CYNTHIA, Global Experiences Advocate + Manager

Cynthia got involved with Save our Scruff in 2015 wanting to volunteer her time with her biggest passion.  Volunteering in various roles she found her calling after attending a Spay & Neuter Clinic in Mexico.  The combination of passion, hands on hard work and making impact solidified her role at Save our Scruff. 

As the Spay & Neuter Clinic Manager her role is to create and organize spay & neuter clinics.  The role itself continues to evolve but three things remain the same:

  1. Creating amazing experiences for both volunteers and communities. 

  2. Proactive pet population control and getting ahead of the game. 

  3. Keeping dogs safe.

Most of her time is spent solidifying relationships, building new connections and organizing clinics.  Throw in a few puppy cuddles and you have a day in the life.

Interested in learning more she is your go to for all Spay & Neuter clinic questions.  From being a host, to being a volunteer to donating to the cause she’s your human.  

When not working on Save our Scruff Clinics Cynthia can usually be found with her husband (coincidentally the Finance Manager) son and three rescue dogs.  She loves nature, red wine and has an addiction to avocado toast.  Actually.


Tiffany, Spay/Neuter Logistics Coordinator

Started with SOS:  2019
Fave SOS things: Reading all of the dog bios and wishing I could adopt them all. Seeing the dedication and passion of everyone on the team to keep this organization alive and to save more dogs in need. 
Fave Non-SOS things: Can I say dogs again? Travelling, hiking, rock climbing and ice cream!


Sam, Community Coordinator

Started with SOS: 2019
Fave SOS things: FOSTERING! Seeing all the update stories from the Spay and Neuter clinics and of course, all the foster dog pics! Also, the SOS Street wear hoodie! It is PERFECT for walking the dog in.
Fave Non-SOS things: Photography, up-cycling, and going on "stay-cations" with dogs!