The Dog-Go Project (Mexico)

The Dog-Go Project is a non-profit, 100% all volunteer-based organization. We rescue dogs in extreme situation of abandon and abuse. We give them the opportunity of a new life. We rehab them at 100%, giving them the love and care they had never had before. We teach them to trust humans again and then we work very closely with our rescue partners to find them responsible homes where they will be living a worthy, loving and respectful life. We raise awareness among society about the responsibility of having a dog. We make free spay and neuter clinics in the poorest communities. We are committed to education as the only real solution to the problem of overpopulation and animal abuse.

To learn more about The Dog-Go Project, click here to visit their website. Or, visit their Facebook page here and Instagram here.

THE DOG-GO PROJECT needS supplies!

Consider donating the following to The Dog-Go Project:

Flea and tick treatment (expired is fine)
Syringes 3ml and 1 ml
Latex Gloves
Some collars for the spay/neuter clinics
Crates (crates are never enough!)

Have any of these? Awesome! Email for more info!

Moringa's Mission / Los Ayudantes de Animales Republica Dominicana

Moringa's Mission(MM) is our in country partner in Dominican Republic. MM helps the Animals in need in the Sabaneta area and operate solely on donations and the support of the community. MM and Save Our Scruff work together to not only get animals off the streets and into great homes, but also to provide veterinary care + free spay and neuter clinics to the community. 

When a Dog from Dominican has been approved for a foster home in Canada, MM will provide the dog with the care, a home and the support it needs until they are ready to travel north.

We are very proud of our relationship with Moringa's Mission and look forward to the future of their organization and relationship with SOS. 

Here are some photos from our teams visit in April 2018, Photos by Megan Ewing

To learn more about Moringa's Mission, click here.

SOS pays for most monthly expenses for Moringa's Mission to run, by donating to Save Our Scruff, you are directly impacting the ability for MM's doors to stay open. If you'd like to make a direct donation to them, please visit their page above. To donate to SOS, visit our homepage. 

MORINGA'S MISSION needS supplies!

Consider donating the following to Moringa's Mission:

Canned food
Zip Lock bags
Pill Bials
Small bottles
Vitamin supplements
Antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds
Ear and eye medication

Have any of these? Awesome! Email for more info!

Geo Veterinary International

GeoVeterinary International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for a small group of veterinarians, technicians, and assistants to participate in volunteer veterinary work in foreign countries.  The mission is basic, to practice pure veterinary medicine at no cost to the local population and to work alongside community veterinarians and animal support groups, all to improve the well-being of a street animal or owned pet and ultimately impact the quality of veterinary care for a community in need.

Our relationship with Geo Vets is beneficial in that we can trust that they are able to provide and preform adequate vetting care, so that we can do everything else. Helping local communities by bringing supplies, education and support is something we are very proud to spend our resources and time on. 

Save Our Scruff and Geo Veterinary International plan annual Spay + Neuter Clinics together and visit communities in need of care and help. 

Here are some photos of our 2018 clinic in Dominican Republic, Photos by Megan Ewing

To learn more about Geo Veterinary International, click here