"When we first got Jack (our first Scruff) we were so nervous about adopting a rescue, we had no idea what to expect, and if he would actually like us. It was especially hard because we knew senior had health issues. Everyone tried to talk us out of it, and kept telling us to get a puppy. But, after we met him, it just clicked. He was so funny, affectionate, and crazy about playing fetch. He was amazing. The good times made all the challenges worth while, he had become our baby. When we found out he had cancer a year later, we were devastated. Saying goodbye to him was honestly one of the hardest things we ever had to do. 

As days passed, we really began to feel like something was missing. There was no one to greet us when we got home or wake us up with cuddles and kisses. After a lot of consideration we decided we were ready be be a family of 3 again. Adopting from SOS had been such a great experience for us the first time, that the decision was easy. We knew how well SOS takes care of their pups, how transparent SOS was about the history of the dog we had previously chosen, and the support system was amazing. Anytime we had questions, or concerns, or even if we were going through a hard time we felt like the SOS team was there to support us. 

Chuck has been amazing! He's a love bug, cuddle monster, and Tasmanian devil all in one! He is so outgoing and full of energy. He is not a shy boy at all, he made himself right at home. We've been working with him on his resource guarding and minor anxiety and is now sharing toys and feeling comfortable home alone. He is super excited and happy about life and we love him for that. Chuck has really completed our family, and we feel like he's been with us furever. 

People often ask why we don't buy a puppy to "start fresh". We simply tell them that the satisfaction, and unconditional love you get from a rescue pup is incomparable. Besides that, there are so many out there that need a furever home. We cannot thank SOS enough for everything they have done with dogs. Without SOS we would have never had our Jack or Chuck."

— Negar