"Penelope came to us in February 2017 and we have been in love every day since. Penelope is a rescue from the Dominican who probably didn’t appreciate the Toronto winter season at first – who could blame her?! Even though she wasn’t a fan of the weather, she immediately became our biggest fan. As a puppy, she had difficulties walking due to poor nutrition after birth, but through a balanced diet and ongoing physio, she’s blossomed into an energetic and active little girl!

She is still quite shy at first when meeting people, which lasts about 5 minutes, and apprehensive around smaller children, but we see improvements everyday as she becomes more comfortable with unfamiliar situations and exposed to different environments. She’s the absolute sweetest girl in the world and is addicted to snuggling, cuddling and nuzzling with anyone and everyone.  

She continually makes us proud, as we see her grow up. We can’t thank Save our Scruff enough for bringing her into our lives!" 

— Maria & Peter