| F | 2 Y | Egyptian Baladi | 40 lbs | Medium energy | Shy/Nervous | Not a city girl | Crate trained | Needs proper intros w/ dogs | No cats/young kids l

Meet SNOOPY! SNOOPY is looking for an experienced home outside of the city who can continue to help her learn how to dog. 

SNOOPY is quite apprehensive about new experiences, so she needs a calm, confident, patient leader who can help her build trust, and in turn, help her adapt to the world around her. 

SNOOPY is definitely interested in dogs, but can easily become overwhelmed, so if being added as a second dog, she would do best with a calm, well socialized dog. Pushy, hyper or reactive dogs are too much for SNOOPY to handle, so her ideal home would be with people and animals who like to keep things mellow. She can be a flight risk, so it’s important that she stays on leash, or in a fully secured backyard. 

SNOOPY definitely has a lot of potential, and could be a great dog for someone who understands and appreciates the benefit of investing time and energy into helping her come out of her shell. She can be quite affectionate with her people, and likes her people to pet her once she’s had time to warm up, which is awesome because she’s SOOOOO SOFT! She is, however, occasionally sensitive to touch so her people need to understand how to read her signals.

SNOOPY is heavily dependent on her crate as a safe space and will retreat there if she feels uncomfortable. She needs a quiet home with a backyard so that she can explore and get her outdoor time. She would NOT do well a home with lots of people coming and going. When meeting new people she should be allowed to start in her crate, check them out from a distance and have time to build up her comfort level. She will come out when she’s ready! SNOOPY’s owner needs to ensure she’s given space with new people, as people approaching her too quickly intimates her and can cause her to react out of fear. 

SNOOPY has not been tested with cats but lives with one very dog savvy 10 year old. As long as older kids can fully respect her boundaries she may be ok but they need to have an understanding of what it means to live with a nervous pup. SNOOPY is well behaved in the home. With calm, patient people she will continue to grow and we can’t wait to see the pooch she becomes. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt now!

A foster is also needed for SNOOPY, if you are interested, please email: