M | 11 Y | Spaniel mix | Low energy and maintenance | Nervous at first, especially with men | Affectionate | Building his confidence | Ok with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Time to meet our sweet senior gent from Tennessee, ROCKY! He’s a pretty low energy, low maintenance dude and is content living the couch potato life for the most part. That said it’s super important that seniors keep active and sharp as long as possible right? So his fam should absolutely provide regular physical and mental stimulation – maybe just shorter walks around the neighbourhood instead of marathons. After a brief stroll, he will go back to his bed for a nice nap. ROCKY is still adjusting to city life and can be a little apprehensive of certain things like street grates or strangers and needs reassurance and guidance. It’s important to continue to expose him to new things slowly to help him build his confidence. He’s also more nervous with men so would like one female in the home BUT also needs the opportunity to interact with some chill guys who can help him feel more comfortable. ROCKY would benefit from some degree of structure in the home so that he can start to figure out his place in his new pack. A good place to start would be only allowing him on furniture when invited. Obviously, he deserves a lot of love too! He’s well behaved in the home and doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t. Crating makes him nervous and is something that would have to be worked on gradually if his new fam was interested in introducing it. He’s very affectionate with his people but not overly demanding and is happy to chill on his own if you’re busy. He’s a little picky about his food and likes a little bit of wet food mixed in and all the Acana brand duck treats that money can buy. ROCKY would be a great companion dog for someone who is super laid back and has some flexibility in their schedule that allows them to spend time at home with him. He hasn’t been tested with cats and probably wouldn’t want young children around during his golden years. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt!