"It's now been about 1.5 months since Mini first came home with us. It feels like much longer already because he just fits right in. He was quite timid the first few days, just sniffing around the house and quietly observing Elliot and I and our other dog Bøf. After a week though he was already pretty carefree, playing with everyone and comfortable all around the house. Bøf and him started out neutral towards each other but that changed quickly. By now they are just great friends, playing so well together every day and slowly starting to cuddle a bit when they sleep. Too cute! Mini has gotten quite buff from all that playing. He could barely jump a month ago, now he's such an agile and strong little monkey. 

He is super comfortable at home by now. He knows us and our habits. He's very affectionate and snuggly with us, truly loves to be as close as possible. Always in your lap when sitting down, always by your feet with a toy ready to play. So social. He clings to us for comfort when we're out and generally acts part of the family already which is sweet. 

He's been so good at using his puppy pads and we have mostly stuck with that for potty training for now. Getting confident with the outdoors at all is still a process. It's clear the Canadian winter is quite overwhelming for the little guy. So is the big city. Especially the loud trucks and streetcars etc which we knew was going to be a challenge. We're doing quite alright though. We've made it from total fear paralysis at the sound of any car to being able to walk well on leash on the quieter streets. For the busiest streets and coldest days he still watches from the safety of his warm bag. He is a lot more at ease outside already but really not loving the weather still. Can't blame the skinny little legs! 

All in all this has all been a great experience and we couldn't be happier with our new little addition to the family. Mini is such a great dog."

— Lea & Elliot