Please fill out this application if you don't see a dog you'd like to adopt and have some specific ideas of what you're looking for and are ready to adopt in the near future. Please include any relevant details about what you'd ideally like in a dog in place of the dog’s name (Size, energy level, age, etc). Please also include any prior experience that you have - although new dog owners are welcome.

Please note, submitting this application does not mean you are automatically approved for adoption. You will need to go through the full adoption process including an interview, reference check and submitting photos of your home. Note that the type of dog you are looking for may not be readily available and while we will do our best to find a dog that best suits your criteria it's unfortunately not always possible. A bit of flexibility goes a long way in rescue! Consider opening your hearts and homes to dogs who are past the puppy stage, maybe shed a little bit (hypoallergenic dogs can be tough to come by!) and who maybe need a bit of extra support to perfect certain skills. Please be patient and we will reach out to you if we find a suitable pooch!