COCO | F | 3 Y | Chihuahua mix | Medium energy | Pint-sized delight | Smart and Playful | Obsessed with squirrels | Dog social | Not cat tested | Ok with dog savvy kids

Her foster described her as a pint-sized delight and honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. COCO is a pretty chilled out pooch - as long as she gets her morning and evening walks she’s content to nap the day away. She doesn’t seem as bothered by the harsh winters as some of our other Chihuahuas and still likes to get outdoors. She also enjoys a decent amount of mental stimulation including practising her command and tricks and playing with her toys. She is great on leash but does get a little nervous on busier roads and prefers to stick to the side streets if possible. She can be a little shy with new people but has been working on socialization in her foster home. She’s been visiting friends in the neighbourhood and hosting a couple of sweet yet intimate parties to grow her inner circle. She does bark/growl a bit at strangers when they enter the home so proper intros are key, and she will warm up after a while. And it's definitely worth the wait as she becomes your BFF and is the best cuddle buddy! She seems to be especially fearful of large men but does better if her people assert themselves as leaders in the home instead of allowing her to run the show. COCO is housetrained but does not like to be left alone in the crate and will become quite vocal. She does better if she’s allowed one sectioned off space in the home, like the kitchen. Note that she is otherwise a GREAT apartment/condo dog as she doesn't bark at sounds! Like, do you know you're a chihuahua girl?!!? It has also been reported that she is non-destructive! She is OBSESSED with squirrels and loves watching them in the backyard. She’s met one cat before and didn’t terrorize them as if they were a squirrel so she might be ok. COCO is dog social with dogs of all sizes and just walks away if she feels uncomfortable in any social settings. She has been to her fosters office and been quite the social girl with dogs big and small! She’s met two kids briefly and was ok. COCO is cuddly, affectionate and loves being with her people. She is also great with commands and follows leadership well! If you like little pups with BIG personality apply now!