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"We have never felt so lucky! It took many months of applying and obviously screening but it was so worth it. It took a few weeks but she opened up and showed us her personality sooner than we thought. 

Growing up my family has adopted dogs before and it was a team effort. My boyfriend and I took years and agreed it was time we were ready for the responsibility together. The biggest fear most people have with adoption is that what kind of habits whether it be negative or positive are you inheriting when you adopt a dog with little knowledge of its past. We were prepared for both scenarios but were pleasantly surprised. 

We could not have trained a more well behaved, happy, eager-to-please dog even if we had her from a puppy. We never expected this and are so thrilled to share that within adoption comes so many rewards and one of ours is that we got the absolute perfect dog. 

This gal loves kids and any human that will give her a scratch. Whenever she sees her foster mom she recognizes her and is the same good girl she is with us. There is no way we ever could have imagined it going this well and understand it is best case scenario, but we want to make sure you have as much positive feedback so that you can confidently share it with those who might need it. 

Thank you for introducing us to our baby gal!! We love her!"

— Meagan + Mike