"Our story began when our last dog passed away. Our home furless, quiet and empty.  We wanted some time before getting another dog which we knew was inevitable but were not sure which route to go.  We didn't want a puppy as there are so many older homeless dogs. So we decided RESCUE it was.  

Our thoughts were maybe we should try fostering instead of adopting at first.   So we went into 'foster' mind frame and up came MANCHA.  A 2 year old street dog from Mexico. Mancha flew into Toronto from Mexico and my daughter and I went to pick her. Well ... love at first sight.  She just took hold of our hearts and never let go.  As we were walking Mancha to our car as 'fosters' my daughter says to me 'you do know we’re keeping her'.  Yes I did. 

Mancha (now Luna) is awesome.  Fit right into our home and our lives.  Loved everyone.  Loved us even more.  We just couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have her.   The next few months were amazing but then Luna loved us a little to much.  She guarded all of us from leaving the house (nipping hands on door knobs, racing out door before us, etc.) and anyone coming in would have to be cleared through her first (she would sit on their feet and nip at hands if they tried to more and us if we tried to remove her).  My husband and I were struggling with her at this point and thinking we can’t live like this.  So after a lot of calls with SOS and talks with trainers we decided to take her to obedience classes.  What a difference that made!! Luna just needed to know that she did not have to take care of us ... we would take care of her. 

We trained her with BRB K9 in Ancaster.  What an amazing experience that was.  They trained me to train her.  What an amazing family member she is now.  We have compliments on how well behaved she is.  We are actually thinking of training her now as a therapy dog.   She is such a pleasure to have around.  We can take her pretty well anywhere and have her use her manners.  Loves to please us with tricks and silliness.  She has actually learned to play with other dogs instead of standing back and watching.  The first time I saw her try to play I had tears thinking 'This is a happy dog!'  We are so thankful to Save Our Scruff for bringing Luna into our lives.  My daughter reminds me regularly of how awesome of a dog Luna is and my husband has bonded with her like I’ve never seen him bond with our other pets.  Allergies to her and all!  Our One Year anniversary just passed and we can not imagine life without Luna (except maybe her hair – big shedder).  Thank you SOS!"

— Brigitte