"We really wanted to find a dog who would be a good fit for our lifestyle, and who we could provide a good home to. We'd heard about SOS through a friend, and really liked their approach.

Our first week with Bailey was very challenging. She had a hard time settling in, was terrified of everything, including us, and didn't even have much of an appetite. The patient and nonjudgmental advice we got from SOS gave us the information and the confidence we needed to get us through that rough patch, and today, about a month later, Jackson is the happiest dog we've ever seen. She's gentle, playful, a wonderful companion, and so sweet and affectionate. I've definitely been late to work a few days because I stopped to snuggle her and just didn't want to get up. I can't overstate how much we love her, and how much she's changed our lives for the better.

Our experience with SOS - before, during, and after the adoption - has been incredible, and we're so happy we chose to adopt with them. And we're so happy we have Jackson!"

— JJ & Cristina