"We are obsessed! She is sweet, snuggly, hilarious and well behaved!

We've already been off leash in a few parks and dog parks and she is doing really well! Comes when she is called, etc. She loves throwing her toys around and rubbing her head against my body and snoozing on or around us. She sleeps in her crate at night for now but we let her roam free when we aren't at home and haven't had any issues! She did have a few accidents in the house for the first two or so days (to be expected) but once we spent a few days going outside frequently and rewarding her for peeing outdoors - we haven't had any more concerns.  

We are so over the moon in love with her and this has been such a fantastic week getting to know each other. Can't wait for the years to come!!

Thank you to all of you for your hard work and energy that went into getting her to her forever home! We are so grateful!"

— Sarah & Derek