JARROD is looking for a home in #ontario He is from and currently living in #egypt and we are hoping to find him an adoptive home before he makes the venture to Canada. Please put in an application at saveourscruff.org or share his story to find someone to call him family! 

JARROD l 6M l M l Egyptian Baladi l Medium Energy l Sweetheart l Dog Social l Not tested with cats/kids l Back legs Paralyzed l Needs Mobility support and hygienic care

JARROD is looking for a furever home. After being found in a garbage in Egypt, JARROD was rescued with no information on his past. It was initially thought that his paralysis was due to being hit by a car, but it is now thought that it is from birth. JARROD is a happy go lucky dude that is a complete sweetheart. Although being born with impairments, JARROD is fully excited about the rest of his life ahead of him. He is a very special sole with a possible happy ending in Ontario for the rest of his life. JARROD is not your average dog and therefore will require more care and support going forward in life. He has no mobility in his two back legs which means that he has to scoot himself around currently and will likely require a wheelchair. For whoever remembers BOOMER, the pooch with 2 legs, he commonly had issues with rubbing on his skin from scooting, so a wheelchair relieves some of that contact. As well, a break from the wheelchair is also needed to relieve stress in the front legs and massages and therapy on the body are common care factors with dogs with this issue. As well, JARROD is unable to control his bowels and needs support with hygiene. It will be the caregiver's responsibility to keep him clean and this needs to be understood has a HUGE impact on day-to-day care that may be overwhelming to certain people. He currently releases his bowels anytime and needs to be cleaned right after to avoid infections, etc. He currently does not wear a diaper but we don’t see why he couldn’t with the right encouragement! If getting through the idea of working with his mobility and bowel care needs, JARROD is a pretty awesome dude that is just in full puppy mode “Everything is awesome”. Although his shift to Canada will likely be scary and he will need leadership from his furever family in order to continue and also learn good behaviours. 

An owner for a dog does not come along often so please share his story to get him the attention he needs to find a furever family. Applicants can apply at saveourscruff.org