"After walking, boarding and volunteering for a couple of years, I simply could not spend another minute without a pup of my own. Once I had made the decision, it was just a matter of waiting until the right rescue pup came along who fit my lifestyle and what I was looking for. And then came PICKLES! From the moment I laid my eyes on her picture, I knew she was perfect in every way. I immediately started working on getting to know her and the same night, I was already talking to her foster mom and asking her 101 questions about the girl who just had to be mine. 

Zoey is the love of my life. She is hilarious, so smart, abnormally good looking and has taken over my life and my heart in an instant. She gives me a reason to get out of bed everyday and I cannot wait to open my eyes in the morning just to see her. I find myself rushing home to be greeted by the sweetest most loving welcome anyone could ever hope for. 

SOS, I cannot thank you enough. What you do is incredible and so is everyone who works with you tirelessly to save all these little lives."

— Marissa