"It has been a full year since we adopted this bundle of cuteness! Hunter, now known as Coconut has settled in nicely. I'll admit I was a little hesitant when my girlfriend wanted to get a rescue. We already had three cats and an older black lab. He may be the cutest pup I have ever seen, but I knew the work would outweigh his cuteness. I kept hearing 'you never know what you're getting when you get a rescue' but do you ever really know what you're getting when you bring a new dog into your home, regardless of size, age, colour, shape, etc.? 

Coconut came with some trust issues (other terms: he didn't like humans) especially when he was on lead. With patience, guidance, a whole lot of love and a ton of dog park days his circle of human friends expanded as did his trust. This was a huge surprise to me. I did not think you could get a two year old pup to change his demeanour in such a short period. Coconut is now a celebrity at the dog park. Once he realized that this was his forever home and there would be no more bouncing from house to house and new human to new human he was able to find a comfort place, not only on our couch, but in his head and heart. I remember reading on his vet papers from California (where he was found on the streets eating scraps that never made it to the garbage cans) that he was to be euthanized because of aggressive behaviour. He didn't have aggressive behaviour problems, he had 'no one loved him' problems.

Thanks to Save Our Scruff, Coconut has found his forever comfort zone and we get to cherish his happy wagging tail everyday. Coconut has brought the sense of fulfillment and the reality of happiness to our home." 

— Mike & Stephanie