"It has been an amazing (almost) two years with TEX, now renamed PAC. SOS was very transparent with his history, which I greatly appreciated. But that was not going to hold us back. I knew that adopting a more 'quirky' dog would come with it's challenges. There were times where I second guessed if we would ever be able to get him to a happier mindset. We worked through lots of people and dog reactivity (with a big huge bark), fear, insecurity, etc. We completed lots training to get to where we are now. PAC has grown tremendously and continues to make me more and more proud each day. I teared up last week when he went up to a man to sniff him while on a walk. I still get teary eyed when I see him loving swimming and being outdoors. It’s amazing seeing him practice agility with the very things he used to run away from. These are the little things that have gotten me to see the big picture. I get compliments from strangers and friends, that he is a 'new dog', in the best way possible. I owed it to him, getting him to a healthier state of mind through training. It has made all of the difference and we are now LIVING. He is able to enjoy more of life with me now, and has become my go-to pal in all of my adventures. I don’t know if I’ll ever love some thing as I much as I love PAC. Thank you SOS for my soulmate!"

— Andrea