M | 9 M | Australian Shepherd mix | 40 lbs | Low to med energy | Needs country life | 90% couch potato | Shy at first | Needs proper intros, dogs/people | Not cat or kid tested l Must go to a home w dogs

Sigh. There is always that ONE dog within each rescue that needs that dream life of farm living - and guess who ours is. Handsome as heck HOMER. This beautiful dude is just simply, not good at dealing with stress. And I can literally hear you all sigh from here *aren’t we all.* This dude is special because.. he really hasn’t been through anything that has taught him to be so scared. We really feel that a lot of his fear fulfilled behavior stems from genetics. THIS. IS. RARE. However, that is not a reason we are ready to give up on this boy. Homer needs space. He needs quiet. He needs some place to hangout and run. He also needs someone who will help manage his fears and understand that he CANNOT be pushed, and that he WILL react negatively if things go too far. This sounds like a challenge, right? Because it is, and we’re not here to sugar coat that stuff, because it would be doing none of us very good. (BTW though, Homer is very good with other dogs, he loves to play and run around, and he is very good with the few people he trusts, although he can get protectivebut we expect this stems from the fact that it’s hard for him to warm up to ANYONE quickly. The things that make Homer most nervous are not having somewhere to go, so he is so much better outdoors, anddd with another dog pal. Watching him open up to his dog buds at Paws Above has been super refreshing.

So.. when considering putting in an application for this stud, ask yourself; 1) Do I know how to tell when a dog is stressed/uncomfortable? 2) Do I live in a quiet place with very little inconsistencies? 3) Will my life stay generally about the same for the next 10+ years. 4) Do I have the patience to work with a most likely slowly progressing dog?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, PLEASE reach out. Let’s chat about it. Because we really want whats best for this guy and want to help you, help him.

Couch potato, probably obsessed with donuts… do you see a pattern here? Meet HOMER! He’s not an overly energetic dog mostly because he’s very shy and still working on his socialization with people and dogs. He’s been tested in different environments and has thrived outside of the city living that country life. He doesn’t care to be involved in too much action so adjusting to the city going forward may be a challenge. He needs an experienced owner who will continue to work with him to push past his fears. He’s especially nervous with men (legit jumped on a table when a new man entered the room) and can become confrontational when dealing with dogs one on one. He’s defensive of his personal space and prefers not to interact right away but once he’s comfortable he will participate in play with certain dogs. His best pals even manage to drag him off the couch occasionally for a wrestling match outside. He would do well as a second dog with a confident pooch who can show him that not everything is terrifying. With proper intros with people he’s super chill. Not overly needy with affection and is happy to just post up beside you doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Answering emails, painting your nails, re-organizing your stamp collection… HOMER doesn’t care. He’s also very well behaved in the home and not destructive. Deep down he really is a softie and just needs some people who can help him break down those walls. He’s making progress every day and we’re even seeing a rambunctious side of him. He's also beginning to chew a bit cause.. all the cool kids are doing it. YAS HOMER LIVE UR BEST LIFE. No kids. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to adopt!

We are also looking for a foster for HOMER. If interested, please email foster@saveourscruff.org