GINA | F | 8 M | Shepherd/Lab mix | 27 lbs | Med to high energy | Shy at first | Friendly and loveable | Needs proper intros | Good with dogs | No cats – prey drive | Has been ok meeting kids


Meet GINA! This adorable little pup can be shy at first and may be a little skeptical of new people or situations but after a few mins she’s a complete social butterfly, winning over everyone she meets. GINA appreciates proper intros with people where she’s allowed to make the first move but then she’s cool to be pals with like every human. She’s even spent some time in a gym and even though she wasn’t happy to touch any weights, she had a great time socializing. She’s a higher energy pup and is used to three walks per day along with some playtime. If you’re a 9 – 5er you will need to investigate a dog walker. She is crate trained, house trained and is quiet in the home so could live in an apartment or condo as long as she gets enough exercise. Her ideal home would probably have a backyard that she can explore though. She’s generally pretty chill in the home and can be found either sleeping, playing with her toys or using her best puppy dog eyes to try to convince you to let her share your snack. GINA is a very loyal dog and understands some basic commands but will need help with her leash skills. She’s come a long way and is no longer all over the map on walks but does still pull occasionally because she is the ultimate squirrel/bird/pinecone hunter. Also in her excitement she may try to lead you, instead of walking by your side. Due to her prey drive which she has exhibited both on and off leash, we don’t think she would be good for a home with cats. She’s good with other dogs although, similar to people, she needs a proper introduction. She’s great with other chill but playful dogs who aren’t too intense in their approach, but gets very nervous if she feels like a dog is approaching her too aggressively. Her new fam should definitely continue to work on her socialization and she would do well with another pup with a similar temperament in the home. She’s been ok meeting a couple kids on walks, with close supervision from her foster. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt now!