Cheeseburger's rescue story is sad but unfortunately not too uncommon. As a puppy Cheesy was a little nervous and developed some nervous barking and nipping when he felt threatened. Cheesy's owners went to the vet and asked the vet to recommend a trainer to work with him. Based on the vets recommendation they hired the trainer and began diligently working based on the trainers suggestions. Despite their hard work his behaviour got worse and eventually the trainer recommended euthanasia. As a last ditch effort they reached out on Facebook and the story caught the attention of a woman that works mainly with cat rescue but she used her contacts and resources to reach out to the rescue community looking for a rescue willing to take Cheesy. Save Our Scruff agreed to take Cheesy and send him to training. After arriving at training we discovered the techniques suggested by the previous trainer were not only ineffective, but we're actually encouraging aggression with strangers. Cheesy has a long road to recovery, aside from having to forget his previous training that conditioned him to be untrusting and show aggression, he also needs to gain confidence and learn that strangers aren't threatening. 

Currently Cheesy is living the good life at training where he is safe from euthanasia. He has a lady crush that he pokes noses with, he gets to do obedience and play fetch, he gets all kinds of affection and best of all he's getting the confidence he needs to feel safe around new people. 

Cheesy's story isn't unique and Save Our Scruff is one of very few rescues willing to take dogs with behaviour problems. Training isn't cheap but we appreciate that the value of the dogs' life is greater than the expense of training. Please consider donating to help Cheesy and other dogs that have had their lives changed by rehabilitation. So far, our bill for Cheesy is $6200 and counting. We have raised just under $500 and are asking for your help to help get us the rest of the way. 

If you have fallen in love with Cheesy, please email about adoption