PARKER l 7M l M l 75lbs l Great Pyrenees Mix l BIG PUPPY - Needs All Basic Training l Medium Energy l House = Safe Zone l Friendly l Needs Socialization/Leash Training l Dog Social l No kids/cats l Needs Leadership l Looking for Foster-to-Adopt

Well, sadly, we don’t have great things to say about PARKERS beginning experiences and although SOS focuses on the positive, the future successes, it’s important to recognize his past as he is still in an adjustment period. PARKER was purchased on Kijiji and was starving and unable to hold himself up. We are unsure as to how he got that way.. but regardless it is unfortunate. After being with his now surrendering owner for 3 months, PARKER has gained a lot of strength and is now a healthy boy. What he hasn’t gained is much socialization. PARKER is good in the house and meets people well, but since he has had so many months of not walking and then later focus on gaining strength, he hasn’t seen much of the real world yet. PARKER has NO IDEA how to walk on a leash. He just pancakes. Good news is, he is 7 months young and is looking for a leader to take him on and show him the ropes. Is that you? After initial obedience and leash skills we’d love PARKERS home to focus on socialization. When meeting PARKER in his current home he was great! He took really well to touching him wherever and being overly comfortable with new people. We think this will change when he goes to a new place but overall he does seem more chill in temperament. He currently behaves like a low-energy pooch but we think he is bored and in need of stimulation which he will get more once he starts to venture around town! Bonding with him will also be key so playing games inside are great. This will help him feel safer with you on walks and also get out some mental stimulation as he is a chewer. We think he will be more social once he is chopped but do think he’d be a fine second dog. He is currently not cat tested and although is very gentle, we are unsure if kids would be a good fit as we haven’t seen him out of his safe-zone (home) and want to set him up for success. We think with proper guidance and leadership that he’d be good with kids being around and also just generally be a confident and amazing pup!

PARKER is looking for an adopter ASAP. We are willing to put him through a 2-week trail where we can have you foster-to-adopt him! Visit and put in an adoption application MEOW!