NIXON | M | 3 Y | Dachshund mix | Low energy | Calm and mellow | Loves attention | Hates the crate + being alone | Happy go lucky | Good with dogs and kids | Not cat tested

Say hello to NIXON! Overall, he’s pretty mellow and chill. He doesn’t need much activity but does get very excited for his morning and evening walks. Although he’s generally pretty calm he has adapted well to being in a home with a decent amount of activity during the day as he lives with a young child currently. So far he doesn’t mind her jumping up and down and being loud and they get along well. He likes to follow her around the house during the day. He totally follows older and bigger humans around too as he just likes to be part of the action. He doesn’t love being alone but let’s be honest what dog does? He hasn’t taken to crate training and tries his absolute best to escape. He’s quite vocal about it and has cut his cute little nose a couple times during his escape attempts so his foster leaves him out. We think NIXON could adapt to most living situations and would be a great companion for anyone who works from home or has a dog friendly office. He’s been cool meeting new people so far with proper intros. He barks when people knock on the door but then happily greets visitors before retreating back to his nap spot. He’s been working on basic commands in foster including sit, lay down and go lay down, meaning go to your bed NIXON! He’s also learning to be more comfortable with his paws being touched which is actually a common issue with dogs – many don’t love having their paws touched. He enjoys some playtime during the day in the home or in the backyard and he’s been very dog social so far. If another dog becomes a little too pushy he lets them know that he’s uncomfortable and moves on. He hasn’t been tested with cats. NIXON is ok with a home with lots of activity as he generally ignores most of it while snoozing on his bed however he’s sensitive to a change of tone in voice and does not like arguments. No more drama in his life. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt now!