"Zane has truly come a long way since the first night we met him. We heard about him the night that our first foster was picked up by his new family- and immediately made the call. He met me late one night in September w/ his tail between his legs, and dragged me around the block anxiously trying to ground himself in his new surroundings. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew we weren't going to be giving him up. Maybe it was his "love me" eyes- or the fact that the first night he was with us we woke up to him sleeping in between us, under the covers. But since then, He has honestly transitioned into a totally different pup! He is super chill (with spurts of super un-chill) when we're at home, and now sleeps in our bed every night *eye roll*. His favourite thing ever? Running w/ his friends at the park + pretty much just spending ALL the time outside meeting new dogs and people. OH and destroying sticks. And while it may not always be sunshine and unicorns w/ this guy, he teaches us and gets us to live in the moment every day. We cannot imagine our lives without him, and are grateful for the crazy amount of support that SOS has given us before, during and after adoption. While we would have loved to open our home to more dogs - foster failing was the most rewarding stamp of failure we've ever received."

— Rachel & Andrew