M | 1 Y | Chihuahua mix | Low energy | Needs structure + boundaries | Tentative | Chill in the home | Crate trained | Needs proper intros with dogs | Not cat tested | Ok with older dog savvy kids

Meet MEATLOAF!  If “No New Friends” by Drake is your favourite song, MEATLOAF might be the ideal dog for you! MEATLOAF is very affectionate with his people, once he’s established trust, but is wary of strangers. He does best with a strict no touch/ no talk/ no eye contact rule when new people come over, because he prefers to make the first move. MEATLOAF needs an owner who advocates for him and enforces this rule so he can feel safe and confident. An owner who understands how to balance structure and affection would be right up MEATLOAF’s alley!

MEATLOAF would do great as a second dog, in a home with a chill, non-reactive dog, who could help him build his confidence. Young kids make MEATLOAF feel uneasy, but he could do well with older dog-savvy kids who can understand and respect his boundaries.

MEATLOAF is low energy and doesn’t need much exercise. A quick walk or some time in the backyard is enough to satisfy him. MEATLOAF would do well with someone who’s a bit of a neat freak, because he hates getting dirty. He’s crate trained and is very good about going in there at night and when you’re out of the house. 

We’re looking for a patient, structured home for this cutie, because in the right environment MEATLOAF will thrive and become your new sidekick. If that’s you fill out an application to adopt today!