit of his life left. It should also be taken into consideration that ARTHUR is getting older and will need more ongoing support as he starts to lose more of his independence. If you think this guy is the perf dude for you then please apply and note we are looking to move him to your home for a trial adoption relatively soon! 



M | 1 Y | Chihuahua mix | Los Angeles | Low energy but likes frequent trips outside | Shy | Couch potato | Super sensitive | Nervous with dogs | Fine with cats | Older kids only (12 +)

Full of soul and love meet LUTHER! This little guy is super sensitive and in touch with his emotions – he’s ready to sing you love songs all day long. LUTHER, or LU for short, is low energy and you basically have to remind him to eat, drink water or go outside. If you put him on your couch he just settles right in the for long haul and loves snuggling up next to you. He is a complete couch potato but should be encouraged to get up and move it every now and again. Keep fit and have fun LU! Although he doesn’t need tons of exercise he is used to going out approximately 4 times throughout the day and this seems to be working well for him so a home with a flexible schedule would be best. LU really appreciates human interaction and doesn’t like being left alone for too long. He doesn’t like being in a crate and just sits in there looking sad even when you tell him it’s ok to come out. We told you he was sensitive. Although he’s nervous at first, LU is very trusting of people and builds relationships easily. Proper introductions for him are key. He should be encouraged to step outside of his comfort zone. The more he is sheltered by his people the more shy/nervous he’ll become. When meeting new people they should be reminded to let LU make the first move. He prefers when you get down on his level and he shouldn’t be forced into anything. He should be able to decide if he would like to interact with you. The same goes for dogs. He’s very nervous around dogs and will try to use his people as a human shield. He doesn’t bark or growl at other dogs, instead putting distance between himself and them. He lives with a cat and stays out of her business. We think young children would be a bit much for him so a home with kids 12+ who understand his size/nerves is recommended. If you’d like to meet LU fill out an application to adopt now. 



M | 1 Y | Terrier mix | 20 lbs | Los Angeles | High energy | Needs lots of stimulation | Mouthy | Smart + picks up routine well | Very affectionate | Dog social | Loyal | Good with kids | Likely no cats

Mr Personality!  Loyal, Loving, Optimistic, Sunny, and eager to love and be loved.  

He may look like a wise old man but he’s very young at heart... meet OBI! 

Like a typical terrier, OBI is high energy, very smart and is up to any challenges you have.  He requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation so if you're a person on the go and want a partner in crime, Obi maybe the one for you. If you’ve ever wanted to try agility or other forms of advanced training with your pup then he may be the dude for you. 

He’s very human social and appreciates being around the action of a full house. A home where people are around more often than not would be ideal for him otherwise his people need to be committed to sending him on adventure hikes. We definitely think he would be bored at home alone ALL day plus he'd miss you. He LOVES being the centre of attention so while he’s very dog social and could totally be the second dog it would need to be with a pup who doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight… and by sharing we mean giving all the spotlight to OBI and to be fair, he'll give you all his attention too.  When he gets too excited OBI can get a little mouthy and we're working on this, but it will need to be addressed going forward. Proper exercise will help prevent him from becoming too excitable. He’s very smart, loyal, and wants to please so he'll adjust to the household routine very well and quite quickly.  He happily sleeps on a dog bed in your room, has experience being crated, but will be a very curious when you leave because "Where are you even going without him?"… however, he settles down fairly quickly. He’s very fond of food and eats like a champ. We feel you, bud. He has a VERY strong prey drive and very little street sense which is a terrible combination. We are not advising ANY off leash in open parks for him until he’s had further training, but it shouldn't take long for you to train him - because he's very loyal a quick study, and ultimately wants to be with YOU! If you'd like to adopt him.. apply below!



F | 1 Y | 8 lbs | Chihuahua mix | Low energy | Loves her people | Not fond of strangers | Doesn’t like loud noises | Needs more socialization | Ok with other dogs | Not cat tested | No kids – she does nip

Meet CHLOE! She’s super cute and looks like a little toy… Buuuttt she’s also got some super sass packed into that little bod. Although she’s very sweet with her fosters (especially the man of the house, they make the cutest pair ever) she’s iffy with strangers. Many people think when a dog is small and cute that they can just immediately pick them up and snuggle them, Not true with CHLOE. If she doesn’t know you and you try to pick her up she’ll likely be like BACK UP and just mind your business. She will nip if she’s uncomfortable and out of possessiveness. She is more comfortable with some people than others. To be safe she should ALWAYS be allowed to make the first move and shouldn’t be forced into any interactions if she’s feeling uncomfortable. She is especially nervous with quick movements and if people try to pet her head so she should not go to a home with children. CHLOE lives with like a million other dogs and while she gets nervous when the bigger ones roughhouse she doesn’t bark or growl, she just makes sure she’s away from the action. She hides when she’s startled. She does enjoy running around with the other Chi in the home who is the same size as her and then will go curl up with a medium sized dog because it’s like a giant pillow for her. We think she would do best in a quiet and chill home without too much action. She needs to work on her social skills a bit which requires boundaries and consistency. She’s low energy but doesn’t mind going on long walks as long as it’s not too cold. Due to her timid nature she should not be off leash. She doesn’t mind her crate and actually feels safest there when her people are out of the home. In the home she mostly just loves sleeping and being around her people. She hasn’t been tested with cats. If you’d like to meet CHLOE fill out an application to adopt now.



F | 2 Y | Fox Terrier | 23 lbs | Dominican | Medium energy | Foxy Lady l Loves being outside | Smart but needs training | Barker in Home l Protective w New Visitors | Dog Social but Particular l Not Cat Tested/Prey Drive l Not Kid Social l Quieter Home l No Condo/Apartment 

Meet RUBIASITA! This girl is defs a terrier -- she's smart and playful (with people she trusts) and sees herself as your bodyguard as she makes herself known with her barking! RUBY is working through her feelings of insecurities that lead to her acting as the "Protector". This is mostly seen in the home when she barks (sometimes growls) at new guests. She is very nervous of new people who she didn't invite to the party, and takes a while to warm up -- sometimes a few visits or so. RUBY is better making formal meetings on leash to help guide her. Once settled, she does to play with new mates if they are coached on how to help warm her up! RUBY is completely different outside and enjoys most people, dogs, rolling trash bags alike. Okay, almost. She is pretty happy-go-lucky on the streets and although barks at things considered "surprising" like the occasional garbage truck or jogger, RUBY feels so much less stress outside! Okay, other than being the small critter patrol and ensuring all squirrels, racoons, chipmunks know their place. Helping work on her confidence and trust will help lessen her protective behaviours. She likes to explore the streets and strut her stuff! She is very smart and does take instructions well but consistency is VERY important to help improve unwanted behaviours. RUBY has been good at the dog park with her fosters and times when she has had issues with dogs have been in her home. She has although grown SO much from this and is now at a mutual agreeance to share space #peaceandlove RUBY is although more nervous of large breed dogs, and if she was going to pair up with another dog in the home (or as a best friend) it would likely be a dog her size with similar medium energy, maybe more submissive. She is crate trained and stays in there when you are out as well as at night. She has also travelled TTC and a ferry and been great! She is also very affectionate to those who she trusts so once you win her over she will be totally eyes full of hearts emoji with you till the end of time! If you’d like to meet her fill out an application today!


Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 3.34.41 PM.png


F | 1 Y | Lab mix | 46 lbs | Mexico | Calm/Engaged | Medium energy | Nervous in new situations | Needs proper intros with dogs + humans | Goofy | Loves her people | Cat social | No kids 

This beautiful girl is TECA! She can be a bit shy and timid so we’re looking for people who are willing to take things slow with her and really build a solid foundation of trust. Relationship goalsss. TECA needs a proper introduction with new people. She doesn’t like when people try to pet her without her permission but can you blame her? It’s best to let her approach new people. They can hold their hand out for her to check out which sometimes moves toward ok you can pet me but sometimes she thinks hmm better not. It’s best not to force her. TECA is OK living in a smaller space but can definitely be a bit rambunctious. She loves going for a couple medium walks per day and playing tug-o-war with her humans. She’ll let you know when it’s time for a walk because she gets a little bit goofy in the home but is otherwise really chill. She’s housetrained, crate trained and knows a couple basic commands as long as you have treats because she LOVES food. Treats will be a great training tool as her people continue to build her confidence and expose her to new things. For example, she hates walking on some of the floors in her foster home but can be coaxed to crawl across them with treats. It may take some time and patience but it’s important that you celebrate these little successes together! Although she lived with other dogs in Mexico she has been a bit hit or miss with dogs in Canada so far and definitely needs a proper introduction. She prefers to make the first move and may growl if another dog approaches her too quickly. She has shown some interest in playing with certain dogs so with ongoing positive but controlled exposure we think she’ll continue to warm up. She lives with a cat and has no issues at all. We don’t think TECA would enjoy living with kids at this time. If you’d like to adopt her fill out an application now!

Josee (Foster Home Needed)



F | 2 Y | Malinois Mix | 68 lbs | High Energy/Stimulation | Very smart | Confident | Playful | Bossy w Dogs & People l Needs an assertive owner | Needs Relationship Building | Needs Structured Exercise l Good with Non-Reactive Dogs | Not Cat Social | No Kids

This playa is looking for a foster and/or adoptive home! Meet JOSÉE, this girl is tough as nails and has got the confidence to back it. JOSEE first and foremost needs the following things from a home: 1) Handlers willing to work on relationship building/earning her trust (E.g. working for food, play, praise) and 2) Structured Exercise (E.g. Scent work, tug, proper fetch). These two things are a priority to keep JOSEE in line with her training. JOSEE has had lots of reasons to not trust humans so working with her to BOND with you is absolutely a must. Hand feeding her, rewarding her for eye contact during commands and making her work for treats/play are examples of how to get JOSEE to respect you. Versus, an environment with no boundaries like just giving her whatever she wants (laying on the couch, always having water/food available) are ways to allow JOSEE to control your relationship. She needs a relationship that makes her understand that she needs and wants a human. Without this, she is bossy and will correct both humans and dogs. In the wrong relationship, she sometimes nips to say "umm I didn't like your call on that" so boundaries are a must. JOSEE can learn anything with a good food encouragement which is amazing for following said instructions for JOSEE's life of team building. Once a respectful relationship is formed, JOSEE is very playful and ready to show her more affectionate side. JOSEE benefits from playtime, especially obedience work like sniffing out treats and fetch. She is good with non-reactive dogs and is very playful but not good with confident/cocky dogs that will try to "put her in her place" bc um no, JOSEE puts you in YOUR place. JOSEE can spend downtime in her crate and is trained to stay in there when you're not home as well as overnight. Crating is key for her success. JOSEE is generally good on leash with a prong collar which helps gain control over her reactions if there are any and just to generally control her as she is very strong. She would benefit from a low-key lifestyle with a mix of mental/physical stimulation and chill time. Her trainer thinks one of her best traits is that JOSEE is very confident and can approach most situations without nervousness. She's kind of like "k, this is it? Why were you scared mom?" while on the biggest rollercoaster of life. She is a wonderful dog at heart and is looking for someone to trust in either a foster or adoptive situation. If you are interested in fostering her please email foster@saveourscruff.org or for adoption please apply at saveourscruff.org

JOSEE adoption fee will include 1 private training session with Complete K9 Care!

Orchid (Foster Home Needed)


**Foster Home Needed**

F l 5Y l Boxer/Mastiff Mix l 65lbs l Medium-High Energy l Playful l Excitable l Best w Proper Intro l Very Loving/Affectionate w her Humans l  Reactive on Leash l Better w Small and/or Timid Dogs l Not Cat Social l Being fostered in Bailieboro

ORCHID is ready to wake you up and help you feel what love truly is. This loyal pup is looking for a furever home but we are also open to having her in a foster-to-adopt type situation with the right person. This means after going through an initial screening with our team and after being deemed a good fit for ORCHID, we will have her enter your home first as a foster with the intent to later adopt. Please note that we take this very seriously as breaking trust with ORCHID is not good for her continued success. ORCHID would enter your home and have about 2 weeks to settle in with guidance and basic supplies from our team. We would help you build your relationship appropriately to see if it was a good fit for the both of you! 

Now, about ORCHID. ORCHID was previously abused by humans and dogs and because of this has been working with our trainers to build confidence while at the same getting rid of the reactiveness she used as a defense mechanism to avoid torture. ORCHID is totally about getting rid of that baggage and has is working hard through her fears and nervousness!! Seriously though, the only harm she'll cause you is from wagging her tail too hard against your leg. ORCHID is an amazing dog -- full of love, loyalty, spunk, happiness and so forth when she is in a trusting relationship. ORCHID needs an experienced owner who is confident dealing with a strong and explosive dog. She gets SUPER excited and that big booty shakes so hard her tails wags may hurt your legs but it’s adorable to see her so happy. ORCHID is eager to please and her training will be ongoing, especially when it comes to leash reactivity. She just gets too excited and doesn’t know how to approach situations properly so she needs your guidance. Obedience and other fun training will keep ORCHID content and motivated and should be a daily activity. She’ll need to work on not getting too excited when strangers are around. She is very picky with other dogs and is not a dog park kinda girl. She goes well with smaller, non-reactive dogs and is capable of making new friends if it’s the right fit. She is likely not good with cats -- but who blames her! Those things are weird. ORCHID works well with the 8-year-old dog-friendly kid that lives at her foster home! If you'd like to FTA her please email foster@saveourscruff.org OR apply to adopt 

ORCHID's adoption fee will include 1 private training session with Complete K9 Care!

Susie Q


F | 12 Y | Chihuahua | 5 lbs | LA | Low energy | Shy at first | A bit sassy | The most loveable | Almost house trained | Good with low-key, patient dogs | Good with cats | No kids

Time to meet a very special little lady – SUSIE Q! This sweet senior has travelled all the way from LA for her second chance and after a couple health scares she is finally in the clear and ready for adoption. GET IT GUURRRLLL. Although she can be a bit shy at first deep down she’s silly, social and a huge (but little) snuggle bug! SUSIE is very sweet and even wins over even the most hardcore big dog lovers. Her tail never stops wagging and once she’s feeling secure with her humans she’s ready for just about anything. SUSIE is a sweet senior and is super low energy and would do best in a very quiet and chill home. Her favourite activity is snuggling up and binging shows on Netflix but she will also need her humans to remind her to check her sass at the door. She would be fine with another chill animal in the home (dog or cat) but may snarl at them if they infringe on her cuddle time with her humans. She can ONLY be in a home with chill, laid back animals. When she gets a bit bossy her fosters have just been putting her on the ground and she remembers her place in the pack really quick. SUSIE has been working on recall and core exercises in her foster home. Because of her age it’s best to let her sit and lay down on her own accord instead of asking that she do so. Her adopters should continue giving her a high-quality mobility supplement and a stool softener three times a week to help her stay regular. Susie has a congenital orthopaedic issue with her back legs (she was born this way but she sure doesn't let this stop her but potential adopters should be aware! She does walk differently because of it! SUSIE is a very sweet girl and is just looking for a loving home where she can live out her golden years. If you can open your hearts to this teeny tiny senior please fill out an application to adopt now.



2Y l F l 60lbs l Lab Mix l Medium Energy l Dog Social l Cat Social (Playful) l Nervous at first (particular people)/Needs proper intro l Playful l Needy l Chewer l Fostered in Rockwood

Meet KELSEY! This girl absolutely loves life but definitely has some walls up when you first meet her. She can be guarded, especially around some people (men specifically) so proper introductions are key. When new people come over to the house they should ignore KELSEY and only allow a greeting to happen if she approaches the guest first. Having her on leash when new people come over would be a good idea too. Once she gets comfortable with her people she definitely prefers to snuggle up to you on the couch rather than the floor. She even likes to cuddle with you until you fall asleep and once she’s sure you’re all tucked in she moves down to the floor. The sweetest little protector! When KELSEY is stressed with new people or situations she tends to bark/become reactive which is why it’s helpful to have her on a leash. If she becomes reactive it’s important for her humans to remain calm and controlled and not rush her out of the situation. She can take a minute or two to calm down before being reintroduced to the situation – potentially further away until she begins to calm down again. She has explosive energy at times and is very playful. She will definitely need space to run around and has gotten used to the idea of living in a place outside the city, like Rockwood! She loves to run around and is happy to throw her own toys and chase them if you’re too tired. She’s great with the other dogs in the home and they wrestle all the time. Her yard will need to be fully secure with a HIGH fence cause this girl can jump, especially if she sees a rabbit. KELSEY does show some signs of separation anxiety and needs to work on crate training. She currently will sit in her crate with the door open but is fearful of being trapped inside her crate, so this will need to be worked on. She’s ok with cats and would be fine with older, dog savvy kids. She’s eager to please so ongoing training that will help build her confidence will really help this girl shine! If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt now!



M | 5 Y | Rottweiler Mix | High Energy | Very Loving, Playful, Silly & Happy l Best Cuddler/Hug Receiver l Strong like bull | Needs a home with a yard | Good w Dogs | Good w Kids | Not Cat Social l Protective of House/Barker

Meet TANK! His name is VERY appropriate because he’s a big, strong dog with explosive energy. TANK has come a long way in training and we’ve been working with him daily to help him overcome some fears and better understand the world around him. Unfortunately, the first part of his life was very secluded and TANK rarely, if ever, left his home. As such, he came to us extremely hesitant and nervous of pretty much everything. TANK has shown to be totally accepting and appreciative of his second chance and has opened up SOO much. His fosters explain him as being amazing in the home as he is so loving and funny, the best cuddler ever and numerous times they have reminded us (even though we haven't forgotten) just HOW special he is and how special he makes them feel (did we mention he knows how to hug and thinks he’s a lap dog?). He’s good with other dogs but should get a proper introduction as we want to set him up for success and provide good environments that increase his confidence and follow his training plan. We would prefer he not go to dog parks. He is not cat social. TANK is extremely playful so he needs a house with a yard (the bigger the better #mansionlife #countrylife) and lots of physical and mental stimulation every day to stay calm and happy. Give this guy some kind of ball to play with and he’s beyond excited because JOLLYBALL is life. He makes some pretty strange noises when he gets his spurts of energy that could easily scare people who aren’t familiar with him. He sounds a lot like a lion so.. if you've always wanted one or your fav movie is the lion king.. thoughts? Either way, we tell him to be himself. TANK is good on walks and crate trained. He was always gentle with kids/toddlers in his old home, and even in training hangs out with a 8-year-old dude just fine. He's also met kids walking throughout Toronto and been great!! We’re hoping to find an experienced owner who is familiar with large breeds and will continue to follow TANK’s training plan. OR someone who follows instructions well, who is open to gaining insight into dog behavour, and respects that at this point we know what TANK needs best. He’s a very loyal dog and really loves his people. He does bark at the door so be cautious of this if you are nervous of your neighbours and noise. If this cutie is for you, click below!

TANKS adoption fee will include 1 private training session with Complete K9 Care!



F | Puppy | Hound mix | South Carolina | High energy | Follows her nose | Needs training | Excited by everything |  Likes having a Job l Dog social | Older kids only | Not cat tested l Barker/No Apartments 

Remember the story The Velveteen Rabbit? This is just like that only with a cuuuuteee puppy. Meet VELVETEEN! She is a firecracker. You know that friend who has so much energy All. The. Time. and you’re just like how do you even do it? This girl. She has a ton of energy and she’s very excitable. This is partly due to her age but also her bred so be prepared for the long run! Everything seems cool to her and she wants to know more. People? Yes. Squirrel? YAS. Planes? We’re not even sure how she sees them but yes. She’s been learning to walk better on a loose leash but will still need some help. True to her hound breed she loves to follow her nose and is very curious. She’s been working on some scent training with her foster and would love to continue in her forever home – on leash at first of course! Agility, scent detection, etc would be great for this girl! Or even some kind of job! You can probably teach her to fetch the mail! VELVETEEN is still learning all the puppy basics but is eager to please so it’s relatively easy to teach her new things. She knows some basic commands and is crate trained. If she’s not sleeping she wants to do something at all times so she will need active adopters plus mental stimulation, like finding hidden kibbles. If you’re too tired to play she’ll totally amuse herself for a while by playing with her toys alone. Independent woman. She grunts at you when she wants attention and is very friendly with people. She would do best in a home with kids 10+ as she’s a little rambunctious. She’s good with other dogs but hasn’t been tested with cats. Keep in mind she does have a prey drive. If you’d like to meet this sweet girl fill out an application to adopt today!



2Y l M l 35lbs l Collie Mix l Medium Energy l Chill in the home l Loves Humans/Super Friendly l Affectionate l Leash Reactive (Vocal/Lunges) but working on it l Particular w Dogs l Not Cat tested (but prey drive) l Kid Social

BIGGIE SMALLS wants to change his view of being a street dude cause he's totally ready to be your warm and fuzzy cuddle bug! BIGGIE is very chill and obedient in the home and simply wants to be your buddy now, later and furever. BIGGIE loves humans of all kinds and if he's unsure of you at first he will end up in your lap by the end of things. BIGGIE transforms when he's outside his foster home and back on the streets. BIGGIE feels pretty intense on the streets as it reminds him of his past. BIGGIE understandably has a hard time on leash because this is all new to him. He is very overstimulated and excited and it all comes out vocally. BIGGIE will definitely need leash work, specifically calming him down on leash before he can start meeting dogs. He lived with many dogs in Mexico, but this whole leash thing is a new approach for him that he needs to be adjusted too! We think it would be best that he live either without a dog, or a non-reactive dog with someone experienced to deal with his reactivity. Working with his personal issues need to come first before introducing him to lots of new furry friends. He has progressed in foster care but will need continued support. Otherwise BIGGIE is very fun, playful and loves to run around for short bursts! This leads him to his all time fav thing which is napping! BIGGIE has not been tested with cats and has had small experiences with kids but is good. A dog friendly kid is important as well! BIGGIE is very affectionate and ready to show you ALL the appreciation of not only adopting him but also helping him continue to progress his training! If BIGGIE is as cool to you as he is to us then apply for him today!

BIGGIE'S adoption fee includes 1 free private session with Complete K9 Care



M | 8 | 10 lbs | Chihuahua | Los Angeles | Low energy | Quiet | Tolerant but indifferent | Snuggle bug | Loves walks | Good with small dogs, cats and older kids (10 +)

Very important – CESAR has requested that we call him TOBY because he’s taking on a new identity and leaving his past behind him. K fine, welcome TOBY! Seriously though CESAR seems to bring up negative memories for him – like when your friend reminds you what you did at the party last night. UGH.

Anyyyway, CESAR loves his new name and new life. He’s pretty easy going but turns in to a little piglet/snorting machine when you go to grab his leash. He LOVES walks and is very happy to explore the great outdoors. He’s super chill in the home and never barks. He doesn't do well with discipline in the sense of a firm tone. He tolerates it but seems very uncomfortable, just like you at that office function you've been avoiding. He submits almost immediately.

CESAR would love to live with someone who is home more often that not and wold actually do very well with another dog OR a friendly feline in the home. We also think he would be fine with kids. He’s working on his basic commands but is house trained and crate trained. If you’d like to meet our Petit Prince fill out an application to adopt now!



M | 9 Y | Maltese | Medium energy | Very human friendly | Stage 5 Clinger | Needs patience + training | Generally well behaved | Playful | Dog, cat + kid social

Oui, oui je suis PIERRE. This little Maltese is definitely a romantic and ready to love you and everyone around you. So much so that he HATES when you leave and has separation anxiety. He does NOT like to be left alone and is very vocal about it. As such, PIERRE is not suited to apartments and his ideal home is soundproofed and/or has very understanding neighbours. He barks A LOT when left alone. He’s great about his crate when people are around but when he’s alone it’s a different story, and he will have the occasional accident. He’s getting better though! Other than that this guy is a total sweetheart.

Coming into our care, he really hasn’t been taught any rules so his anxiety is likely all about control. He’s very playful and loves playing with you or rolling around on the ground with his toy like a baby otter if you’re busy. He actually loves bath time and will secretly creep into the tub. He will need a strong and experienced owner who is willing to show him boundaries. After living a life of TREAT YO SELF PIERRE he’s ready for some rules – including not being allowed on the furniture unless invited. PIERRE is good with dogs, cats and kids!

Ready for a French romance? Fill out an application to adopt now!



M | Chihuahua | 8 Y | 9 lbs | LA | Low energy | Thinks he’s the boss | Needs training + boundaries | Timid | Affectionate | Good apartment dog | Good with dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids only

When you’re small but just wanna be BIG… meet JOEY! What he lacks in size he definitely makes up for in personality as long as you like your Chis with a healthy dose of sass. Don’t we all though?! Because of this he will need a dominant handler who is ready to continue to expose him to new things. Although he wants to be a lap dog and just have you carry him around on a fancy pillow all day like the boss he is, this cannot happen. He needs boundaries set for him and will need ongoing training. Current areas of improvement include walking on leash, basic commands and marking. He wants to put his mark all over the city, like literally every two feet, but he needs to learn that walks are actually for walking. He gets nervous in high traffic areas, around loud noises and around other dogs. He stops walking and refuses to move. He should NOT be picked up in these cases rather his people should encourage him to be more independent, with baby steps. A home outside the city may actually be nice for his chillness. JOEY is actually pretty chill in the home. He’s very cute and loves his people but make no mistake that little mind is working overtime and he definitely thinks he’s in charge. His fav activity is meeting new doggy pals! He hasn’t been tested with cats and should only go to a home with older children, 12 and up. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt today!



5Y l 58lbs l M l Shepherd Mix l Medium Energy l Dog Social but Dominant l Best Second Dog l Sweet, Eager to Please, Tolerant l Nervous in new surroundings (indoors) l Cocky (outside) l Needs Structured Training & Stimulation l High Fives! l Fostered in Ballieboro

If you haven't already heard of CHEESY then you probably aren't a hardcore SOS fan. This dude has been in training for some time, getting over some unfortunate bad training guidelines (given to his previous family by a hired trainer) that lead to his triggers worsening and consequently being surrendered. 

CHEESY has been putting some solid effort into training and is now available to the RIGHT home. Don't you just love when it's time for a second chance?! CHEESY'S home is required to provide structured mental/physical stimulation as CHEESY is oh so in the trades field as he loves a good job here and there. 

CHEESY's furever home will also be dedicated to helping him build trust by following training instructions that have been set out to make this dude shine. With the right owner, CHEESY is a very awesome dog to be around and is eager to please and tolerant of his handler. Once he has trust in you he will use you as a guide to work through his fears like allowing you to take lead on the stairs and entering the basement first, as CHEESY is nervous in certain indoor environments like slippery floors and the dreaded monsters in the basement. He has built a higher threshold in training to get through overwhelming situations and is doing WAY better with guidance. After building trust with him, our goal is to have his adopter continue slowly exposing him to new situations to help teach him that YES the world is okay. He would be best in a quiet home with no kids, another dog (or dog friends available), where he can hang out outside at times. He is a pretty chill dude and pretty much matches your engagement, he's able to do his own thing but will also be very focused on you if you stimulate him. His work ethic is amazing. He is a great companion and very obedient. He is crate and house trained, and knows some cool commands like high five (no big) and is ready to learn whatever you want to throw at him. He is currently in Bailieboro. If this sounds like the pal for you, please apply below!

CHEESYS adoption fee will include 1 private training session with Complete K9 Care!



F | 1 Y | Podenco mix | 30 lbs | Dominican | Low – medium energy | Very shy and nervous | Seeks affection | Needs to build confidence | Needs training | Shy with other dogs | Not cat tested | Kids 14+

Meet IRIS! Although this girl is ridiculously cute and you just want to snuggle the heck outta her all day and night she would do best in a home that doesn’t smother her and really works to help build her confidence. She is VERY shy and nervous of new humans and dogs and will step away trying to avoid any interaction. Her ideal home will help her push past that initial barrier and will either have experience with shy/fearful dogs or be willing to work with a professional trainer to help her build her confidence. Once she trusts you IRIS is a total sweetheart and just craves affection. She is a complete cuddle monster even though she puts up a front like she doesn’t even want to know you. Hard to get much?  She LOVES her people and will demand that you love her twice as much in return. Because she’s so nervous in new situations she’s been having trouble feeling confident enough to do her business outside and will need some help with housetraining. She has really advanced since arriving and now goes outside with guidance but also uses pee pads inside. A home with a backyard may help her feel comfortable but isn’t absolutely necessary. Learning basic commands may be a bit of a challenge as she’s not food motivated. She’s crate trained and happily walks beside you on leash. She barks to alert you when there’s a new guest at your party but is otherwise well behaved in the home. IRIS is very shy with other dogs although might be ok with another chill dog in the home to show her the ropes. She hasn’t been tested with cats and should only go to a home with kids over the age of 14. She has met a toddler and did great with proper monitoring but should probably gain confidence before being put in frequent situations like this. IRIS has so many amazing qualities and will be such an amazing companion with patience and a little bit of love. Fill out an application to adopt