laura, founder

Started with SOS: Way too long/forever/never ending
Fave SOS things: When my inbox is empty. Seeing scruffs randomly on the street. When my friends/family members reach out to me and tell me they heard someone talking about SOS. Seeing the friggen dedication from ppl I don't even know. Dogs.
Fave Non-SOS things: Rainbows. Clouds. Bubbles. Really good lighting. Fairy lights. More lights. Crystals putting rainbows on walls. Tie dye. Guacamole. Really good music. Learning new things. Passionate people. Really good life chats. 

Jenna, Executive Director & Social Media Guru

Started with SOS: 2013
Fave SOS things: Events, Happy Endings, Alumni Updates, Meeting International Rescue Partners and bringing them supplies that change their life
Fave Non-SOS things: Nature, Guacamole, Yoga, Hammocks


andrea, alumni manager

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: All of the dogs...including my own scruff, Pac! Helping fosters and their pups become the best they can be. Saving dogs and taking names. The amazing SOS community...that’s actually everywhere!!!
Fave Non-SOS things: The environment, hiking with my dog, wildlife, anything coconut, the ocean, a good John Hughes movie or seven.

BRITTANY, events manager

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: Learning! I have learned SO much in the past few years with SOS. I started out as a foster and with each foster, event or interaction I have learned something new about dogs. 
The people - every single person involved with SOS genuinely loves dogs and really want to help. The passion that comes from each individual makes volunteering with SOS truely enjoyable. Also very importantly, we adopted our dog, Alaska from SOS and she brings so much joy to our lives, every day!!
Fave Non-SOS things: I love ice cream, spending time with my family and friends, ANYTHING outdoors and also love to bake!



cynthia, spay & neuter clinic manager

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: Spay/Neuter clinics (original huh?)
Fave Non-SOS things: Dogs, Hiking, Climbing Mountains, Running, Yoga, Travel


Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: Aside from adorable pups?! The amazing dedication SOS has to helping deserving dogs around the world. The team's commitment is truly inspiring - it's wonderful to see a group of individuals come together and create such a powerful force for good! Also looking forward to my future foster fail, it's only a matter of time.
Fave Non-SOS things: Doing all the crafts, adventures in the great outdoors, daydreaming about travelling to far off places, and eating cookies!



Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: Always having great dog photos in my inbox, and wishing I could adopt them all. How dedicated the team at SOS is to rescuing as many dogs as possible, and finding them furever homes. 
Fave Non-SOS things: Traveling, art history, pasta. Being creative. Caramel iced coffees and cinnamon dolce lattes.


Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: Watching former fosters thrive in their forever homes and finding perfect scruffs for all my friends and family members to adopt. And the sweet merch.
Fave Non-SOS things: My freaking dog soulmate, Sally Stinker. Taking Sally to Bellwoods. Taking Sally to the beach. Snuggling Sally. Giving Sally treats. Bringing Sally to work. Sally.




Started with SOS: 2017
Fave SOS things: Is it taboo to say my scruff Alumni, Cheesy? But also, the hard work and dedication put into all the scruffs by this community. Seeing Scruff Alumni updates.
Fave Non-SOS things: Thor and Cheesy, my dogs are my #1 favourite (also my partner! Hi Sharon!). Road tripping and exploring with, (but also once in a while without) our dogs. Cottaging. 

felicia, intake, transport & donations manager

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: Working with dogs of all breeds, age and personalities. Being able to watch a dogs adoption journey from the second it steps off the plane to walks into its forever home.
Fave Non-SOS things: Spending time with my own dog, Duke, cooking up a storm and travelling.


Andrea, Partnerships and Signature Events

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: Working alongside some amazing people who constantly support, inspire and teach one another. The added benefit? We get to find some amazing dogs their loving furever homes! 
Fave Non-SOS things: My 20-year-old cat, Bob, discovering new music, heading to the cottage, travel, candy cane ice cream and hanging out with friends and family. 


kristine, vetting records coordinator

Started with SOS: 2013
Fave SOS things: My Scruff Success and Foster Fail, Georgia! As well as, my Scruff nieces, Rachel and Monica!
Fave Non-SOS things: Adventures in Ontario and beyond, camping, anywhere near a lake with a sunset, and coffee! 

laura, Events Coordinator for Burlington and Surrounding Areas

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: community love!!!!! oh and cuddling with cutie adoptables! 
Fave Non-SOS things: Yoga please!!!!!  and heading up to the cottage as much as possible!



Lauren, Lead Designer

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: My chihuahua, Andy — an SOS foster fail from Texas.
Fave Non-SOS things: My other dog Snapple, a rescue from California.

michelle, foster COUNSELLOR

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: my foster fail Rufo, rescuing dogs (duh), helping dogs find their furever home and helping people find a new member of their family, meeting new people, working alongside strong, empowering women that have now become my friends/family.
Fave Non-SOS things: Rufo, cooking, baking, eating, photography, painting, dogs


molly, fundraising manager

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: Being on a team of powerful and kind humans who all support each other to save more pups, & the dogs, of course!
Fave Non- SOS things: (Top 5) Yoga, ice cream, football, watching the Office on Netflix and kind people! 


Robyn, RVT, Vetting/intake manager & Foster coordinator

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: THE DOGS!!!, our amazing team, friendships, community involvement and knowing that we are making a difference in the animal community all over the world
Fave Non-SOS things: Family! especially my husband and two amazing dogs (Chief and Daisy), baking, selling Tupperware, spending time outside enjoying life , chilling and watching TV

Family Photo (1).jpg

Jenna, Adoption councellor

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS Things: Being part of a team that connects amazing dogs with their furever home! I also love that every time I connect a dog with their new owner in our database, I get to see the goofy picture of that pup. It puts the biggest smile on my face and makes my day!
Fave Non-SOS Things: Spending time with my Husband, daughter & dog! Watching my daughter and dog eat gold fishes together. Binge watching series on Netflix. Listening to Bon Jovi.  Lots and lots of Coffee. Bulk Barn (enough said) & mini-eggs. 

Simone, volunteer manager

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: the tightknit family, the amount of emails I get to respond too, helping out furry friends in need, the ADORABLE SCRUFFS I wish i could adopt
Fave Non-SOS things: my babies real & fur; Gabriel & Nacho #momlife, anything with carbs or cheese, the beach & travelling

IMG_0629 (1).jpeg

taylor, assistant adoption manager

Started with SOS: 2015
Fave SOS things: helping people find their perfect pooch and stalking them on social media afterward to see how they're doing, plus fostering! 
Fave Non-SOS things: giraffes, wine, trashy reality TV and true crime documentaries.

nicole, foster Manager

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: Fostering super cute scruffs. Watching people fall in love with their fosters. Being a part of something awesome. Reading hilarious dog bios. Spay & neuter clinics. SOS merch :)
Fave non-SOS things: My senior pup Penny. My kids. Chris. Family. Baking Cakes. Taking Photos. Drinking Wine. Laughing. Learning to play hockey. Chatting.  



katie, foster counsellor

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: My foster fail Belle , this amazing team (!!!), being able to help new fosters through the foster process, the updates from fosters, watching the dogs come out of their shells, foster fails
Fave Non-SOS things: my foster fail Belle, wine on the back deck, travelling (only two continents left!), being on horseback

vanessa (VC), adoption counsellor

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: My SOS Alumni, PRINCY! ...The epic SOS community of volunteers... Being able to 'talk dog" with fellow dog-lovers on a regular basis as an Adoption Counsellor... & The SOS Alpha Dogs: Laura & Jenna.... #squadgoals
Fave Non-SOS things: My personal collection of humans... 80's Pop Music & late 90's Boybands... Black coffee ... & the Hamilton Ticats. 



heather, adoption counsellor

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: Dogs. The Preloved clothing line. Sending "Congrats You Adopted a Dog" e-mails. 
Fave Non-SOS things: Camping. Dodgeball. Lays Dill Pickle Chips. Social Justice. Dogs (k and also cats). Horror Movies. Theatre. 

missy, adoption manager

Started with SOS: 2017
Fave SOS things: DOGS!, travelling to warm places to rescue dogs, helping match people with their dog 'soulmate'.
Fave Non-SOS things: Frank Ocean, beaches, travel, vegan tacos  & iced coffee



eleni, adoption counsellor

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: Finding dogs their forever homes!  I love talking to adoption applicants and sending out "congratulations on adopting your new scruff" emails!  I also love doing dog transports from Pearson airport :)
Fave Non-SOS things: Yoga, playing sports, reading, traveling, hanging out with friends and family (including my dog Lola and my cat Ozzy)

kylie, adoption counsellor

Started with SOS: 2017
Fave SOS things: Helping incredible dogs find their humans, working alongside some truly inspiring and devoted dog lovers, the dog bios (I love them!)
Fave Non-SOS things: Calvin (my drooly dog), my cats, laughing, music, orangutangs 


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 6.35.03 PM.png

sarah, adoption coordinator

Started with SOS: 2017
Fave SOS Things: 1. Being able to help match our scruffs with their perfect family! 2. SOS takes dogs of ANY kind and helps with training/medical/etc and then helps place them in their forever home. 3. The perks! (all the cuddles and playtimes at our many events!)
Fave Non-SOS Things: 1. My own pups (Charlie and Opal - scruff alum) 2. Traveling 3. Rocking out to Classic Disney Music!


Started with SOS: 2017
Fave SOS things: Spay and Neuter Clinic Managers, Dogs of all sizes, both 3 and 4 legged ones, Random acts of kindness, Paid Adoption Fees
Fave Non-SOS things: Running, Travel, Long/Difficult hikes, Dogs of all sizes, both 3 and 4 legged ones, Random acts of kindness

website photo.jpg


nicole, foster counsellor

Started with SOS: 2016
Fave SOS things: My foster fail Bridgette, all my previous fosters who I regularly stalk on Instagram, the SOS community, the amazing foster team!
Fave Non-SOS things: My other pup Tuna, cottaging, wine, soccer, true crime docs and books, reading, baking, attempting to garden but usually killing all the plants, kale salads, mint chip ice cream, popcorn!


Started with SOS: 2017
Fave SOS things: Meeting all the dogs!
Fave Non-SOS things: My daughter/family. Camping and the outdoors. Wildlife. My two dogs and multiple other pets.


image2 copy.jpeg

jessica, fundraising coordinator

Started with SOS: 2018
Fave SOS things: Meeting awesome people at our events, creating new partnerships, finding innovative and new ways to fundraise, fostering pups, airport transports
Fave Non-SOS things: Anything outdoors, trying new recipes and restaurants, meditation, beach life, naps

Andi, Donation Coordinator

Started with SOS: 2018
Fave SOS things: Watching my fosters learn how to dog from my canine partner in fostering - Louie, keeping donations organized and seeing the overwhelming support from the community for dogs in need
Fave Non-SOS things: Adventuring with Louie, being outside - hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, playing sports, my niece and nephew



ERIN, adoption coordinator

Started with SOS: 2018
Fave SOS things: Helping dogs in need find their people! And working with a team of endlessly helpful and thoughtful people.
Fave Non-SOS things: My rescue mutt Ned, sleeping in tents, lake swims, craft beer, thick books, breakfast food.