CINDY | F | 1 Y | Hound mix | Medium energy | Very friendly and social | Smart | Does need consistency + training | Dog social | Not cat or kid tested l Likely good w kids

Meet CINDY! She’s still very puppy-like so will need a patient home with lots of consistency in her training so that she can become her best self. She’s already pretty great though and her tail is literally ALWAYS wagging, even when she’s sleeping because she’s probably dreaming about you… or maybe food… most likely food. CINDY has been great with making new human and dog friends so far. She lives with a fellow scruff and they are currently best friends. Like, lay on top of me during nap time BFFL #Noboundaries She actually mimics a lot of his behaviours so if he barks she barks and if he’s feeling playful she joins in the fun. She is a follower, looking for leadership so good role models around is key! She could totally be a second dog in the home but would be fine on her own as well. Her current fav thing is FOOD. Puppy eyes much? She loves to watch you eat and basically has that snap filter where it zooms in with purple stars and loving music. She LOVES food and will eat in half a second so finding a way to slow her down (like an interactive feeding bowl) would be ideal. She is crate trained and is perfectly happy to hang out there while you’re out and sleeps in there at night. She is currently accustomed to going out morning and night and is good alone during the day. She is housetrained and knows a couple basic commands. She’s super smart and would love to continue learning new things either with in-home training or structured training sessions. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids but her foster thinks she’d be great with kids. CINDY is cheerful and happy and generally excited about everything life has to offer. If you’d like to meet her fill out an application to adopt now!