"Penelope came to us in February 2017 and we have been in love every day since. Penelope is a rescue from the Dominican who probably didn’t appreciate the Toronto winter season at first – who could blame her?! Even though she wasn’t a fan of the weather, she immediately became our biggest fan. As a puppy, she had difficulties walking due to poor nutrition after birth, but through a balanced diet and ongoing physio, she’s blossomed into an energetic and active little girl!

She is still quite shy at first when meeting people, which lasts about 5 minutes, and apprehensive around smaller children, but we see improvements everyday as she becomes more comfortable with unfamiliar situations and exposed to different environments. She’s the absolute sweetest girl in the world and is addicted to snuggling, cuddling and nuzzling with anyone and everyone.  

She continually makes us proud, as we see her grow up. We can’t thank Save our Scruff enough for bringing her into our lives!" 

— Maria & Peter



"We started our adoption process for Hunter back in December of 2016. The moment I saw his picture and read his bio on the website I knew he was meant to be ours. Hunter has grown to be a part off our little family and we couldn't imagine life without this handsome guy. We would do absolutely anything for him just to see him have a doggy-smile (including getting my butt up at 530am to play fetch with him before I leave for work haha). Hunter enjoys just about anything outdoorsy and loves the dog park! 

I have nothing but good things to say about everyone involved in our adoption process and the rescue as a whole! They do everything in their power to find the right family for their dogs!" 

— Angela and Mike



"We adopted Nala (formerly Nana) in December 2014. She came off the plane at three months from the Dominican Republic, and we realized right there in the middle of the airport that we were definitely not going to be able to let her join anyone else’s family but our own. Fostering for and adopting through SOS was one of the best decisions we ever made. We always felt supported and like we had a community to turn to if we needed anything. Nala has since made a pretty epic move to the Northwest Territories and is officially a winter dog now. Adopting a rescue isn’t always easy, but it is definitely always worth it!"

— Lauren and Emily



"Our first week with Dolly (formerly Crepa) was challenging to say the least. She was afraid of everything - elevators, buses, doorways. However, once she grew comfortable with us,  she worked through those fears like a champ. She has been an amazing addition to our family and we consider ourselves so lucky to have her. Watching her progress has been a wonderful experience and seeing her learn to trust us has been a real treat." 

— Ivana and David


"I can hardly believe it's been a whole year since you let me come and live with Mom.  My fur has almost all come back in. 

If you remember I am allergic to dust mites and a certain tall grass and my fur was pretty sparse.  I have to wear a t-shirt, actually they are quite comfy, in the house all the time which really helps with the dust mite problem.  Mom bathes me every week and washes my beds, all 4 of them regularly.  Can't say I am too crazy about the bath but I know it makes me feel better and Mom says I am really good standing for 5 minutes while the special shampoo from Dr. Christina does its job and of course it helps that Mom gives me little bits of carrots to pass the time.  I love raw carrots.

We still go for walks twice a day although sometimes I don't feel like it in the morning and I run upstairs and try to hide.  Mom says we both need the exercise so we usually go unless it is really cold and then Mom lets me be.  I mainly see my friends on our afternoon walks, their Moms don't make them walk in the morning.

I should tell you that I have not always been good, but mostly really.  Mom tells everyone I live to eat and sometimes she mistakenly leaves something within reach well maybe not necessarily in reach but I find a way to get to it.  I just can't resist, particularly cookies and peanut brittle.  I don't eat it all at once though, I like to hide some for later. 

Can't think of anything else to tell you except just to thank you for finding Mom for me I really love my forever home and Mom tells me she really loves me."

— Mary


"One year ago today this little Bahamian potcake entered our lives.  We can hardly remember what life was like before AKIRA and we don’t want to try! Over the last 12 months she has come completely out of her shell, showing her true curious and adorable self. A lover of pillows, long walks, sunbathing, and of course potato chips, she is an amazing little spoon and the most loyal companion her hoomans could ask for."

— Jessica


"We are obsessed! She is sweet, snuggly, hilarious and well behaved!

We've already been off leash in a few parks and dog parks and she is doing really well! Comes when she is called, etc. She loves throwing her toys around and rubbing her head against my body and snoozing on or around us. She sleeps in her crate at night for now but we let her roam free when we aren't at home and haven't had any issues! She did have a few accidents in the house for the first two or so days (to be expected) but once we spent a few days going outside frequently and rewarding her for peeing outdoors - we haven't had any more concerns.  

We are so over the moon in love with her and this has been such a fantastic week getting to know each other. Can't wait for the years to come!!

Thank you to all of you for your hard work and energy that went into getting her to her forever home! We are so grateful!"

— Sarah & Derek


"No one said adopting a dog was easy, or that a rescue dog was 'perfect' but we think it is worth it. There is definitely an adjustment period with your new pup but the settling in doesn't just happen naturally. Patience is key yes, but structure and guidance is also very important! 

It’s funny because we were walking her the other night, which means we were looking at Lulu and talking about Lulu and I turned to my wife and said, “What did we even talk about before we got the dog?” And she laughed, because it’s true. We’ve become those people. We haven’t even had her for two months, and I have trouble remembering what my life was like without her.
Thanks for the support. We’re proud to be part of the Save Our Scruff family. And there’s a good chance we’ll be back for more." 

— Angie & Belinda


"Finlee has adjusted with ease to his new home and family. Our children, parents, friends and neighbours have met him and he approves of them. In fact, he loves to have visitors , especially since they bring him treats!

His energy level is exceptional for a 10 year old. Tom takes him for a run through the park 3 times per week and I take him for walks daily and evening walks. We have learned about his counter surfing and creative ways of finding food, like cookies, potato chips and garbage. 

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and the dedicated team at Save our Scruff! We make a point of telling people about the adoption and your organization when we share Finlee's story with them."

— Tom & Lucia


"I actually don't know where to begin with Van! He is such a natural addition to our family, his transition was almost TOO seamless. The first week or so of arriving he was uber mellow, like he would pretty much eat, sleep and lay all the time (by himself). I think it was him just unsure of his surroundings and who these two weirdos were that are totally obsessed with him. He would slowly keep feeling us out, and getting more comfortable with us, and eventually lay with us in the living room. Well, my has that changed the last month. Van is the BIGGEST cuddler, like ever. He now sleeps in our bed, literally in between Mike and I, and he always wants to be around us. He is so at home, and has completely broken out of his shell. I think dog school and the dog park has helped with that as well. He's about half way done school, and is a shining star in his class. 

Like Mike and I, he LOVES the outdoors. Now that it's nice out it's Van and my morning ritual to go for an hour hike with Van. We actually just got home from a long hike as well. He is the sweetest little guy hiking too. He's amazing off leash in the forest. He tuns a head and will stop wait for us, then keep going. We are super excited to start taking him camping, I know he will be in heaven spending the weekends in the forest running, swimming & playing!

Mike and I are constantly saying how rescuing Van was the best decision we've ever made. Thanks SOS for bringing this endless energy fluffball into our lives!"

— Mackenzie & Mike


"After walking, boarding and volunteering for a couple of years, I simply could not spend another minute without a pup of my own. Once I had made the decision, it was just a matter of waiting until the right rescue pup came along who fit my lifestyle and what I was looking for. And then came PICKLES! From the moment I laid my eyes on her picture, I knew she was perfect in every way. I immediately started working on getting to know her and the same night, I was already talking to her foster mom and asking her 101 questions about the girl who just had to be mine. 

Zoey is the love of my life. She is hilarious, so smart, abnormally good looking and has taken over my life and my heart in an instant. She gives me a reason to get out of bed everyday and I cannot wait to open my eyes in the morning just to see her. I find myself rushing home to be greeted by the sweetest most loving welcome anyone could ever hope for. 

SOS, I cannot thank you enough. What you do is incredible and so is everyone who works with you tirelessly to save all these little lives."

— Marissa


"It has been a full year since we adopted this bundle of cuteness! Hunter, now known as Coconut has settled in nicely. I'll admit I was a little hesitant when my girlfriend wanted to get a rescue. We already had three cats and an older black lab. He may be the cutest pup I have ever seen, but I knew the work would outweigh his cuteness. I kept hearing 'you never know what you're getting when you get a rescue' but do you ever really know what you're getting when you bring a new dog into your home, regardless of size, age, colour, shape, etc.? 

Coconut came with some trust issues (other terms: he didn't like humans) especially when he was on lead. With patience, guidance, a whole lot of love and a ton of dog park days his circle of human friends expanded as did his trust. This was a huge surprise to me. I did not think you could get a two year old pup to change his demeanour in such a short period. Coconut is now a celebrity at the dog park. Once he realized that this was his forever home and there would be no more bouncing from house to house and new human to new human he was able to find a comfort place, not only on our couch, but in his head and heart. I remember reading on his vet papers from California (where he was found on the streets eating scraps that never made it to the garbage cans) that he was to be euthanized because of aggressive behaviour. He didn't have aggressive behaviour problems, he had 'no one loved him' problems.

Thanks to Save Our Scruff, Coconut has found his forever comfort zone and we get to cherish his happy wagging tail everyday. Coconut has brought the sense of fulfillment and the reality of happiness to our home." 

— Mike & Stephanie


"When we first got Jack (our first Scruff) we were so nervous about adopting a rescue, we had no idea what to expect, and if he would actually like us. It was especially hard because we knew senior had health issues. Everyone tried to talk us out of it, and kept telling us to get a puppy. But, after we met him, it just clicked. He was so funny, affectionate, and crazy about playing fetch. He was amazing. The good times made all the challenges worth while, he had become our baby. When we found out he had cancer a year later, we were devastated. Saying goodbye to him was honestly one of the hardest things we ever had to do. 

As days passed, we really began to feel like something was missing. There was no one to greet us when we got home or wake us up with cuddles and kisses. After a lot of consideration we decided we were ready be be a family of 3 again. Adopting from SOS had been such a great experience for us the first time, that the decision was easy. We knew how well SOS takes care of their pups, how transparent SOS was about the history of the dog we had previously chosen, and the support system was amazing. Anytime we had questions, or concerns, or even if we were going through a hard time we felt like the SOS team was there to support us. 

Chuck has been amazing! He's a love bug, cuddle monster, and Tasmanian devil all in one! He is so outgoing and full of energy. He is not a shy boy at all, he made himself right at home. We've been working with him on his resource guarding and minor anxiety and is now sharing toys and feeling comfortable home alone. He is super excited and happy about life and we love him for that. Chuck has really completed our family, and we feel like he's been with us furever. 

People often ask why we don't buy a puppy to "start fresh". We simply tell them that the satisfaction, and unconditional love you get from a rescue pup is incomparable. Besides that, there are so many out there that need a furever home. We cannot thank SOS enough for everything they have done with dogs. Without SOS we would have never had our Jack or Chuck."

— Negar


"Zane has truly come a long way since the first night we met him. We heard about him the night that our first foster was picked up by his new family- and immediately made the call. He met me late one night in September w/ his tail between his legs, and dragged me around the block anxiously trying to ground himself in his new surroundings. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew we weren't going to be giving him up. Maybe it was his "love me" eyes- or the fact that the first night he was with us we woke up to him sleeping in between us, under the covers. But since then, He has honestly transitioned into a totally different pup! He is super chill (with spurts of super un-chill) when we're at home, and now sleeps in our bed every night *eye roll*. His favourite thing ever? Running w/ his friends at the park + pretty much just spending ALL the time outside meeting new dogs and people. OH and destroying sticks. And while it may not always be sunshine and unicorns w/ this guy, he teaches us and gets us to live in the moment every day. We cannot imagine our lives without him, and are grateful for the crazy amount of support that SOS has given us before, during and after adoption. While we would have loved to open our home to more dogs - foster failing was the most rewarding stamp of failure we've ever received."

— Rachel & Andrew


"Our story began when our last dog passed away. Our home furless, quiet and empty.  We wanted some time before getting another dog which we knew was inevitable but were not sure which route to go.  We didn't want a puppy as there are so many older homeless dogs. So we decided RESCUE it was.  

Our thoughts were maybe we should try fostering instead of adopting at first.   So we went into 'foster' mind frame and up came MANCHA.  A 2 year old street dog from Mexico. Mancha flew into Toronto from Mexico and my daughter and I went to pick her. Well ... love at first sight.  She just took hold of our hearts and never let go.  As we were walking Mancha to our car as 'fosters' my daughter says to me 'you do know we’re keeping her'.  Yes I did. 

Mancha (now Luna) is awesome.  Fit right into our home and our lives.  Loved everyone.  Loved us even more.  We just couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have her.   The next few months were amazing but then Luna loved us a little to much.  She guarded all of us from leaving the house (nipping hands on door knobs, racing out door before us, etc.) and anyone coming in would have to be cleared through her first (she would sit on their feet and nip at hands if they tried to more and us if we tried to remove her).  My husband and I were struggling with her at this point and thinking we can’t live like this.  So after a lot of calls with SOS and talks with trainers we decided to take her to obedience classes.  What a difference that made!! Luna just needed to know that she did not have to take care of us ... we would take care of her. 

We trained her with BRB K9 in Ancaster.  What an amazing experience that was.  They trained me to train her.  What an amazing family member she is now.  We have compliments on how well behaved she is.  We are actually thinking of training her now as a therapy dog.   She is such a pleasure to have around.  We can take her pretty well anywhere and have her use her manners.  Loves to please us with tricks and silliness.  She has actually learned to play with other dogs instead of standing back and watching.  The first time I saw her try to play I had tears thinking 'This is a happy dog!'  We are so thankful to Save Our Scruff for bringing Luna into our lives.  My daughter reminds me regularly of how awesome of a dog Luna is and my husband has bonded with her like I’ve never seen him bond with our other pets.  Allergies to her and all!  Our One Year anniversary just passed and we can not imagine life without Luna (except maybe her hair – big shedder).  Thank you SOS!"

— Brigitte


"Thanks again for being such a professional and conscientious agency - this has been an awesome experience and I'm so impressed by how thorough and thoughtful the process has been. You are all doing amazing work! Thanks so much to all the amazing people at Save Our Scruff for bringing this gentle gem into my life, and doing such amazing and important work to find good homes for dogs."

— Meghan



"We really wanted to find a dog who would be a good fit for our lifestyle, and who we could provide a good home to. We'd heard about SOS through a friend, and really liked their approach.

Our first week with Bailey was very challenging. She had a hard time settling in, was terrified of everything, including us, and didn't even have much of an appetite. The patient and nonjudgmental advice we got from SOS gave us the information and the confidence we needed to get us through that rough patch, and today, about a month later, Jackson is the happiest dog we've ever seen. She's gentle, playful, a wonderful companion, and so sweet and affectionate. I've definitely been late to work a few days because I stopped to snuggle her and just didn't want to get up. I can't overstate how much we love her, and how much she's changed our lives for the better.

Our experience with SOS - before, during, and after the adoption - has been incredible, and we're so happy we chose to adopt with them. And we're so happy we have Jackson!"

— JJ & Cristina


"I just wanted to say that Save Our Scruff is an amazing organization, and THANK YOU for making this whole adoption happen! I've been following the Instagram account since it started and I'm so happy I now get to be one of the many #scruffsuccess posts :) It's awesome to see how many dogs are now in loving homes because of you guys, so keep doing what you're doing!"

— Lauren