"I actually don't know where to begin with Van! He is such a natural addition to our family, his transition was almost TOO seamless. The first week or so of arriving he was uber mellow, like he would pretty much eat, sleep and lay all the time (by himself). I think it was him just unsure of his surroundings and who these two weirdos were that are totally obsessed with him. He would slowly keep feeling us out, and getting more comfortable with us, and eventually lay with us in the living room. Well, my has that changed the last month. Van is the BIGGEST cuddler, like ever. He now sleeps in our bed, literally in between Mike and I, and he always wants to be around us. He is so at home, and has completely broken out of his shell. I think dog school and the dog park has helped with that as well. He's about half way done school, and is a shining star in his class. 

Like Mike and I, he LOVES the outdoors. Now that it's nice out it's Van and my morning ritual to go for an hour hike with Van. We actually just got home from a long hike as well. He is the sweetest little guy hiking too. He's amazing off leash in the forest. He tuns a head and will stop wait for us, then keep going. We are super excited to start taking him camping, I know he will be in heaven spending the weekends in the forest running, swimming & playing!

Mike and I are constantly saying how rescuing Van was the best decision we've ever made. Thanks SOS for bringing this endless energy fluffball into our lives!"

— Mackenzie & Mike