Success Stories



M | 11 M | Egyptian Baladi | 50 lbs | Medium energy | Goofball | A bit stubborn | Loves attention | Not house trained | Nervous of the outdoors | Particular w Dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Meet OLLIE from Egypt! This guy has a big personality to match that lanky frame and is looking for a home who can continue to help him work on all skillz. OLLIE is a big sweetheart and has discovered that life in Canada comes with A LOT OF SNUGGLES, which is great because he has the softest fur of all time. You can kiss your personal space goodbye, but you’ll be warm as heck this winter. If he’s not sleeping right next to you on the couch you can find him practicing his yoga by folding himself into a tiny little ball on the floor. OLLIE can be a bit of a rascal and loves to chew everything so if he doesn’t have a pile of toys and a watchful eye your couch and pillows may pay the price. He wants all the attention to be on him so he can be a little territorial with other dogs. He is living with another dog and they occasionally have their moments but are the best of friends for the most part. He should only go to a home with another dog if the hoomans of the house know how to manage that kind of sibling rivalry. OLLIE needs some help with all basic training including house training. He’s currently getting over his fear of the great outdoors however can be nervous on busy city streets. He has shown a lot of progress with house training in the past couple weeks but will need a consistent schedule. He is STUBBORN and will only sit or give paw if he KNOWS there is food as reward. He’s relatively good on leash but could use some work with heeling. He hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. OLLIE is sweet and hilarious and will totally win you over with his puppy dog eyes. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt.



M | 2 Y | Jack Russell Terrier mix | 13 lbs | LA | Medium energy | Happy go lucky | Loves everyone | Excitable | Playful | Adaptable | Dog social | Good with older kids | Not cat tested but probs ok l NON SHEDDING

Welcome HUMBERTO aka BERT! This happy go lucky guy has A TON of personality packed into that tiny body. BERT is a very loving dog and definitely wants to be BFFs with everyone and everything. He loves attention and the more you have to give him the better. He currently lives with another dog and while there's definitely some sibling rivalry it's in the nicest way - he just tries to place himself between his people and his fur brother like ya he cute I guess but how much cuter am I?! SNUGGLE ME FOREVER. He would fit into pretty much any living situation. He's medium energy and does well with one good walk per day plus bathroom breaks. He is housetrained! He's very good at mirroring the emotions of his humans, super chill when you're relaxing on the couch but equally pumped for adventures when you are. Like a true JRT he is playful and easily excitable. He does tend to nip when he gets overly excited so may not be suited to a home with young children. It's not in an aggressive way though and should be easily corrected with consistent training. Also true to his breed he has confidence for dayyyzzz and happily struts around the dog park like a boss, pretty much ignoring other dogs. Bye Felicia. He has springs for legs and loves to jump all over you in excitement. He pulls a bit on walks but he's working on it. He's very smart and would absolutely kill it in obedience classes. #goldstar BERT hasn't been tested with cats but he's such a happy boy we think he'd be fine. Ready for your new snuggle buddy?



M | 1 Y | Lab mix | China | Medium energy | Independent | Friendly | Loves walks and adventures | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Meet NIKO - our second rescue from China! He's a little jealous that his buddy SAM got posted as the first ever SOS dog from China but whatever, he'll get over it. Maybe. We're totally kidding - NIKO is sooo chill and friendly and awesome that he doesn't care about any of that drama. There's not a mean or jealous bone in his body. This guy has a pretty awesome temperament and is the ideal balance of active and chill. He LOVES going for adventures and would walk forever if that's what you wanted but doesn't judge you if you need to cut it short for a Netflix marathon. He's independent when he needs to be but also happy to show you lots of love and appreciation if that's what you're in to. He is fine in a crate if you give him a bunch of treats as compensation for being good. AREN’T WE ALL THOUGH?! His tail is always wagging and he's always happy to see you. He was unsure of a male once, but since has had no issues. This may be something to watch in his forever home. He’s learning his basic commands and working on his leash skills. He does have a tendency to zig zag all over a cut you off if you let him but responds well to a strong leader who sets the tone for the walk. He loves hanging out with other dogs but can be a little excitable around them and will occasionally act as a bit of an instigator. He's still very puppy like - he's easily excitable and has some puppy habits like nipping while playing. He is a very fast learner and for example went from being terrified in the car to being a backseat driver (this isn’t the way to the park). Overall NIKO is an amazing dog so fill out your application now. 



M | 5 M | Chi mix | 10 lbs | LA | Medium energy | Shy at first | Very affectionate | Apartment dog | Needs training | Chewer | Dog social | Not cat or kid tested

Heeyyyy BOO. Meet the next member of our LA Chi pack up for adoption. BOO is a sweet boy and is definitely suited to apartment living. He’s medium energy so as long as he gets some good exercise each day he’s cool. He’s small and relatively quiet in the home, only letting out a little bark or two if he hears a noise in the hallway, cause you know… scary guard dog. He can very shy at first especially around other dogs. He gets nervous when approached by other dogs on walks, especially the big guys, but eventually his curiosity sets in and he’s able to greet the dog without any issues. At home he’s much more comfortable and is currently living with another dog. With his people he’s extremely affectionate and is a total lap dog. #bugaboo He has a face that makes you want to say yes to pretty much anything and snuggle him all day long. With routine and more exposure we hope this little guy will become more confident and start to explore everything the world has to offer.BOO is a puppy still and requires work across the board with training. He doesn’t really know his name (so you can pretty much call him whatever you want) but does respond to tone and body language. He’s almost perfected his use of pee pads in the home and rarely has accidents. He doesn’t really understand basic commands but is crate trained and good on leash. We’d love an adoptive home who will continue to show BOO the ropes, possibly taking him to work, attending basic obedience, etc. He’s not cat or kid tested. Fill out an application to adopt



M | 4 M | Chi Mix | 8lbs | LA | Low to Medium energy | SNUGGLES | Shy and Nervous | Smart but needs training | Not house trained | Loyal | Good with Kids | Dog and Cat Social

Meet CASPER the friendly puppy! This little cutie is very affectionate and is just looking for his own Christina Ricci to love him forever. Can I keep you? YUUUPPPPP. He may have a spooky name but there’s no need to be afraid of this little ghost, he just wants to snuggle up to you ALL THE TIME. In fact, CASPER is quite afraid of the outdoors still and can be nervous in new situations. Coming from a hoarding situation in LA he hasn’t really been exposed to much, so outside the comfort of his home is just plain scary. This means walks can be challenging and he’ll need a patient owner to help him overcome his fears. At the same time it’s important not to baby him and reinforce his fearful behaviours. If you do manage to walk him far enough from his home he proudly struts back like A BOSS so we know there’s a confident pup in there somewhere just waiting to shine. Inside the home CASPER loves people and would love if you hosted weekly brunch parties so he could go from lap to lap getting all the snuggles. You bring the mimosas, he’ll bring the love. He’s very affectionate and will make everyone in the room feel special but is always checking in with his person like is this ok mom?! CASPER is crate trained and working on his basic commands. He’s very smart and will do well with consistent training. He’s not very food motivated so training will again require some patience. He’s almost fully housetrained but still has the occasional accident, especially on beds. SO COMFY. He’s playful and loves fetch, but indoors only as he’s still working his way up to being outside. CASPER is a happy go lucky guy and is good with dogs, cats and kids. 



M | 1 Y | Australian Terrier Mix | LA | Medium energy | Funny and loving | Shy at first | Listens well | Needs training | Apartment dog | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Putting the scruff back in Save Our Scruff – meet BOBBY! This wire haired guy is cute as heck and has a shining personality to match his good looks. BOBBY is funny and affectionate and just loves… well LOVE. He may be shy at first but warms up very quickly. He wants to be up close and personal with his people at all times and has zero sense of personal space. He’s like your lap is my lap and I will snuggle up on you whenever I please, thanks bye. BOBBY would be fine in a house or a condo and could live with or without another dog. He’s medium energy and appreciates a good walk per day with bathroom breaks. His leash skills are good but he occasionally gets nervous when meeting new people or dogs while on walks. If he gets nervous he will bark but is otherwise a very quiet pup. His manners are pretty good and his foster even took the time to put together a report card for him. House training: A, but may still mark in new places. #mine Basics like come, sit and stay: B+, cause he’s a smart cookie. Crate training: A, so like basically on the honour roll. BOBBY listens very well and it’s clear he wants to please his people so he would definitely benefit from someone who is willing to continue with his training. He loves his people but will not hesitate to put himself to bed in his crate when he’s just over it. He loves food and also does very well in the car, meaning he legit falls asleep in four seconds. He’s good when meeting other dogs but hasn’t been tested with cats or kids.



M | 9 M | Rat Terrier Mix | South Carolina | High energy | PLAYFUL | Likes routine | Smart but needs training | Not house trained | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Looking for a playful pup to kick your butt into gear and help you live that can’t stop won’t stop kind of life? Meet RATATOUILLE! Get ready to be stopped by strangers all day telling you what a cool dog you have, because with his one blue eye, one brown eye, spots, and crazy giant rabbit ears, this guy is as unique as they come. RATATOUILLE has one thing on his mind and that’s PLAYTIME. He’s high energy and legit won’t stop, ever. He definitely does NOT have an off switch so he’ll need active adopters who can keep up with him. Luckily he’s pretty good at occupying himself if you need a quick nap as long as he has a mountain of toys to choose from. He’s rambunctious and excitable which means he tends to jump up, but is otherwise quite gentle so we think he’d be great in a home with kids to run around with, although he’s not officially kid tested. He’s still young so he’s working on all basic training including house training. He benefits from structure and does very well with routine, so we’re looking for a firm yet patient owner who will lay down the law. We would also like him to attend obedience classes as he’s very smart but needs some direction in order to harness all that intelligence into something positive. He occasionally remembers that he needs to sit and be calm for things like treats and food, but it’s a work in progress because PLAYTIME IS BETTER THAN EVERYTHING. DUH. He would do well as an only dog or a second dog as long as his new pal will play with him… like all the time. He hasn’t been tested with cats. RATATOUILLE is a sweet, fun loving guy and will be the perfect dog for someone who likes to live in the fast lane.



2Y l 20lbs l Jack Russel Mix l Medium Energy l Dog Social l Not Cat/Kid Tested l Needs Training l Loving l Fun & Playful

Meet our newest rescue DAISY! DAISY is a medium energy girl. She has a good balance between play and chill time and is ready to follow your lead. DAISY is described by her foster as “fun, loving, energetic and cuddly”. So practically everyone’s sole mate. She is dog social but is a little shy/slow to warm up. She has not been tested with cats but does show signs of prey drive. She needs work with this as she does react to animals on leash as they are ALL her play toys! SO FLUFFY.DAISY is also described as being affectionate, curious and rambunctious. She is simply to say PUMPED about her second chance at life!! (rescues are the besttt). She is currently in an apartment and doing great but she could adjust to live in any sized space! She benefits from from at least an hour of excerise per day but more then that would make her feel the most spoiled. She is currently working on her walking skills with her foster as well as her potty training. As mentioned, she can be reactive on leash when she sees new fury friends that she can’t quite reach. As well, she is currently going to the bathroom in the house as soon as she gets in from a walk and will need continued training to help her understand the proper procedure. We definitely can help this process by having you chat with our trainer for tips and tricks. She also LOVES fetch and is entering the Olympics for speed. DAISY is an incredibly sweet girl that is looking for someone to help her with overall obedience as well as mastering some skills. She will need someone who is dedicated to help her get some gold stars, with a little encouragement, guidance and stability. She honestly just wants to show you she loves you and will do whatever it takes! If that is you, please fill out an application to ADOPT



1-2Y l 40lbs l Beagle Mix l High Energy l Dog Social l Not Kid/Cat Tested l Prey Drive

Excited, happy, outgoing, fun.. Meet THELMA! This adorable pup travelled from South Carolina as she was not getting noticed at the shelter she was in and was at risk of euthanasia, we're not sure why because she’s AMAZING! THELMA is a young and eager high energy girl that will bounce from couch to couch because WE ARE PLAYING THE LAVA GAME. THELMA is looking for someone who is fun loving and excited about life just like her but that can also help continue to train her to success of words like... sit, stay? That everyone keeps talking about. She is absolutely amazed by the world and needs someone to help her think twice because she wants to run into it full speed. Unless she hears you want to cuddle, that’s an option too. THELMA was initially a little timid upon arrival but has adjusted into the outgoing girl we heard she was. She is pretty adaptable to any fast paced lifestyle and just needs someone to help focus her attention! She is dog social but has not been tested with cats or kids. She has high prey drive as her fav activity is squirrel patrol so she may not be fond of a feline friend. She is likely good with older kids, and just need monitoring with little ones until boundaries are set. She does not show signs of aggression but will probably jump and lick a kid into being a dog person. If you’re ready for long walks and training dates mixed with fun loving and cuddle sessions, run full speed into filling out an ADOPTION application. 



F | 1 Y | Pointer Mix | 47 lbs | Med-high energy | Separation anxiety | Playful | Affectionate | Smart | AMAZING with kids | Great with other dogs | Not cat tested

Welcome ELLA FITZGERALD! In addition to being stop you in your tracks adorable ELLA is a total sweetheart. She absolutely loves people and if she could snuggle up on your lap all day she totally would. A 50 lb lap dog ready to keep you warm during those winter months! She has a serious fear of being left behind by her people and this has resulted in separation anxiety. She's aware of where her people are at all times. If she's snoozing on the couch don't even try to sneak out of the room because she will notice and she will follow you. She's the ultimate stalker. When she's left alone she paces, cries and barks so an apartment is not a good fit for her right now. ELLA will need someone with a flexible schedule and a lot of patience to help her overcome this fear. She is a total family dog and the more people around the better. She is AMAZING with kids - so gentle and loving and will instantly become their BFF. Even the littlest ones! ELLA is smart and overall very well mannered in the home. She'll need a bit of help with leash skills but seems to respond well to training. She's house trained and knows basic commands. ELLA is a young and athletic pup so she definitely needs a couple of good walks per day and would benefit from a daily run/play session to help her expend some energy too. She's great with other dogs - super playful and has already become like the most popular girl at her local dog park. No bigs. A second dog in the home might help her overcome her separation anxiety and two are always better than one! She hasn't been tested with cats. Ready to shower ELLA with love? What are you waiting for, fill out an application. 



F | 2 Y | South Carolina | Lab mix | 50 lbs | Low to medium energy | Playful | Affectionate | Protective of her humans | Great with dogs | LOVES kids | Good with cats

Helllloooo bombshell! Meet the one and only MARILYN MONROE. This girl is as sweet as she is beautiful and is ready for a furever fam to call her very own. She’s low to medium energy and doesn’t need super long walks but she LOVES playtime with all her dawgs, both human and canine kind. And if you do want her to run around with you she will because if you’re into it, she’s into it! (No marathons tho, k?!) MARILYN does have some gait abnormality, which cause her legs to turn out and it looks a bit funny when she walks or runs, but she don’t care. She loves her toys and will happily bring them all to you so you guys can play fetch. She’s very smart and has been hitting a ton of milestones in foster care. She’s become much better on leash and now heels for the most part. She’s amazing in her crate, knows her basic commands and gives the best high fives EVER. One thing she has not mastered in staying off the furniture. She just doesn’t get it OR is just being a stubborn diva. Either way she definitely claims the couch, bed and anything else that looks inviting as her own. This includes your lap and she doesn’t think twice about getting up close and personal so hopefully YOU love to snuggle too. MARILYN MONROE is very affectionate and LOVES kids. She’d be a great family dog. She is currently living with another dog and a cat and is doing just fine. Although her energy level is suited to an apartment she is a barker and will protect her family when she hears outside noises. In general MARILYN is just so happy about life and has a permanent smile on her face. She is currently being treated for whipworms. If you’d like this babe to brighten up your life fill out an application. 



BLUE l 5M l 35lbs l Lab/Husky Mix l PUPPYYYYY l Medium Energy l LAP DOG l Great Second Dog l Outgoing Active l Separation Anxiety l LOVES dogsl l Kid Social l Not Good w Cats l Barks

Meet everyone’s new best friend BLUE! He is an energetic puppy looking for as may Tinder dates as possible, human.. dog.. whatever! He is a courageous and curious pup that is ready for the world around him. He will need someone who has time and patience to work with puppies. He is very excitable and will need to be shown boundaries.. but it will all be worth it by the amount of cuddles and kisses you will receive. Lap dog? YES. He has some separation anxiety that he is working on with at his fosters but we think he would be best suited for a home with another young/energy filled pup that can keep him company and tire him out day to day. That or someone home a bunch or a family willing to bring him to a day school like @unleashedinthecity He is totally a suck and although loves playing with other puos, would much rather be laying on your chest all day. He is a doll to have around and is a great companion. He is house and crate trained but is going through his teething stage. His fav thing ever is to meet new pals so dog parks.. uh, yes. Side note: BLUE was surrendered to us because he was NOT good with the family cat. If you love his personality as much as his beautiful BLUE eyes, apply to adopt him



F l 1Y l 45lbs l Border Collie Mix l VERY High Energy l Needs Stimulation l 4+ hours exercise daily l Spunky/Fun/Outgoing l Dog Social l Not tested w Cats (shows prey drive) l Good w Kids on leash/needs more experience l Smart

Looking for a spunky best friend who is easily distracted, high energy, tons of fun and LOVES games, mental stimulation... And need I say more? Yes? MEET ARROW! Just like her name, she is moving FAST and hopefully in a direction of a furever home! She loves and is curious of everything in the world. Sit, run, squirrel, toy, food, new friend, nap, repeat. True to her border collie mixing, she is high energy and ready to herd her new family into gear. ARROW has sat back long enough and let others live the 'adoptive life' but now its her turn. She is ready to impress her new home with back kicks, new tricks and anything else she thinks will impress them (okay fine sometimes she gets bossy but like that back flip was a 10/10 not a 9/10.. What were you thinking?). ARROW is ready to play with you, dog mates (sometimes too tough for smalls), or a leaf for as many hours as you will dedicate to her! But hopefully you can dedicate A LOT cause she currently gets about 4+ hours of exercise a day and is still WIRED. Who's ready for agility classes.. THIS GIRL! She is not your Stranger Things marathon kind of partner, unless you've really worked her that day. ARROW would much rather deliver you a beer or build her own dog house. 4 hours a day of exercise plus mental games would be prime! She is well mannered and looking for someone to continue to coach her to success! She loves and is great at walking, can sit before a meal and would love if you could expect even more for her! We'd love to see ARROW in a home with lots of outlets for her to be stimulated. Whether it's morning runs, midday dog walker followed by late dog park excursions or visiting @unleashedinthecity for a fun day working out that bod. She is ready to jump into your arms if you think she'd be the one!



1Y | 25lbs l Mix Breed l Medium Energy l Gentle l Calm Inside/Playful Outside l Very Friendly l Great Second Dog l Learning to love Cats/Curious l Kid Friendly

This beauty is HUGO! Happy to be here, this dude is the sweetest guy! HUGO is very happy go lucky and is suitable for pffft all the lifestyles. He's easy going and just down for whatever. He is currently being fostered in house with a second dog and some cats and a lovely backyard. HUGO is able to be alone with his foster siblings and is happy to get some walks in later in the day and then come home in cuddle. On the flip side, he is very adaptable as he loves making new human or furry friends and would do well with a wild family that has lots of time for him throughout the day, apartment, or office dog. Okay, that sounds really nice. He likes being around the fun and that's usually with cool human friends. He is very gentle and would be a great doggy to your kids! He is calm in the home and playful outside making him the perfffff mix of just everything ever. He is awesome at dog parks and has great manners to show his furever home. He has a little bit of prey drive with smaller animals so may not be best for a home with bunnies or other rodents. He's curious and just doesn't get that they don't want to play with him like everyone else does. He's a little excitable as his nice life in Toronto is already way different from his space in Mexico.  He whimpers a bit when he doesn't know what to do with himself but settles easily with direction. He is learning to love cats (aren't we all) and has loved kids he meets on the streets and would be great at continuing to build a relationship with these small dudes! He does get mouthy during play so will need to be shown boundaries. He is overall a great example of how rescue dogs can really be GREAT companions. He's been bouncing around for 1 year of life and is ready to settle into your warm home and heart.



F | 5 M | Terrier Mix | Atlanta | 11 lbs but growing | High energy | Can't stop, won't stop | Needs training | Not fully house trained | Very curious | Happy go lucky | Good with dogs | Loves kids | Not cat tested

We got dogs in Atlanta! Meet DOBIE - this sweet little thang hails from the Peach State and is a happy go lucky pup. Loves everything and everyone! She's approximately 5 months old and and equal parts awkward and adorable. We think she'll be medium sized when fully grown, possibly slightly smaller. DOBIE is a puppy and legit can't stop, won't stop. She has unlimited energy, is easily excitable, a little rambunctious at times and is so curious about the world around her. It's mandatory that her adopters have the time to devote to properly training her. She's very smart but still learning all the basics and would benefit from obedience school. She's been working on crate training in her foster home but will bark when she's initially put in there. She's not fully house trained and will need a home with a flexible schedule so she can be let out throughout the day. Her leash skills are pretty good and she travels well in the car. ROAD TRIP! DOBIE is very playful and would do well with a second dog as a BFF. She loves kids but keep in mind she is still young and rambunctious so slightly older children might be best. She hasn't been tested with cats. DOBIE is a typical puppy, like go, go, go, go.... Then promptly falls asleep nestled under your chin making adorable puppy sounds. Being cute is like soooo exhausting. If you'd like to meet this sweet babe fill out an application to ADOPT. 



F | 1 Y | Miniature Poodle | 8 lbs | Mexico | Low energy | Loves naps | Very affectionate but a little shy | Lap dog | Barker | Separation anxiety | Dog social | Good with kids | Not cat tested

A little curly haired pup called WANDA! This little cutie is building a following in Toronto, making pals at the park and attending events around the city like a celebrity. She’s walking the red carpet at TIFF as we speak. WORK IT GUURLLL. WANDA can be a little shy at first but once she warms up she LOVES all the attention you can give her and gives tons back in return. She’ll happily follow you around the house (or like you could totally carry her like the QUEEN she is) and she loves to snuggle. Her favourite activity is sleeping so having a number of comfy spots in your pad is key. She’s low energy and doesn’t need too much space so she’d be a good apartment dog as long as you (and your neighbours!) are ok with some barking. She does tend to bark when her humans leave the house and has shown some separation anxiety. As she develops trusts and can be confident that you’re definitely coming back this behaviour might change but she will need support and patience. Alternatively she would love if someone was home most of the time. She is SUPER excited to see you when you get home and we can pretty much guarantee it’ll become the best part of your day. She’s almost fully house trained but might require a bit of help from her adopters while she gets settled in her furever home. She’s already good on leash. She’s good with dogs and kids (as long as they recognize how teeny she is) but hasn’t been tested with cats. WANDA has a loose left kneecap and she’ll occasionally stick her leg out as it pops back into place. It’s hard to say what the long term effects will be but she may potentially need surgery at some point in the future. Ready to welcome this tiny little ball of love into your life? Fill out an application to ADOPT. 



F | 1 Y | Rottweiler mix | 45 lbs | South Carolina | Low energy | Super chill | Affectionate | Centre of attention | Loves toys | Dog social | Good with kids | Fine with cats

Stop reading immediately if you’re looking for a dog who likes a lot of activity because straight up, SOCKS is lazy. Her daily tasks consist mostly of chilling out, watching TV and snuggling up to you. She’d be an excellent companion for people who are retired. She doesn’t like being alone too much and has a bit of separation anxiety when you leave the house. Ideally she’d like to have someone home with her more often than not and if that’s not the case her adopters will need to be committed to helping her work on this. Her little legs weren’t built for long walks, moving too quickly or too many stairs. She doesn’t need a lot of exercise and elevators or main floors are her friend. She will do the stairs but we doubt she wants to do a ton of them on the reg. She has the same chill AF approach to learning as she does to everyday life, like “ya I could learn to sit, or I could just do it later. I’ll definitely do it later.” She’s a bit of a slow learner but she’s working on it in foster and is already house broken, crate trained and good on leash. She never pulls on leash because a) that’s way too much effort and b) a leisurely stroll is as fast as her little legs will go. She does have a silly side and will get VERY excited at time in which case what little coordination she has goes completely out the window. #clumsy She loves her toys, especially tearing them into a million pieces, so she’ll need an extensive and durable collection. She LOVES attention and if she thinks she isn’t getting enough she’ll just wiggle that little body right into the centre of the action. SOCKS is good with dogs, cats and kids. She is currently being treated for hookworms and kennel cough. Ready to live a life of leisure with this little gem? Fill out an application. 



F | 1 Y | Boxer Mix | South Carolina | 60 lbs | High energy | VERY playful | Smart but stubborn | Lap dog | Needs a firm and active owner | Good with dogs | Good with kids | Playful with cats

Meet MACY! This beautiful girl is a just a giant puppy and is super playful and mischievous but in the best possible way. She absolutely LOVES the mountain of toys at her foster home and will entertain herself for hours but of course prefers a good game of tug-o-war with her people. She could pretty much play all day so she will need active adopters who are ready to give her the attention she deserves to work off some of that puppy energy. MACY does not like her crate but is well behaved when left alone. Things will always be out of place when you get back but nothing is ever destroyed or eaten. Either MACY is super curious about all the household things or her foster home is haunted. We're not sure. MACY is house trained and is working on her basic commands. She’s very smart but can be extremely stubborn so will need an owner who isn’t swayed by her ridiculously good looks. Behind that cute, wrinkly face is a mastermind, TRUST.  Her adopters will understand the need to be firm with her and continue her training to help her excel. She will need some help with her leash skills as she gets very excited and tends to pull and lunge occasionally. It’s never aggressive as she gets along with EVERY dog she meets – old, young, big or small. MACY loves kids and is a huge suck. Once you tire her out she’s nothing but a giant lap dog. When you go to bed she’s happy to settle in with you for the night but as soon as you stir in the morning she’s like PLAY TIME! She sees cats as playmates as well so as long as they’re ok with MACY trying to hang out with them she should be fine too. Ready to meet her? Start collecting toys and fill out an application. 



F | 1 Y | Border Collie Mix | South Carolina | Medium energy | Gentle | Affectionate | Loves attention | Apartment dog | Great with kids | Very dog social | Learning to be ok with cats

This little lady is named FEATHER because when you snuggle her she’s so soft that it’s literally like snuggling one giant pillow made up of soft, fluffy clouds. UMM CAN WE SIGN UP FOR CUDDLES RIGHT NOW?!  FEATHER is medium energy and would be fine in an apartment, condo or house environment. She’s still young so she’s playful and puppy like. She does need training but she’s working on it in foster and is very eager to learn. It’s amazing how far she’s come in just a short time. She’s nearly mastered both crate and house training and already has some basic commands down like a pro. With support she is VERY trainable. FEATHER loves being with her people and is demanding of your attention. She’ll paw at you and if you ignore her she’ll just climb right up into your lap. What the heck is personal space anyway? She would make a great family dog because she wants all the people in the world to surround her and pet her forever. She’s also great with kids! FEATHER loves other dogs and is a great playmate at the park. She would be great as a second dog! She’s currently living with a cat and doing ok. She’ll occasionally chase them to try to play but responds well to correction. FEATHER has some issues with her back knees, displaced kneecaps, that may require surgery when she gets older. Her new fam will need to keep her on a healthy diet so her weight stays steady (fit fo’ life), and make sure that she takes joint supplements.  Plus side, she has an adorable waddle when she walks. FEATHER is currently being treated for hookworms. If you’d like to help this girl shine fill out an application.



F | 3 Y | Border Collie Mix | 33 lbs | Egypt | High energy | Very loyal | Smart  | Very playful | Bonds closely with her people | Cottage dog | Dog social | Great with kids | Not cat tested

SHADOW's name is verryyy appropriate because this girl loves to follow her people around and stick by their side 24/7. She bonds easily and almost immediately has no desire to leave your side. Like, did we just become best friends?! YUP. Loyalty is definitely one of her best qualities. SHADOW is a companion dog and would love for someone to be home more often than not. She may show signs of separation anxiety at first but gets much better with time and patience. She can be left alone but does have some issues with her crate. She's working on this in foster and we think she'll get better once she develops trust in her furever fam and understands that they're not going anywhere. Friends FO LIFE. SHADOW is very high energy and will need to be in an active home. She LOVES outside adventures and enjoys socializing with her pals at the park.  She can be a little nervous around bigger dogs and will bark at them but should be able to overcome this with increased socialization. We think she'd love to be a regular at a doggy play care/adventure program so she can use up some of her endless energy. She loves playing as much as possible and is obsessed with swimming so lots of toys and possibly a cottage would be ideal for her. SHADOW is sly like the little fox that she is. She's very intelligent and should be able to pick up training easily. She's house trained and is good on leash already. She loves being around people and absolutely loves kids but can sometimes get a little too excited around them so older children are probably best. She'd be a great family dog though because the more people to hang with her the better. After a good play session she really enjoys just hanging out at your feet. If you'd like to meet SHADOW fill out an application to ADOPT