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SOS CALENDAR ORDER IS HERE. Oh bananas, do we have an offer for you! Details below!

Sell 20, Get 1 Free!

And not only that, but for each calendar package sold, we will send a doggy gram to your office, holiday party, etc to drop off the calendars. YES, A REAL LIFE DOG!

How you ask????! Collect $25 for each calendar from your friend, family, neighbour, co-worker, secret Santa lover in your life. Once you have collected the $500 (no taxes needed), all you have to do is ORDER here and BOOM you're done. 1 fee calendar for you!

So, what could this task look like in terms of fundraising efforts for SOS?!

Each SOS CALENDAR PACKAGE purchased in the month of December will rescue 1 dog, yes you saw that right.. 1 DOG from Manitoba arriving before the holidays!

So, it's YOUR turn now. Get active. Start your email thread with your social circles to see who wants to order one! Then come back here and put your order in!

Take responsibility and help save 1 local dog from a life unknown. We believe in you. 

Any questions, please reach out to