M | 1 Y | Podenco mix | Mexico | 32 lbs | High energy | Very people friendly | Family dog | Needs training + structure | Energetic | Hasn’t met many dogs | No cats | Good with kids

Stacks on stacks… meet PANCAKE! This guy just loves smiling and yup, smiling is his favourite. He’s very people friendly and would make a great family dog and would do well with kids. He is definitely a high energy dog and would benefit from lots of activity. He loves being the life of the party! He needs training and structure in order to thrive. A little patience can’t hurt either when you’re dealing with a young, bouncy pup! He’s been working on basic commands with his foster and we think he’d love to continue with training given his breed. He’s housebroken and crate trained but does have some leash reactivity. So far he’s met two female dogs and has been friendly with them but he hasn’t been exposed to many other dogs. He tends to bark a bit when you leave the house but has been getting better. He has a high prey drive and reacts to birds while on leash and absolutely hates cats. PANCAKE would love a home with a yard if possible so that he can run around like crazy. He’s very curious and smart and continues to grow every day. He is very scared of loud surprising noises like train bells and could be a flight risk in a situation that startles him so adopters need to be cautious. If you’d like to meet PANCAKE and fill his days with walks, chew toys, belly rubs and cuddles fill out an application to adopt now!



M | 8 | 10 lbs | Chihuahua | Los Angeles | Low energy | Quiet | Tolerant but indifferent | Snuggle bug | Loves walks | Good with small dogs, cats and older kids (10 +)

Very important – CESAR has requested that we call him TOBY because he’s taking on a new identity and leaving his past behind him. K fine, welcome TOBY! Seriously though CESAR seems to bring up negative memories for him – like when your friend reminds you what you did at the party last night. UGH.

Anyyyway, CESAR loves his new name and new life. He’s pretty easy going but turns in to a little piglet/snorting machine when you go to grab his leash. He LOVES walks and is very happy to explore the great outdoors. He’s super chill in the home and never barks. He doesn't do well with discipline in the sense of a firm tone. He tolerates it but seems very uncomfortable, just like you at that office function you've been avoiding. He submits almost immediately.

CESAR would love to live with someone who is home more often that not and wold actually do very well with another dog OR a friendly feline in the home. We also think he would be fine with kids. He’s working on his basic commands but is house trained and crate trained. If you’d like to meet our Petit Prince fill out an application to adopt now!



MISHU | F | 1 Y | Husky | High energy | Happy go lucky | Friendly & Curious l Confident, Bossy, Smart l SO FLUFFY | Separation anxiety | Chill in the home | Very friendly with people + dogs | Good with kids | Cat Friendly

MISHU arrived into our care as one GIANT ball of fluff but after a trip to the groomer she’s looking fresh AF with her summer cut and is ready to get adopted! This girl is stunning and if you’re a fan of the Husky breed you need to get your app in like yesterday. MISHU is a happy go lucky girl and is super friendly. She’s happy to meet anyone on the street and people will fall in love with her in about two seconds. True to her breed she’s playful, smart and energetic and will need regular exercise to keep her happy. In the home she’s very chill and will regularly check in with you for a quick snuggle just to show her love and appreciation. She doesn’t like being left alone and has shown signs of separation anxiety including barking. Her foster has been working with her on this but it is a work in progress. Crating will definitely help. Her ideal home will have people around more often than not and we think she’d be ok in a home with kids and cats. She's playful but gentle. She’s learning her basic commands and is pretty good on leash. MISHU is great with other dogs and pretty much loves them all, big and small. Her foster has a cat and they were caught cuddling the other day -- so yes cat social but your cat also needs to be friendly with dogs! She would do best NOT in a condo/apartment as she needs space. If you’d like to meet MISHU fill out an application to adopt now!



M | 9 Y | Maltese | Medium energy | Very human friendly | Stage 5 Clinger | Needs patience + training | Generally well behaved | Playful | Dog, cat + kid social

Oui, oui je suis PIERRE. This little Maltese is definitely a romantic and ready to love you and everyone around you. So much so that he HATES when you leave and has separation anxiety. He does NOT like to be left alone and is very vocal about it. As such, PIERRE is not suited to apartments and his ideal home is soundproofed and/or has very understanding neighbours. He barks A LOT when left alone. He’s great about his crate when people are around but when he’s alone it’s a different story, and he will have the occasional accident. He’s getting better though! Other than that this guy is a total sweetheart.

Coming into our care, he really hasn’t been taught any rules so his anxiety is likely all about control. He’s very playful and loves playing with you or rolling around on the ground with his toy like a baby otter if you’re busy. He actually loves bath time and will secretly creep into the tub. He will need a strong and experienced owner who is willing to show him boundaries. After living a life of TREAT YO SELF PIERRE he’s ready for some rules – including not being allowed on the furniture unless invited. PIERRE is good with dogs, cats and kids!

Ready for a French romance? Fill out an application to adopt now!



M | Chihuahua | 8 Y | 9 lbs | LA | Low energy | Thinks he’s the boss | Needs training + boundaries | Timid | Affectionate | Good apartment dog | Good with dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids only

When you’re small but just wanna be BIG… meet JOEY! What he lacks in size he definitely makes up for in personality as long as you like your Chis with a healthy dose of sass. Don’t we all though?! Because of this he will need a dominant handler who is ready to continue to expose him to new things. Although he wants to be a lap dog and just have you carry him around on a fancy pillow all day like the boss he is, this cannot happen. He needs boundaries set for him and will need ongoing training. Current areas of improvement include walking on leash, basic commands and marking. He wants to put his mark all over the city, like literally every two feet, but he needs to learn that walks are actually for walking. He gets nervous in high traffic areas, around loud noises and around other dogs. He stops walking and refuses to move. He should NOT be picked up in these cases rather his people should encourage him to be more independent, with baby steps. A home outside the city may actually be nice for his chillness. JOEY is actually pretty chill in the home. He’s very cute and loves his people but make no mistake that little mind is working overtime and he definitely thinks he’s in charge. His fav activity is meeting new doggy pals! He hasn’t been tested with cats and should only go to a home with older children, 12 and up. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt today!



5Y l 58lbs l M l Shepherd Mix l Medium Energy l Dog Social but Dominant l Best Second Dog l Sweet, Eager to Please, Tolerant l Nervous in new surroundings (indoors) l Cocky (outside) l Needs Structured Training & Stimulation l High Fives! 

If you haven't already heard of CHEESY then you probably aren't a hardcore SOS fan. This dude has been in training for some time, getting over some unfortunate bad training guidelines (given to his previous family by a hired trainer) that lead to his triggers worsening and consequently being surrendered. 

CHEESY has been putting some solid effort into training and is now available to the RIGHT home. Don't you just love when it's time for a second chance?! CHEESY'S home is required to provide structured mental/physical stimulation as CHEESY is oh so in the trades field as he loves a good job here and there. 

CHEESY's furever home will also be dedicated to helping him build trust by following training instructions that have been set out to make this dude shine. With the right owner, CHEESY is a very awesome dog to be around and is eager to please and tolerant of his handler. Once he has trust in you he will use you as a guide to work through his fears like allowing you to take lead on the stairs and entering the basement first, as CHEESY is nervous in certain indoor environments like slippery floors and the dreaded monsters in the basement. He has built a higher threshold in training to get through overwhelming situations and is doing WAY better with guidance. After building trust with him, our goal is to have his adopter continue slowly exposing him to new situations to help teach him that YES the world is okay. He would be best in a quiet home with no kids, another dog (or dog friends available), where he can hang out outside at times. He is a pretty chill dude and pretty much matches your engagement, he's able to do his own thing but will also be very focused on you if you stimulate him. His work ethic is amazing. He is a great companion and very obedient. He is crate and house trained, and knows some cool commands like high five (no big) and is ready to learn whatever you want to throw at him. He is currently in Bailieboro. If this sounds like the pal for you, please apply at 



M | 7 M | Hound Mix | 18 lbs | Cuba | Medium energy | Shy and timid | Very playful at times | Loves people | Flight risk | Nervous with other dogs | Older kids only (12+) | Not cat tested

Now for a familiar looking face, meet NERO! Anyone who is already familiar with his story will know that he’s a flight risk and is still getting used to his surroundings in Canada. We’re happy to report that there were no significant injuries from his time living on the streets of Toronto but he will absolutely require very patient adopters who are careful and willing to put in the time to help him build his confidence. NO OFF LEASH and it will take time for him to get used to going on long walks. Double leash life, fo life. (Or at least for the foreseeable future.) He’s currently still nervous of high traffic areas, loud noises, vehicles, etc. Basically, the whole city so he would love a home in a quiet neighbourhood.

NERO is a very kind and gentle soul. He’s pretty chill overall but he is still a puppy inside so when he gets excited and wants to play he has LOTS of energy. He LOVES his people and gets so excited when you wake up in the morning like "OMG OMG you’re still HERE!" He shows some signs of separation anxiety, but will likely get better as his confidence grows.

NERO is okay with other dogs as long as there is a slow and proper introduction, but otherwise he is very nervous around them. Even with a proper intro, he becomes protective of his safe space – currently, the couch – and will growl. He is also showing small signs of guarding his food. He occasionally snarls at his own reflection as well… He hasn’t been tested with kids but due to his timid nature should only go to a home with older kids who can respect his boundaries. If you’d like to meet NERO fill out an application today.



M | 7 Y | Terrier Mix | Los Angeles | Low to med energy | Happy go lucky | Everybody’s best friend | Clingy | A bit shy | Good with dogs, cats, kids

Everybody meet your new best friend. PORKCHOP seriously gets along with anyone he meets and everyone loves him. It won’t be long until people are stopping you on the street saying “OMG is that PORKCHOP?!” And you can be like “ya that’s ma dog, no bigs.” He’s totally ready to sign some autographs. PORKCHOP is very kind and sweet and all he really wants from life is love and snuggles. As such, he can be a bit clingy and likes to stalk you around the house just waiting for a chance to sit in your lap. He doesn’t like being alone too much and would do best in a home where people are generally around most of the time. He also LOVES going for adventures/car rides as long as he gets to ride shotgun at stare at you the whole time. You and PORKY cruising down the westside highway. Since he’s such a stage five clinger it’s important that he’s not babied and learns to respect some boundaries and be a bit independent. He’s potty trained and is good on leash already. PORKCHOP has been great with dogs, cats and kids so far and would be an excellent family dog. He’s a bit shy at first, more so toward men than women, but gets over it quickly. If you’d like to meet him get your application in for this dude as soon as possible!



13Y but hard to believe l F l Chihuahua Mix l Low Energy l Very Sweet & Loving l Very Human Social l Very Adaptable l Dog Social (Prefers Chill Dogs) l Very Quiet 

MEET GINA! This girl is completely in heaven and appreciating her second chance at life. After 3 years in a shelter, GINA is easily adaptable due to the fact that she wants to be anywhere but there. She is the MOST CHILL dog ever. She is so content with all the things and enjoys just napping here, there and everywhere. She is a very gentle soul and sweet to all the new faces she meets. She is very friendly and outgoing and although we don't think she'd be the best with younger kids, she'd probably be good with anyone else. Like, anyone. She also is dog social and enjoying the company of a furry friend at her current fosters. She prefers chill dogs like her as high energy one's just don't get mellow vibes. Because after all her fav thing is snuggling in her blankets. She is also great left alone for this reason because let's face it, GINA would have to lift her head out of her comfy nest to notice that you've left. She legit just sits in her crate and dreams of the day she is with her family. GINA is literally the lap dog of everyone's dreams so get at her. We are unsure if GINA settles into a place where maybe all this love and attention makes her act like a Queen, so please be mindful that warning signs of her being protective or pushy should be addressed with boundaries. GINA also doesn't need much exercise but currently isn't housetrained so needs to have walks to start to understand this. Again, she's been in a shelter for so long that she likely never had to understand the difference between inside and outside. If you'd like to adopt this California girl, please apply today.



M | 3 Y | Chihuahua mix | 9 lbs | Los Angeles | Low energy | Quiet and chill | Apartment dog | Very affectionate | Needs help with crate training | Ok with cats but chases | Good with dogs and kids

Meet MILTON! With his curly tail and kind of squished in face we’re pretty sure he’s like part piglet, but completely adorable. This little dude comes from Cali and definitely has that chilled out surfer vibe…. Unless you try to crate him in which case he can be a bit of a strung out weirdo. He’ll need to work on this for sure. MILTON is very friendly with pretty much everyone and everything he meets. His absolute favourite thing is to snuggle right up next to you and he likes to be touching you ALWAYS. He would actually benefit from people who can teach him a little bit of independence. He is house trained but if you leave water down for him he drinks nonstop (#waterdrunk) and then can’t hold it anymore. His water intake should be monitored. If you give it to him at specific times that coincide with his walks he’s perfect. He’s working on basic commands but will need continued training. He lives with a cat and is pretty good, although does still try to chase and engage in play. He’s good with dogs and lives with two kids. He has shown some alpha behaviour with dogs lately and will need some boundaries right off the bat to know he's not in charge! He’d do well in an apartment or home environment. If you’d like to meet MILTON fill out an application to adopt today!



F | 5 Y | Chihuahua mix | 13 lbs | Los Angeles | Low energy | Loving and goofy | Cuddle monster | Chewer | Apartment dog | Dog social | OK with kids | Not cat tested

Our little beauty queen from La La Land, meet STARLA! This little Chi mix isn’t a demanding diva though, she's ready to settle into your life. House, apartment, condo, whatever! Just as long as she gets some outdoor time to greet her admirers she’s cool. She loves being outside but doesn’t need endless amounts of exercise. A couple leisurely strolls around the block are just fine. She does really enjoy playtime inside the home though and LOVES her toys. Actually, she loves anything that she can get her little paws on and full disclosure she is an underwear thief. Everything that she’s NOT allowed to chew will need to be put away. Her favourite game is hide and seek with her toys – she tries to hide them from you so that you can’t touch them. SO FUN. We haven’t told her that she finds the worst hiding spots though… Her playtime usually lasts for about 10 mins and then she’s ready to curl up right next to you for a snooze. She’s a total cuddle monster. She may need some help with potty training in her new home but is good about going in her crate. She’s good with other dogs and is respectful of their space. She hasn’t been tested with cats and would be good with kids as long as they understand her size. If you’d like to meet STARLA fill out an application to adopt today!



F | 2 Y | Malinois Mix | 68 lbs | High Energy/Stimulation | Very smart | Confident | Playful | Bossy w Dogs & People l Needs an assertive owner | Needs Relationship Building | Needs Structured Exercise l Good with Non-Reactive Dogs | Not Cat Social | No Kids

This playa is looking for a foster and/or adoptive home! Meet JOSÉE, this girl is tough as nails and has got the confidence to back it. JOSEE first and foremost needs the following things from a home: 1) Handlers willing to work on relationship building/earning her trust (E.g. working for food, play, praise) and 2) Structured Exercise (E.g. Scent work, tug, proper fetch). These two things are a priority to keep JOSEE in line with her training. JOSEE has had lots of reasons to not trust humans so working with her to BOND with you is absolutely a must. Hand feeding her, rewarding her for eye contact during commands and making her work for treats/play are examples of how to get JOSEE to respect you. Versus, an environment with no boundaries like just giving her whatever she wants (laying on the couch, always having water/food available) are ways to allow JOSEE to control your relationship. She needs a relationship that makes her understand that she needs and wants a human. Without this, she is bossy and will correct both humans and dogs. In the wrong relationship, she sometimes nips to say "umm I didn't like your call on that" so boundaries are a must. JOSEE can learn anything with a good food encouragement which is amazing for following said instructions for JOSEE's life of team building. Once a respectful relationship is formed, JOSEE is very playful and ready to show her more affectionate side. JOSEE benefits from playtime, especially obedience work like sniffing out treats and fetch. She is good with non-reactive dogs and is very playful but not good with confident/cocky dogs that will try to "put her in her place" bc um no, JOSEE puts you in YOUR place. JOSEE can spend downtime in her crate and is trained to stay in there when you're not home as well as overnight. Crating is key for her success. JOSEE is generally good on leash with a prong collar which helps gain control over her reactions if there are any and just to generally control her as she is very strong. She would benefit from a low-key lifestyle with a mix of mental/physical stimulation and chill time. Her trainer thinks one of her best traits is that JOSEE is very confident and can approach most situations without nervousness. She's kind of like "k, this is it? Why were you scared mom?" while on the biggest rollercoaster of life. She is a wonderful dog at heart and is looking for someone to trust in either a foster or adoptive situation. If you are interested in fostering her please email or for adoption please apply at



2Y l F l 27lbs l Beagle Mix l Medium Energy l Nervous l Bouncy l Playful l Mellow l SOO FLUFFY l Dog Social (Best as Second Dog) l Protective of her Space l No Kids l Likely Cat Social

RAZR is looking for a foster or adoptive home! A home for RAZR would be focused on helping her with her nervousness and helping her build a better bond with humans. RAZR is easily startled and nervous and hasn't been guided appropriately, which has made her protective of her space as a defence mechanism. RAZR needs help understanding that she is not under constant threat and that life with humans is A OKAY. RAZR's handler will need to help guide her out of a "corner" figuratively and physically by working through relationship bonding techniques to build her confidence. Hand feeding, rewarding for eye contact with commands and having her work for play are great examples on making her trust you. She is although looking for examples to NOT trust you so breaking trust is important to avoid. Things like physically removing her from a hiding spot would not be ideal and instead calling or bribing her out would be better as she physically is taking the steps herself rather then forced. And then she'll be like "OH LOOK! Nothing bad happened?! I LOVE YOU". RAZR does not do well under pressure and should work on small progressions at first. She will give body language that shows she does not feel safe which will warn you not to push her. Once a respectful relationship is formed, RAZR is very bouncy, playful and also mellow! She has a great temperament and we can't wait for her to build confidence to showcase her fun spirit more. RAZR is great with other dogs and would do best with a friend to help guide her! She is a little excitable and can get a little overwhelmed in environments with lots of dogs but does very well one-on-one or in small groups. RAZR is also good on a leash but will react back to a dog that barks at her. She is good in her crate and is good to spend some downtime in there as well as sleeps there at night. She is easily startled and also has a low threshold for getting through her nervousness and for that reason should NOT be around kids. She is likely good with cats but will need to be tested with yours before adoption. She would do better in a low-key home with not a lot of hustle but would be fine in an apartment or condo in the city. Her FAV class in school was LUNCH TIME bc a mix of food and play is ideal for any dog. AMIRITE? RAZR is available for foster so if you're interested please email She is also available for adoption by applying at oh and she is SO FLUFFFFY



F | 1Y | 25 lbs | Terrier mix | Mexico | Medium energy | Baby kangaroo | Very sweet and loving | Counter surfer | Building Confidence | Cautious with dogs - but starting to make strides | Not cat or kid tested

Part doggo part baby kangaroo… meet BIMBA! This babe can jump surprisingly high so be careful around low-ish fences and be careful with your clothes/if you’re carrying things in your hands like that delicious cupcake you just NEEDED to grab after work because she jumps ALL OVER YOU when you come home. She’s a great balance of chill and playful and could totally live in an apartment as long as she gets some tug-o-war, jumping or dance parties on the regular. When it’s not playtime she’s quiet and happy in the home. Although she’s very sweet and lovable at home with her people she’s still getting used to the big, intimidating world outside and will need a patient owner who can help her build confidence because outside is actually like pretty cool. She's nervous of new surroundings and is very cautious with other dogs, although making strides. Her new humans will need to lead by example and be comfortable managing intros with new dogs and showing her that play dates are fun. She recently started building the confidence to play with dogs at the park and we are TOTALLY gonna through her a party for this win. Once she’s surveyed the situation and develops enough trust in a certain outdoor space she becomes the confident, playful girl that she really is, but it just takes time. And likely will need to rebuild this confidence in her adoptive home. She’s a counter surfer and eats anything she can get her little paws on so be sure to put everything away while you train her at of this. She’s still young so can be a little mouthy when she wants to play. She doesn’t bite down but this behaviour should not be encouraged. She’s smart and vey food motivated so has been working on crate training and basic commands with a lot of success so far. BIMBA hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. She’s a sweet girl and will make some humans very happy! If you’d like to meet her fill our an application to adopt



M l 2Y l 45lbs l Shepherd Mix l Medium Energy l Happy Dude l Rescued from Cayman Islands l Dog Social/Best as Second Dog l Prey Drive/No cats l No Kids l Smiles l Fear Reactive when pushed

First word foster uses to describe him: DWEEB. In a trusting environment, IKE is just the happiest guy! He is NEVER HAPPIER than when he sees his leash as he totally loves a casual stroll around the neighbourhood twice a day. Otherwise, he is best observed in his natural habitat: napping. He has an irresistible stupid lil smile and is so adorably playful and curious. BUT his curiosity doesn't get him far as his fav spot is next to you! He also loves making doggy friends and is best known for cuddling next to his foster pup. Ideally, we will be looking for him to be added as the second dog of the home as his personality transforms when he has a furry role model to look up to. As stated at the beginning of this bio, this is IKE's behaviour when he feels trusting and SAFE. IKE is a fearful dog at times and previously showed signs of fear reactivity meaning he uses his teeth to protect himself. This has been seen mostly at the vet which is known as a place where dogs can get very scared but should be recognized as a place he is willing to go if all isn't in his comfort zone. So, you could see him react poorly when introduced to something he isn't a fan of and something to particularly be noted if in new environments. IKE hasn't shown much fear in his new foster home and we think having another dog around him has opened him up a fair bit. IKE should take all new situations slowly, and be controlled by leash to help guide his behaviours, especially as he adjusts to his adoptive home, gets comfortable and begins to trust. Establishing rules/boundaries from the beginning is very important for a balanced relationship between IKE and his masters! He should not be in a home with cats because of his prey drive. IKE should not go to a home with kids as he is sometimes sensitive being touched/introduced in the face. He has been good with them when monitored on leash! He is such a lover and rewards his humans with smiles, constant tail wags and alien sounds of affection. Yes, we said that. If IKE is a good fit for you then please apply



F l 73lbs l 1Y l Black Mouth Cur l Medium Energy l Affectionate l Very Playful l Particular w Dogs/Leash Reactive l No Cats l Good w Older Kids (10+) l Strong like Bull l Needs Confident Handler

Meet EMMA. This lovely adoptable travelled from TEXAS with the biggest smile on her face which we might add.. is still there. EMMA's fav thing ever is to PLAY. In your house, in your yard, while on a leash.. EMMA has lots of energy which she is learning to control. Although it is easy to get her energy out with a playdate, EMMA is a confident dog that plays a little tough and needs the right sort of friend to have fun with. Since she is currently needing to continue to work on her training, she is not a dog to bring to the dog park, but more bring her around your friend's dogs to play in the yard. Her overstimulation also comes out on walks as she is vocal when seeing other dogs. She also will spin and pull as she NEEDS to play, but doesn't understand that this behaviour is not the best way to make friends as it is very intimidating. Leash work is a MUST in her furever home to help kill these habits. EMMA is great with ALL the humans and again is very playful and energized. She is strong like a bull so can get rowdy if not exercised properly. Otherwise, she's a good balance of chill and enjoys her evenings curled up watching the newest shows, movies.. or okay she doesn't understand what's going on in the TV but just wants to be with you. She will lay her 75lb body on you if you ignore her for too long. She is now crate trained and killin' it!  With the wrong encouragement, she can definitely develop separation anxiety and have a hard time being home alone. SO, ignoring her when you leave/come home is better so she doesn't think being alone is bad. She is housetrained and as we said has been a pretty fast learner with leash training and now crate training. She is not good with cats and is good with older kids as she is still a giant puppy when she's overstimulated. Also, reading up on her breed will give you a good indication of her personality! If you'd like to meet this adorable/lovable girl, fill out an application



F | Puppy | Lab mix | Texas | Medium energy | Needs to learn the basics | Affectionate | Social butterfly | Chewer | Good with dogs and kids | Unknown with cats (prey drive)

Meet our social butterfly SADIE! This little lady has travelled from Texas to meet all the new BFFs she can. Seriously, she gets along with everyone and everything except those dang squirrels… but those are actually snacks though right? SADIE is a young pup and although she’s a quick learner and has a solid foundation she will need someone who has the time to devote to raising her right. A flexible schedule or someone who works from home would be ideal. She is very attached to her humans and doesn't like to be left alone. As such, someone who is willing to work on any separation anxiety is key. We also think she’d be cool to tag along with you to work as long as you don’t mind people ignoring you in meetings because your dog is just too cute. Bonus points if you have a backyard she can take over. SADIE is working on all the basics and is nearly fully house trained and understands the concept of fetch occasionally. She is very good at sitting before you cross the street and absolutely LOVES sleeping in her crate at night. She also loves car rides, checking out anything that might be food and chewing anything she can get her little teeths on in the house. Chew toys are your new best friend. She loves hanging out with her pals at the dog park and will happily let anyone pet her. She’s very people friendly and would be good in a home with kids. SADIE hasn’t been tested with cats but has shown signs of a prey drive so may not be the best with kitties in the home. If you’d like to meet SADIE fill out an application to ADOPT



M | 2 Y | Lab mix | 30 lbs | Dominican | Tri-pawd | Medium energy | Very people friendly | A little mischievous | Needs training | Playful | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Are you looking for a happy go lucky pup with a little bit of a mischievous streak? Look no further than CHICO! This three-legged cutie is ready for his second chance and has lots of kisses to give his new humans! CHICO has a kind and sweet disposition but is kind of like the troublemaker on the playground at times. He’s still learning what he shouldn’t do but sometimes we think he’s just like “TREAT YO’SELF CHICO” and then goes searching in the garbage because YOLO. He literally tries to eat everything including garbage, the carpet and anything that moves or doesn’t move on walks. He’ll definitely need a bit of guidance and training to brush up on his manners. In foster care he’s been working on basic commands and training in foster care and is getting better. He will still need help with crate training as he’s not a huge fan of being alone, house training as he may have the occasional accident if you wait too long, and leash skills as he can get a little over excited when he see other dogs. Really his favourite thing to do is meet new people and immediately become best friends with them. He acts like a puppy when he gets little bursts of energy and wants to play. He would do well in an apartment or a house and is medium energy. He’s good with other dogs although will need some help greeting them properly sometimes, and hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. CHICO will need an additional surgery to fix his amputation and will also need some teeth pulled. We’re happy to discuss this further with his potential adopters. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt CHICO today!



F | 11 M | Potcake | Mexico | Medium energy | Curious and playful | Learning the basics | Very attached to humans | Loves attention | Good with dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids ok l Chewer

Time to meet this little cutie KONDA! She is veerryyy cute with her brindle coat and her beautiful brown eyes. She totally doesn’t mind if you just sit around and admire her all day either. Although she can be a bit shy at first with people and dogs she absolutely loves her humans and spending time with YOU is her favourite thing. She likes to always be touching you when she’s relaxing on the couch, paws on you, head in your lap, her whole body in your lap, whatever! She needs a lot of attention and has shown some signs of separation anxiety. Although it’s easy to want to give a dog like KONDA as much lovin’ as you can it’s important that she learns that spending time alone is ok too. She’s a puppy which means she has energy to burn and keeping her active and engaged is important. She’s very smart and has been picking up on basic commands quite easily in foster care. So far she’s’ learned sit, stay, no and get down but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get up to a a bit of trouble every now and again. She totally has that mischevious puppy look when she knows she’s doing something wrong and just waiting for you to notice. She’ll also need you to be patient with the occasional accident in the home as she’s almost fully potty trained. She also likes to chew your couch pillows but generally listens when you say "No". She’s shy with other dogs and will need help with socialization but hasn’t been tested with cats. We think she’d be ok in a home with older kids. Ready to meet KONDA? Fill out an application to adopt



M | 2 Y | Terrier/Chi mix | 12 lbs | Dominican | Low energy | Confident and smart | Big personality | Cuddle monster | Loves his humans | Good with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested  

We know this little dog his name is MAXIE… this little scruff monster has a BIG personality and isn’t afraid to show it. He really loves being with his humans and will follow you around but doesn’t need constant attention and just likes to see what you’re up to. He sometimes tries to copy what you’re doing, like if you’re working in the garden he’s like I CAN DIG TOO. He’s a smart dog and definitely knows how to WERK IT to get what he wants. He’ll let you know when he needs food, water or to go outside without hesitation. He marches right up and starts poking you with his little paw until you give him what he wants and if you don’t he pokes you a little harder. Although this behaviour is like suuuppperr cute, MAXIE should be reminded that you actually make the rules. He’s not a fan of being left in the crate and would prefer to have people around more often than not. He would do very well in a home with another dog but he hasn’t been tested with cats. He’s pretty low energy overall although does enjoy some playtime. He would be fine in an apartment but he can be a bit vocal at times. MAXIE is a very loyal dog and if you love the personality of a terrier then he’s def the dog for you. Fill out an application to adopt him